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I can't help it if you suck!


Jun 30, 2002
First of all I hate personal stick armed stick leg trainers, if they give me any more attitude or talk in a group while I lift I am going to snap and beat the tar out of all of them Scott Steiner Style.

I am just so sick of these guys who pay $300 bones to get a cert in 2 days and then act like they know shit while they are training 70 yr old men, old fat women, homely house wives that decided to get a trainer after doing nothing for 20 yrs, and little kids.

I had a trainer telling a couple how I was doing everything wrong while doing bicep curls yet I currently have 19" veiny arms with a pretty good peak and he is barely breaking 14" if he is lucky. I only know this because I had my headphones turned off and overheard him, shit I forgot more in my 20 glorious yrs of lifting than he has in his 2 yrs of doing circuit training crap.

This happens all the time it is a LA FITNESS franchise and they suck just my wife likes them but I travel around town just for this reason. They even have a shemale that gave me some lip the other day about leg presses I do mine fast and she told me the slower I go the more muscle I can build and to lighten my weight some. I totally ignored her and put my phones back on, gee I am sorry I have 1500 lbs on the rackand it is a little hard to go super slow with it, oh yea and she told me lighter weights make me more defined, yet I currently have A 31" striated quad:rolleyes:

Sorry guys but I hate em, personal trainers and they are the same every where you go. I read an article about a month ago that said statistically 76% don't know shit which has got to be true. The ones I hate the most are the wanna be BEV FRANCIS leathered faced type dykes I see every where aghhhhhh I gottoa stop before my head explodes.:eek:
If you think it can't be worse - next, they'll be telling you how you should take your 'roids! :D


I understand your rant, cause its happened to me before. Hell, a Bally's trainer tried to write up a workout for my girlfriend cause he wanted her... She showed me it when she got home and I decided to train at Bally's later that day, so I took the workout with me and pointed out every reason why this 'n' that should or shouldn't be done. He apologized and said, "I didn't know she was at a more advanced level of lifting." I told him it had nothing to do with that, and he just shut up right there.

However, don't stereotype all trainers this way. I'm not certified until December through the NSCA, and trust me for cert's through the NSCA and ACSM you have to know a decent amount of info and how to apply it to different individuals.

The NSCA did a study in Florida and reported that over 80% of trainers could not develop proper exercise program/prescription for clients... thats fuckin sad.

Remember, 19" bis does not prove that you know more than the 14"arm guy.... although I'd rather train with you.lol

And if anyone ever criticized me when doing 1500lbs leg presses I would politely blow a snot rocket at them, then wipe my forehead and flick the sweat at 'em.hahahah

I'll second that emotion:D -- I FUCKIN' hate personal trainers! and if that tubby prick trainer with his chest all puffy gives me another funny look while I'm liftin' I'm gonna have to drop a couple 45lb plates on him.:D

I want to smash something

My gym is full of these asshole.14" arms everywhere,with their little trainer shirt sleeves rolled up to show off their huge development.Their clients truly have their head in the sand,because I have yet to see any of them make any progress,and some of these people have used the same trainer for years!!!! I love the way they look at me,and even better is when Im doing a heavy set and their client stares in awe, while they are explaining the latest wrist curl technique on the cable rack.IDIOTS!!!!!! I could make a ton of money if I wanted to be a trainer ,I would make these people fucking bleed,but damn sure they would grow. I dont need the cash or aggravation so fuck em all.............

And as far as the comment as to the guy with 14" inch arms knowing more then a guy with 19" arms????? Since when did booksmarts mean a damn thing in the gym?If you cannot put your knowledge to good use,if you cannot show us results,then what good is your fucking certificate,your diploma,your whatever???? The proof is in the pudding,and I will take my years of knowledge earned and learned lifting the iron,then any jackass that goes to class,gets his "knowledge" and tries to tell me what really works.To them I flex a pair of big bad veiny 20+ inch arms,rahhhhhhhhh:mad:
I gotta agree, any guy with 19" arms knows more about training
then a guy with 14" arms. He could spout off all the latest 'fintess' craze facts, doesnt mean shit. Now between 17" and 19" arms maybe that could be true.
We have a bunch of idiot trainers in our gym too. I see/hear them telling the clients things that defy sense. One new guy, however, had his clients doing tbars with a bar in the corner of the room, then had someone else squatting. I was shocked-he was actually giving good tgraining advice-its that rare to see among these trainers.
OMG I would be ashamed to admit I workout at a place that even has personal trainers.

You gotta go OLD SCHOOL. If they have an aerobics room stay away. If they have anything less than 10 years old stay away. :)

BN are you on halo & tren?:mad: j/k LOL!:D that was the angriest post I've read from you in a while brother...

BN = the "alternative" thermogenic (I think my body temp went up 3 degrees just reading that post! LOL!:p )

keep it up!

yeah I know what you guys mean, I go to a gym where the little personal trainers just think they are the sh*t. Its so funny the have the nerve to try to give me crap because I puked my guts out last week after squats. Iam small as hell and i squat 500. Those little pr*cks think they are tough when they go for there 1 rep max at 320. They have the nerve to ask me I push it so hard in the gym. My simple response is this not to look like a twerp like you

Crowler said:
OMG I would be ashamed to admit I workout at a place that even has personal trainers.

You gotta go OLD SCHOOL. If they have an aerobics room stay away. If they have anything less than 10 years old stay away. :)

Im not ashamed. It not like its a Ballys-its a Golds.
I like it BETTER then the old harcode sloppy gym I used to be in. Why? Mainly-girls! Hey I train hard but its nice to look at some babes. There is a real good hardcore group of guys in this gym (several on this board!)and the equipment is pretty good. I get killer workouts-we pull for each other. Plus there is not the backstabbing and jealousy that went on in that other gym. Im sure some but not to that degree.
Kicked out

I got kicked out of a gym for stealing clients from the Gym's personal trainers. I was training a friend of mine as she was getting ready for a contest (fitness), and these ladies are watching the transformation for the past 3-4 months and bam, they started coming my way. I also stole some guys from em as well. Anyway, I still don't know which one let it out, but one of them told the gym owner they were paying me and apparently in most gyms that is a no no unless you have some deal with the gym.

Anyway, it was funny watching these pt train these people day in and day out. $1200 for a package. Their form was way way off on most excerises and the pt wanted to visit with them most of the hour that they trained. Oh, then you past by as one of em is giving diet advice. Hilarious!!:D
Here is the reason

I was really annoyed yesterday by that guys statement so much so I walked away or else I was going to stomp his ass. The trainers there are very insecure and I try and go when there are not many of them there. Like one just seems to follow me around
and always wants to use what I am using when he is with one of his clients. I have caught him several times doing posing making fun until I look up and he is all humble tries to look away. I work out real hard and pretty heavy for a guy my size like one day I had 315 on for inclines and a guy next to me was with his client, the client asked the guy how does he rep with that and the nerd trainer witout even knowing me says "it's gotta be juice" you don't know what I do WTF gives you the right to say that.

The shemale I refered to I am not kidding is really a pre op trainer shemale who has the muscle tone of a teenage boy yet remarks to me about lifting slow please how bout I throw you through the freaking 2nd story window.

The only thing that keeps me sane is traveling around working out with buddies, I only go there a day or so a week and now that my wife is about to pop probably not at all for a while.
The trainers there might be the worse the only thing they have going is the chick that has the contract they work for is hot as shit.

anyway thanks for understanding.
I understand all too well. I'm certified under ISSA and when I go to seminars and different events and shit and see some of these people it kills me. Not that being bigger makes me know more but I understand alot better of what it takes to get a certain way. When someone cracks about juice I laugh with them. Look at them and ask if there unhappy and insecure about themselves. They usually shut up and get red and walk away all embarrassed.

were not all pencil neck geeks here!LOL I read that and i was laughing my ass off and i do infact agree with you as there are alot of them and I'm ashamed to admit that when i first started personal training clients i actaully trained for Balley's as their are director in charge of all the personal trainers but i was able to hire my own trainers therfore insuring my clients got sound advice from my trainers. I was there for only a short period of time 6 months or so and the ntook all of my trainers as well as myself and all of our clients to Gold's Gym where we were welcomed with open arms and continued to run my bussiness for another 4 years before i went strictly to contest prep and nothing else. I always made sure that all of my trainers had numerous cert.'s from acredited personal training courses such as I.S.S.A,N.F.P.T.,A.C.S.M.,A.C.E. ect... as well as a very good nutritional background to help with proper nutrition,ect.... and a basic working knowlegde of bio-mechanics and the body as a whole in itself and also taught all of my trainers how to properly set up their diets,workout programs and cardio regimn's as well as figure basal energy expenditure's,body comp.s,ect.... and i have to say we were very successful in doing so and had a waiting list of clients waiting to train with us and we were very reasonable in that we only charged $35.00-40.00 per session. Granted i always had the tough guys that thought they knew it all and i let them think that until they would finally ask me a question and i would graciously answer it for them and go about my bussiness and that earned their respect and believe it or not alot of those so called"personal trainer haters" actually would buy a 10 session package from me to jump-start their training program and get them on track. I still to this day learn new things and I am constantly trying new techniques myself. I think that being open to chage is what makes you better, granted to have to be very objective in your outlook. trust me there are some of us that know what is going on!LOL wyldeone.
Hey Fat Head I feel you, but we are not all bad

Hey brother fathead. I am a personal trainer at worlds in lake mary florida. I have been certified for 2 years. I thought I knew something. I currently am 6 feet 2 inches 276 and 9% body fat. I am certified through uniquest. Now I must say that I have quietly been a member of this board going on a year. I realized I knew really nothing when I stumbled on this board a year ago. I sat back and learned from people like you, mr magoo, mike s, armegedon, and In that year I have made advancements in my bdy that I never thought possible. In my gym I am an independent, meaning I work for my self and do not wear a world gym shirt. When the regular world trainers see me and I train my clients using hit, they say OH he is robbing them he only has them train for 45 minutes, and look at all those carbs he has them take after a workout. I just laugh and keep getting paid. Most trainers are tough guy, want to be,s and attention seekers. If most spent 1 day onthis board they would learn a life time of knowledge. I am sorry about the prick, hey if you were in florida, I would slap him for you for free. I for got also, master diet man xcellybond has been golden to me!! Hey bros keep pumping.!!
bro, you misinterpreted that statement

"Remember, 19" bis does not prove that you know more than the 14"arm guy.... although I'd rather train with you.lol"

notice the "i'd rather train with you." It all comes down to what you know and how you can apply it under varying circumstances.

and to your statement: "Since when did booksmarts mean a damn thing in the gym?"

one man comes to mind.... Dan Duchaine... and the other diet/training/nutrition gurus that we communicate with on some of these boards... Mr. X, Animal.

I'm in no way trying to defend the dumbass little PT's, they are annoying as shit.

BTW, I'm 22, 200 lbs. 9-10%bf... would you listen to someone of my stature? My arms are only a bit over 17" as well (shitty peak genetically though).
It's not all personal trainers, there are plenty of guys & gals who know what is what, but I have to agree with Fathead in that both LA Fit and the gym chain i belong to 24hr fitness have a 12 hour or so certification course for their personal trainers

They do think they actually know what they are doing, where I train it's all beachball work, lie on it, sit on it WTF
One of these days I am going to stick one of those balls up somebodies ass if they don't stop them bouncing all over the gym

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