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Im a convicted Felon MikeS/Superior1/PhilH any other unfortunate ones...


Oct 12, 2002
Had my sentencing on Friday for my case. I did'nt get the deferred judgement like we thought I would however I do get to stay out of the clink.

I receieved a suspended sentence ( don't remember amount of time i was very drugged up from just getting out of emergency room I been really sick with strep throat etc )

3 Years probation

$1000 fine or 100 hours of Community service whichever I Choose I guess.

I have to undergo drug evaluation of course as well.

For those of you who have not folllowed a long I was arrested on charges of possession with the intent to deliver controlled III substance anabolic steroids when 2 packages were intercepted by customs in the chicago, Illinois coming in from the North Pole.

Both packages were marked with 10k in D-bol each. The DEA & Feds worked together with postal services & did a controlled delivery on my wife. We were separated at the time & not living together. Package was in her name not mine & going to her address (one of them the other to a MBE both seized) She signed for package & when I got there I noticed the packages had been opened I knew exactly what was going on. I knew I was getting arrrested soon as I walked back out her door. Well I attempted to make my way back to my home in which i should not have done because they had no clue where I resided nor that this package was intended for me. They found out where I lived when the persued me in unmarked cars & watched me go in & out of the home. They stopped me & questioned me about the packages etc. in our vehicle after getting pulled over etc. They aquired two search warrants one for her home & another for mine where they found approximately another 10k of anadrol & another 20 more k of d-bol. Total of about 45-50 thousand tabs or so.

I think I actually came out ok but then again maybe not. Yes its gonna be hard finding a good job with a felony on my record for I have already been turned down twice due to my arrest when having to provide a police criminal backround report for a corporation for a managerial position. Guess Ill be a labororer for sometime..:( However the most important thing is I didnt have to go to jail & have my 5 year old daughter wonder where her daddy is. I know my wife would never have brought her there to see me & I would not blame her one bit I would not want her too either.

Anyhow anyone else here who has been through this.. MikeS/Superior1/PhilH etc... others if you would care to comment on my outcome etc I would love to hear from others who have been through this before as well.

Thanks fellas....

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Sounds like it was a decent outcome - given what it could have been. I'm sure this didn't come at a monetory cost either :(

Was you attorney local?

I had a local attorney...

working together with Rick C on my case. $10k retainer fee to take my case.

Friend did the same

thing bro. He did not have a lawyer, well I guess if you call one of those lawyers who take the case if you have no money. Anyway, I watched the whole court precedings in which this lawyer did nothing. My friend went to the probation place and took a pre sentencing investigation (I think you call that) and I guess that is what got him probation because his lawyer read some report from there saying they recommend probation. He has a wife and a couple of kids too. When his lawyer read that the Judge gave him 5 years probation because he had a felony from like the 80's I think.

I'd like to say one more thing to all you guys if you get busted. Please pay attention.

When he was busted the pigs wanted him to roll on everyone including me and all his best buddies and the supplier. They said they would make sure he would be treated nice come sentencing time. Meaning they would put in a good word. THAT DOES NOT WORK MY FRIENDS!!!!! DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!! He basically told them to fuck off, didn't roll on anyone and still got probation. He told me on his first visit with his so called lawyer he asked him if he did roll on any of his friends and he said "no" and he said the same thing. Basically, the Judge will sentencing you anyway he wants however he feels that day. He is God at that moment. Of course he has to stay within the boundaries of the punishment. One more thing. If you ever get busted and you have to go do a pre sentence investigation, youhad better act like you are rumorse for what you did. My friend said he cried his eyes out throught the whole thing. That pe sentencing thing is what got him off he thinks and his lawyer said the same thing.

|--[\\\]>-------- Shit, i'm sorry Huge, i was praying for deferred for you, but again, no jail time is a good thing too. As you all know, i got popped 5 yrs back or so and i got deferred judgement, 100 hours community service and a $500 fine....kept my mouth shut, b/c even at 18 i knew that those cock sucking pigs could NOT do anything for me.

Join the ranks bro, I am a felon too. Same damn thing.
Well I can't answer your question. I am not convicted. However I was unconstitutionally held for 9 months without even a formal indictment. They tried to rush an indictment in order to prolong my stay, they got to a point where their abuse of the system would have been evident. Since they rushed the first inditment in an attempt to continue to detain me and screwed it all up in order to cover the crooked cops lies, I had to be reindicted, because the first one was a $hit indictment. So now 18 months later. You sound like you got a standard sentence. Even a little light for my neck of the woods.

Sup1 we know that was a long and hard 9mo, buddy. :(
Mr Huge you got off good IMO the important thing is no jail time. Of course during job hunting, you must lie and hope they dont find out.
I was arrested 3 times. Only the 1st one stuck. I had Rick too of course. A distribution charge (good sized amount of AS and related stuff) I received a PBJ felony (kind of rare), so at the end of probation I passed the period where I can be re-sentenced. And a year later I can exponge. I have about 4mo left before that happens. Good thing you had Rick. I paid almost 10k on one of mine also-cops didnt show and it was null prosequed-So the lawyer didnt have to work very hard for his $. But I was happy with the results!
Huge, the great news is no time! Shower your daughter with love brother. That felony conviction is a bitch, am sorry to hear that.
Welcome to the club!

I got whacked with a felony or seven and a prison term about 10 years ago. When I got out of prison I went to grad school.

After that, I saw an employment lawyer. She told me I'd have no difficulty getting a job in most cases.

The trick is putting time and good deeds in between you and the ugly black mark. Also, remember that there isn't much connection between your crime and most jobs. You weren't embezzling.

Now I work as a consulting economist to plenty of major corps. Don't know if I could work directly for them or not though.

Good luck bro - CH
My heart goes out to you and your family Huge. I know what it is like...I have been down that hard road. Although mine wasn't a felony, but the way I was treated and how my life turned out, it might as well have been. Hang in there and as far as the job market goes, you have to feel that one out. Some employers will check your crim. background and some won't. Maybe if you tell them and be straight forward and try to downplay the felony (i know...easier said than done), you won't have that worry that it may pop up in the future and cost you your job for not telling the truth about the felony on the application. Best of luck bro!

Oh yeah - you can move to Wisconsin

It's illegal to discriminate on the basis of non-job-related criminal offenses there. - CH
Damn glad you did'nt get any time in the shitter! Hang in there bro--and concentrate on being a good DAD!!!
Call me if I can help ya bro!

i got a violent felony and that often gets me to not have a job...

they always ask questions about getting along with fellow workers and shit like i am gonna go berserk and kill another employee cause they didnt turn their monitor off.

so long to the IT jobs in big places....the place i was at before i was sentenced was paying my 109k with 4weeks vacation...

now, i cant afford to get new tires for my car.:D

moral of the story, dont stab someone and throw them into traffic if you are with anyone else as they will tell on you...
Re: ..

G.E.R.M said:

moral of the story, dont stab someone and throw them into traffic if you are with anyone else as they will tell on you...

giving out morals like that, you should start writing childrens books hehe

hope you can get back on track dude.
sentenced exaclty one year ago 10/25/2002 possession for sale of a controlled substance, i went to my box and picked up my pack of 1600 dbol tabs, no money for lawyer, pled open to the judge during superior court arraignment, DA wanted me in there for 1 year. that was the offer. i pled open to 10 days in the L.A. county jail, 3 years formal probation, 150 days CALTRANS highway maintenance (that is 8 hour days so 1,200 hours of community service hard labor on the highways of so. cal. closed today because of the fires), and drug classes i finished earlier this year. just quit my job to do caltrans mon-fri til my court day, what a fuckin mess just for some dbol.
I got to see the Clink. The list is to long to repeat but, I ended up winning on a illegal search and seizure....Becareful with the fina-h guys......If you do have it sent to your home you better make damn sure your maid service came first...That was a good 30k case!!! I won but, still lost.....Oh and they took a home video of my girl and I and guess what never was returned? Yep those motherfuckers are watching me tag my chick for 45min. They claimed it was never in there log in sheet!!! That is why they call there badge a sheild because that can protect them from the public when they are running the streets...Be Safe
First I would like to say

thank you all once again for the continued support. I do appreaciate all of your comments & suggestions etc. A question for those who have had to undergo the probation for several years. Is there anything I need to worry about other than keeping my nose clean & random drug testing with probation? I guess I really don't know exactly what kind of supervision I will be under. I do remember my lawyer saying to me that it is possible that with my probation they can have me admitted to like a half-way house or some type of facility if they want to. Is that a normal occurance? Or would they have said something to that nature in my sentencing?

Boy I tell you the Judge was a prick when he was telling me why he did'nt think I should get the deferrred judgemnt it was simply cause i had 3 simple misdemeanors already previously on my record. Disorderly conducts & asault charges for a few brawls I had been in then my driving record with 2 DWI & also 2 driving under suspensions as well. Shit you would think they would'nt want to add anything worse on it right? lol.. guess not if your a fuck up like me & they want you to learn for real next time around. Guess this is a way of saying "keep your ass out of trouble or your going to prison next time"

Guess I best keep my nose clean... Kind of hard when you so used to living a certain lifestyle & are so easliy distracted at times.

Take care all & once again thank you all for the continued support! I will try to post more often....just have had a lot of shit going on & trying to get my new site going also in which we have been having several probs with the hosting etc. Looks like we may have to switch to VBulletin & get a new host. We'll see shortly & Ill be sure to be in touch on that subject as well.

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mr huge,

i've looked into this a while ago cuz of some of the shit i went through..... here's something that may help....

if you do something good like get a certification or get a college degree and cant get a job cuz of you record... file for a "petition of greivance" or something like that....

key is, as long as you did something to improve yourself and your record is what is holding you back, they may wipe it clean (at least as far as public knowledge, they keep it on record for them)

look into it bro.... hope it helps you

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