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heading to vegas and the USA's


New member
Jun 5, 2002
many thanks to wylde for his prep( people if you can afford him use him its payed off BIG time for me) ill be in a schwartz lab shirt at weigh ins and during the prejudging... if you see me please come up and introduce yourself.. ill be in vegas untill the 30 th

Please stop and say hello. i know im meeting mr florida there and a few others.. so if you remeber my pics from steelfittness and see me come on up and chat!!! if you see my big ass (chubby brother in a black schwartz lab shirt just buy him a beer... after his football days he is domesticated (golfer) not lifter but im working on him

Good luck bro - I know you'll do well as will the other bros from this board!

Say hi to wyldeone for me.

Good luck bro!!!! You will def kick some ass in Vegas> The middleweights dont stand a chance. Say hi to wylde for me and tell him I want to be there next year.

Have a safe trip-pose liek no tomorrow-then take your trophy to the buffett :D

Dpsquat called this morning and he will make weight for the show.
good luck bro.
no excuses

i got beat guys!!!!!! my condition was spot on better the jrs (thanks wylde) but i was in the wrong group .... stan mcquay won my class and a black dude (freak took second) guy from veagas third jose raymond 4th and tito 5th... his condition wasnt has good as mine but he is tito.. anyway wyldes other mw got 10 i had him 9 or 10 i n my group alone 5 of the 8 guys had placed at the national level before.. they said it was the toughest mw class in years OH Ko chandeka didnt make the cut either and he was third in the usa last year
yeah but, dp you made it to the "big show" and were at your best. next year will be a different story am sure. that class was tough and politics play into how the judges see it. i guess you found that out. kill 'em next year!!!
Sorry I missed you. I was kind of overwhelmed with the USA being the first time there. Everybody was definitely on. You are right, but, I thought all of the weight classes were tough. I placed 11th in the LW. Guys that impressed me were Stan McQuay, the guy that came in second in the MW, Chris Dim of the LHW, Marcus and the guy that came in fourth in the HW. Jeff Willett was cool in person. Derek Farnsworth and Pete Chicony (sp) were cool, too. All of the freaks came out for this show. Go figure!

Anyway, got to prepare for the Southern States this weekend.
As I stated in other post DP - you'll get 'em next time bro!

mr_florida - fantastic job in LW class. I'll bet there was LOTS of ripped bros in that group!

freaks every where

i got a call yesturday morning from cytodyne tecknologies and they the person had never seen pokitics like that before! flat out told me marketing got tito his spot thats it...i got my pics back and wnated to make sure i did HANG with the best of the best and i did... tito was pouting around like he should of won NOT hey tito get alife and bang amy faldi some more bro your the biggest asshole i have ever met in bodybuilding by far... every class placer knew there spot ahead of time How if it was going to be judged at night show.... stan mcquay was cool but tito fucking jerk off.. go eat your clam chowder boy..........everyone at the show saw him slit his own throat!!!!!!!!!!!!natural my ass!!!!!!
would love to get him in the squared cirlce for 15 min ( would take that long) tito drink your cell tech bitch... im not bitter i just hate pricks and he was the only one well jose is a cocky fucker also.... other than that met the coolest bros out there!!!!!
i agree. i met stan a few years back and he is very down to earth. just seemed happy to be apart of it all. i also met tito....poor rep for the sport. anyway, post those pics when you get a chance.
just got an email from KO

Ko his a greatguy also... i wish nothing but the best for him!!!!!!!!!
i second that.. ko is a class act.

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