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Got into a fight Friday night! Funny story...


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Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 22, 2002
Well I was bouncing at the local nightclub and it was closing time... Two guys did not want to leave.... 6 of is bouncers told them time to go, and they reluctantly got up and headed out the door...BUT...just before they left, one of them turned and said, "fuck all you fags, you guys have to be together, one on one and I would kick ANYONE of your asses." Now before I go on, I should point out that I have had it out for this motherfucker for a LONG time... They both play football here at the university, and think they are bad ass shit. Well I finally snapped, I took off my security shirt, (I had a shirt on under) and headed outside.

I went up to the one who I hated and said " Sergio, let's see, let's what happens, bitch." Then his teamate gets in the middle and starts talking " Dude, you don't want to fight Sergio, he gets in fights all the time etc etc..." Then me and this guy start arguing, and all of a sudden *BAM* Sergio came up on the side of me and gave me his best punch. And it connected hard. I did not go down, and to be honest, I barely felt it. I put my hands up defensively and looked at Sergio, then the fucking pussy RAN from me, ya he bolted, well I was on him immediately, and I grabbed him. We started throwing punched, and neither of us connected real solid, he was throwing way more than me. I was waiting for a good look. I then grabbed him and tied up. I started to throw him but he quickly sprawled, (I knew he must have wrestled in HS when he did that) so I half-assed threw him to the ground, but luckily his head bounced off the pavement. We were on the ground I began to get my hooks in, I was gonna triangle choke this bitch. It was difficult because he was stronger than I had anticipated. Finally I got his arm over and had an arm-bar TOTALLY set, he sensed this and scrambled...he tried to run again saying we were done....well my buddy grabbed him as I was getting up and threw him back to me. This time I grabbed his head and launched him into the wall head and arm style. He was on his knees, so I peppered him with a few punches then grabbed his hair and kneed him directly in his face, right on his nose...

Now his head was already bleeding from the pavement bouncing and now his nose exploded in blood. He started freaking out, and yelled that we were done and that I was fucked up for hitting a guy while he was down...can u beleive that shit? SO I said oh but you will hit a guy when he isn't even looking huh? Blindside a guy huh? so he goes : "then we are even!" Fuck that I said, and I clipped his head with an elbow, which didn't do much but it felt good. I turned around and left....10 seconds later he gets up and comes towards me. He gets right up to my face, nose to nose, nad says: " is that it? is that it?" So I grabbed the back of his head and head-butted him in the face....he stumbled backwards stunned, then I let a left-cross (I am a Southpaw) fly right into his face. He crumpled and went down, eyes rolling up.... His face was pizza and he was not ko'd but close to it. As he lay there I yelled some profanities at him and walked off... He did not say anything else....his buddy was scared and kept saying he had not said anything about fighting etc...I let him be.

Today in class, a guy on the FB team started talking about how he saw Sergio and could not beleive how badly his face was mangled. ha ha.. He deserved it.

Ps -- the reason I hated him to begin with is because he would not leave my old lady alone, she told him over and over that she had a bf, but he would always say: "so what? What is he gonna do?" Well now he knows....:D
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Funny it was him, I had a run in with that fucker too, and at the time, I had no other security working for me that could help me that much. He wanted to drink in the minor area and I told him a few times he could not...I said fine you can stay here, but your beer is coming back up stairs. When I grabbed his beer, he pulled it away and said leave it alone fucking DOOSH bag...well. I let the first DOOSH BAG comment go, but he said it over and over as he walked up the stairs. I had enough...I ran up the stairs and slammed my shoulder into his back to knockthe beer out of his hand. That fucker tried to shoot in on me and I sprawled and got him in an under chock and kneed him in the head. No other security was around, but he had 2 buddies just standing there watching...

Well, after I tossed him down the stairs, he came back 20 minutes later with about 5 football players...he tried talking shit and one of his buddies said that he was here to fight for him. the cops were standing behind me, so i was not sure if I could say anything to get him to swing...Sammy said I want to go to the back alley and fight you...you would probably kick my ass, but I am here to fight for my boy. I repiled you are GOD DAMN right I would kick your ass...I would make sure your punk ass would never play football again. WEll, then the cops stepped in...Sammy asked what was goingnon in here...I repiled a drag show. HE loooked at his buddy and asked why he was in there when there were 1100 fags. He said to watch a friend. Sammy asked if his buddy was in the wrong..I said 100% inthe wrong...he said cool and walked away.

GLAD YOU BEAT THAT FUCKERS ASS...if you get any shit from any of them, you call me ASAP and I will be there in 1.5 hours.

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Hah hah. Good job, Ivan. I guess that answers my question I asked in that PM earlier.

Those football guys here are dirty as shit. I don't know what the deal is. I've played hockey for forever... and one of the first things you learn is that there's a certain etiquette that should be adhered to when two guys get into it. I guess those fuckers are used to being underhanded though... it's the only way they even have a chance at winning (on the field or off).

I was gonna tell you about it on Sat. J, but I was stuck at work! He is such a punk isn't he? I went down to the Garden tonight cuz I heard he was working, I was gonna ask him what happened to his face.... Well got down there and what do ya know, he got the night off....

Tadg -- will talk to you in person later ok bro?

Ivan I knew I liked you for some reason brother,hehe.Nothing better then destroying somebody with a big mouth,especially in front of their friends.What a fucking asshole.How big is he?Any skills whatsoever or just throws haymakers????
I LOVE THAT SHIT!!!!!! The adreniline rush is the best drug ever@!!!!! Dont have time to tell it all right now, but a guy was beatin his young son at Wal-mart and we anded up goin at it --had a blast!! till the law came. They took him and the child welfare people took hid boy(had bruises all over when they removed his coat. Let know if ya want to hear it all,tell it later when I have more time!!
lol...reminds me of when I bounced with BBA in college. Our football players were all cool to us though. They used to say, "I want whatever he's on" when I walked by. The 150lb. frat boys always wanted to fight us though. Let's see, 260 vs. 150...hmmmmm...liquid courage is a dangerous thing.
I was told he took JUDO he knows how to throw, but it looks like he doesn't know shit. He is a stocky fella. ok build not like your typical football player...that is why the team is 117 out of 117 in division 1 A ball.

They think they run the town and there is no one tougher than them...they are such pussies.

Chat with you later IVAN...I am so glad you beat that fucker he is such a mouthy kid (I would say man, but he has not earned the right to be called a man).
good job ivan I totaly know those types of guys but here in wierd ass so cal people like that are every where but the funny thing is they all run thier mouths but they wont fight at all. Or if they do its when they have a bunch of thier friends i gues they are afraid of getting there pretty boy faces bloody
awesome story!!!

i would have payed top dollar to see that.
Ivan , i guess your ankle healed .My girlfriend is going to be in your town next week I should be coming your way in Jan or Feb.I would like to meet you in person, but I haven't heard from you in a long time so maybe we aren't cool anymore.I wish you the best anyway I hope to hear back but if I don't good luck to you and your girl.And good job spanking that punk.Even though I was a footaball player ,I really hated most of the guys that played.I just got into a nice little brawl with some SacSt. ballers a couples of weeks back.They were such jerk offs. It fun got to kick a little ass and have them a arrested as well . They didn't get hauled away .but coach found out and they were disaplined. Take of yourself, latert bro...
i am glad you did not get hurt and that you got the best of the guy BUT, WATCH YOUR BACK!! guys like that are very squirrely and will not fight fair the second time around either.. if he sucker punched ya the first time no telling what he will think of next time.. they have their ego bruised and want to re deem themselves in the eyes of their fellow team mates.. and yes, they will do the pussy shit of hitting from behind ect.. dont want ya to get hurt bro.. JUST BE ALITTLE MORE ALERT FOR AWHILE..:D
hahaha great story, i like the way you handle this shit

Right on Ivan. My adrelene (sp?) is flowing just reading it!
now now

violence is not the answer...:rolleyes:....
but sure is alot of fuckin fun now aint it!!!!!!!!:D
Problem w/ today...

...is that people you fight aren't like when we were kids. Now they come back w/ guns, knives or 5 buddies. Whatever happened to shaking hands after fighting?LOL Society is soo pussified today w/ all the people thinking they can just come back w/ a weopon after getting their asses kicked.

Re: Problem w/ today...

Ry Roid said:
...is that people you fight aren't like when we were kids. Now they come back w/ guns, knives or 5 buddies. Whatever happened to shaking hands after fighting?LOL Society is soo pussified today w/ all the people thinking they can just come back w/ a weopon after getting their asses kicked.


Sad but true - and that's why I tend to walk away now, too much to lose and it's not typically worth it (like fighting over a parking space). Of course if someone threatens my family, well then it's do or die.

this reminds me of a great quote from roadhouse

-What if someone calls my momma a whore?
-Is she?

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