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Interview with A Greek BB


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Jun 5, 2002
Taken from AE, always interesting to see what foreigers do for their stacks. Ill post some more Interviews over the course of a few days, and always keep i mind where they are coming from some are gonna be form AE (good board who i trust), Some from t-mag which i think some are made up and whatever else i can find, none the less they all make for interesting reading. U might even learn something

The following interview is with a Greek bodybuilder that competes for the W.A.B.B.A. and was conducted by a contributor to Anabolic Extreme. This bodybuilder has won first place several times in his weight division for Mr. Greece, Mr. Athens, Mr. Odyssey, Mr. Agean, and first place in the European Championships. Needless to say, in Greece steroids are legal and very cheap. In order to protect his anonymity we will refer to him with the nickname Big Greek.

Big G: I went to Mikonos for two weeks. You can't believe the how many chicks I met. I was doing a different pussy every day. Leave your wife in Athens and come with me next Summer.

AE: No it's ok. I am glad you had a good time though.

Big G: I was thinking about you man. By the way, did you get my card for your birthday?

AE: Oh yes.

Big G: I liked the herbs that you gave me. I sent you a money order for some more.

AE: Yeah, I got it and I have sent them out. Man, do you remember me telling you that I wanted an interview from you?

Big G: Anything you want man. As long as you can protect my identity but what am I saying? I know you.

AE: So let's start. Pretend that we don't know each other so we will cover a lot of questions that I already know. When did you start working out?

Big G: About 11 years ago. Before bodybuilding I was into gymnastics so I already had a nice looking physique.

AE: Tell me about your current bodyweight.

Big G: I'm 5'6" tall, I weigh about 245 lbs in the off season with about 10% bodyfat and I compete at 220 lbs with around 2.5% bodyfat.

AE: When did you first start using anabolic steroids?

Big G: Well, about the first month after I started bodybuilding. As I've told you I already had a nice looking physique and I loved working out with weights. I remember I could bench press 200 lb and squat 220 lb for six reps each the very first week I started working out. So, the gym's owner saw my potential and asked if I wanted to compete. I was 17 years old and I got very excited. He was a veteran bodybuilder with a lot of knowledge and connections. He is on the W.A.B.B.A. committee. He told me that the name of the game was drugs and if you know how to use them you can get huge and ripped without any side affects.

AE: So, he guided you through?

Big G: Yea, but it wasn't a free ride. He opened my eyes about the bodybuilding world, told me the names of some anabolics, but other than that he was not sharing the dosages and nutrition info with me. I was paying him five times each drugs price for "therapy" as he called the cycle. I did not know any better back then. I trusted him completely. When it was the day for my injection, I would go down to his office, pay $30, put my pants down and he would give me the injection without me knowing how many milligrams he was giving me. After a month or so, I secretly went through his garbage bag and I found what kind of steroid he was giving me.

AE: What was it?

Big G: Deca Durabolin.

AE: Did you like the results?

Big G: Shit yes. Within 8 weeks I gained 25 lb, I went from 160 to 185.

AE: What was the dosage?

Big G: After peeking when he was preparing the injection, I figured out he was giving me 200 per week. The price for that was $2 back then, and I was paying $30. I got really mad, but I kept the anger inside me. I wanted his connections. So I just told him I could not afford any more therapy, started ordering steroid books from the US and started doing it myself. I saved a bunch of money that way and at the same time I did not feel like a sucker. By the way, the local pharmacist was giving me the injections for free, after buying six vials of deca for $6.

AE: But the gym owner was not blind. He had to have seen you growth.

Big G: Yes, he knew it. But he wanted me for contests and for advertising his gym. Gym owner always like having big guys in the gym so that they can say to others that they made you that way. I let him say his story in order to help me through the contests. He was using me and I was using him.

AE: Ok, enough with the past. Tell me how you like to cycle the steroids, what kinds of steroids you use, and what kind of workout you follow.

Big G: I like to use one to six types of steroids per cycle, (it depends on my finances), six weeks on-six weeks off and no dosage tapering.

AE: Interesting. Go into details.

Big G: I do not taper off for the reason that the drugs I use do not really shut down my testicles plus I control the estrogen and cortical levels during the six weeks I am off. Let's say I have the money and I can afford to use Deca, Primobolan Depot, Restadol (testosterone undecanoate), Winstrol, and Anavar. 600 mg of Deca costs me $12, one capsule of 100 mg Primo costs $3.50, and 10 cc bottle of Winstrol (50 mg/cc) costs $50, one bottle of Restadol (60 caps, 40 mg each) costs $35, and 100 anavar costs $50 also. The Anavar and Winstrol do not exist in Greek drug stores so I have to buy them through the black market. That's why it costs so much. (Editor's note: The steroid black market exists in Greece too, but the police do not care because steroids are not considered illegal drugs. It is like bringing Tylenol from the US. It does not exist in Greece but you can bring back as much as you like. Usually truck drivers bring steroids from all around Europe.) I get 600 mg Deca per week, 400 mg Primo per week, one cc of Winstrol on Monday-Wednesday-Friday, twenty four Anavar per day (twelve in the morning and twelve in the evening), and eight Restadol per day (two capsules every four hours).

AE: I see for Anavar you follow the rule of one tablet for every 10 lb of bodyweight.

Big G: Yes, you told me that rule and it works great.

AE: Lets go back to the cycle and tell me if you use other drugs in combination with the steroids.

Big G: O.K. I use the above dosages for six weeks straight. By the way, I take 3 grams of GHB every other night and 500 mg of Neoton 500 (injectable Creatine Phosphate, 500 mg per capsule) one hour before training, every day. It works great with Anavar. 100 grams of GHB costs $100 in the black market and the Neoton goes for $5 for six 500 mg capsule. After the six weeks I stop cold turkey. I keep using 500 mg Neoton per day, 3 grams of GHB every other night, two Nolvadex tablets (one in the morning and one in the evening), five Teslac tablets every other day, and two Ultravital tablets per day (every morning). Also, for the first three weeks I am off I inject one vial of RN-13 every other day and the last two weeks of the six week off period I take one tablet of 50 mg clomid. So, when I get off cold turkey, the GHB keeps my natural GH levels high and acts as a mild diuretic and anticatabolic; the Nolvadex acts as an estrogen blocker so I won't get gynecomastia and retain water, the Teslac stops the estrogen conversion, the Neoton keeps my strength levels up, and the Ultravital acts as a cortical blocker. So, no side effects.

AE: What is the RN-13?

Big G: The RN-13 comes from Germany. It contains RNA from horses internal organs and glands. It rejuvenates your organs and glands and gives you a lot of energy. It is a type of cellular therapy. It is rare to find though. I can usually locate it about once a year. If I can't find it I use Hemoglobin (myoglobin), 20 cc intravenously, once every two weeks. It oxygenates the blood and gives me incredible pumps during training. Also, it helps my strength. I use the Clomid for the last two weeks to be sure that my balls are working well.

AE: Did you ever had any side effects?

Big G: Some mild cases of acne on my back and insomnia. Other than that, no high blood pressure, no liver or kidney problems. Nothing like that. For the acne I use several creams and the GHB takes care of the insomnia. By the way, I've read in the U.S. magazines that GHB can be addictive. It's a bunch of bullshit. I have stopped it cold turkey for over a year when my source on the black market could not get it, with no signs of addiction. I want to say something about why steroids are illegal for athletes in a big country like the U.S.A. Pure politics. The doctors, insurance and drug companies want to make money, and the only way to do that is to schedule a substance. Now, in order to get it, you have to the doctor, have expensive medical exams, get his approval and pay him every week in order to get the injection. Do you think they care for the athletes health? Bullshit. If you have the bucks, you will get some kind of "hormone replacement therapy". I met a very popular and rich U.S. doctor-martial artist that described the loophole in the medical field that gets him GH, Testosterone Cypionate, Propionate, Enethate, Deca, etc. And that is from a doctor, not the black market. It involved getting drugs from the big drug companies back door. It also involves paying here and there, in order to obtain the desired blood tests and a good doctor's report stating that you can get a GH anti-aging therapy. The people that pass the laws in the U.S. are hypocrites. They do not want the athletes to have access to cheap and genuine steroids because it is "unethical"; but on the other hand it is ok for a chick to have to have silicon and collagen implants in order to change her body's proportions, and it is acceptable for a transvestite to cut his dick off through an expensive procedure and pump his body with female hormones in order to change his male body into something that nature did not intend. Bodybuilders do not go against nature, they just enhance their natural potential, to become bigger and stronger beings. That's what nature wants. They do not feel ashamed of their masculine body, they are proud of it and want to sustain and improve it. On the other side their are the supplement companies. We both know individuals that started by writing steroid manuals but became rich when they went in the supplement business. They now promote a "healthy" lifestyle and promote steroid like results through the use of their products. The supplement companies contribute to spreading the steroid terror through the mass media and promoting the "natural" way, even when some supplements are now hormones. They label natural whatever brings them money. Let me ask the readers: Let's say your in Greece. What would you buy? 600 mg of Deca that costs $12 or a bottle of Creatine that costs $30? If steroids were cheap and legal for the athletes do you think the supplement companies would be as rich and powerful as they are now?

AE: Do you have physical exams?

Big G: Yes, I have blood tests once a month and have a glucometer and a blood pressure monitor and my home. I use them every day and keep track of my physical condition, training, and nutrition. I do not eat junk food, I eat low glycemic carbohydrates and high protein meals. I think that this is the reason that I not have more serious side effects. My diet has a lot of fish and good fats in it. I use flaxseed and olive oil a lot, and I never fry my food. I only eat lean meat and do not use sugar, honey, and fructose. I also limit the amount of fruits I eat per day and I also keep my sodium intake low year round. It goes like this: Carbs.. 30%, Protein 40%, and fat 30%. It is a pain in the ass but it works great. I came up with these ratios long before they got popular in the magazines.

AE: How many days a week are you working out?

Big G: Four days a week. Heavy duty style. Two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off. When I am off the juice, I reduce my training days. I train Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

AE: Tell me about your maximum singles on the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Big G: Bench press 500 lb, squat 640 lb, deadlift 670 lb. But I do the singles only once a month, when I am in the therapy. I train heavy duty style, with about two heavy sets of six reps followed by rest-pause reps, negatives and one isometric hold in the middle range of the movement. On my six weeks off, I take it easy and do warm up sets followed by three heavy sets of five reps. No negatives, no rest-pause, no isometrics. When I am bulking up, I only use barbells to perform my exercises. Those exercises are the basic mass builders: Squats, hack squats, bench presses (flat, incline, decline), bent-over rows, (overhand and underhand grip) deadlifts, neck presses (front and back military), power cleans (to the shoulders), chin ups, parallel bar weighted dips, and curls. I do two to three exercises for the big muscle groups and one to two for the smaller ones. My arms grow easy, so I do only one exercise for bi's and tri's. When I prepare for a contest, the story is different. I work out five days a week, one bodypart with abs and calves and one hour of stationary bicycle. I hit every side of my muscle groups by doing four exercises for each one of them. I use a lot of dumbell exercises, and I do four sets on each exercise, twelve reps each. When I am bulking I only do 30 minutes of aerobics two times a week and also I rest for about five minutes between the sets. When I am cutting up I rest for one minute. I do 12 reps but I try to handle heavy weights (60% to 70%of max), until the last two weeks before the show that I get really exhausted.

AE: Tell me about your caloric intake.

BIG G: 4500 cal per day when I am bulking up. When I am dieting I start out from 1500 cal and go down to 700 cal two weeks before the show. I always drink two to three litters of spring water per day, except the last days before the show. I follow a zero-crab. diet by eating fish, lean red meat and chicken breast. That's the reason I compete once every two years. I hate dieting. It is expensive and the crab. restriction is boring and makes me edgy. Every fourth day I will eat two crab. meals, one in the morning and one after working out. But I will still keep my crab. intake about 100 grams. Usually I drink Cytomax in order to take my carbs. The last two weeks before the show I start increasing my calories by 200 cal per day through the help of special crab. drinks. I load heavy on carbs. Seven days out from the show I am up to 2000 cal with ratios: 60% carbs, 35% protein and 5% fat. The last three days before the show I stop drinking water and I reduce my calories to around 800 and I follow a ratio of 65% protein, 25% carbs.. and 10% fat. At the last three days before the show I use 500mg Aldactone in the morning and at night 25mg of injestable lasix, intravenously.

AE: Tell me what drugs you use for cutting up?

BIG G: When I am preparing for a contest, I stay in the therapy and diet for twelve weeks. I inject 400mg Primobolan Depot per day, 3 grams of GHB every night, 1cc of Winstrol every other day, 10 Anavar per day and 10 Maxibolin (Ethylestrenol) or if I cannot find Maxibolin I will take 10 tablets of Esiclene (Formebolone). The tablet form of Esiclene works well with Anavar for dieting. It gives an extra hardness to the physique. Sometimes I cannot find Maxibolin and Esiclene in the black market. In that case I inject one capsule Steranabol Ritardo every other day. It is cheap and easier to find. I combine Steranobol with 10 capsules of Anabolicum Vister (Quinbolone) every other day or if I can find Roxilon (Dymethazine) I use it instead of Anabolicum V. Roxilon is rarer to find, but it also has incredible muscle sparing and fat burning effects. You can use it with Deca for bulking with fantastic results. It seems it keeps you lean all the time. I inject 1cc Roxilon per day. If you keep using Spiropent for more than two weeks, it doesn't give you any fat burning results. I also do not like to increase it's dosage because it makes me jittery. I also use 100 mcgs of T4 for the first four weeks of dieting. I do not like to use it more than four weeks in my contest prep. In the two weeks that I do not use Spiropent, I use Ephedrine HCL, about 150mg per day. The bad thing is that you seldom find Ephedrine around. If I do not find in the black market Spiropent tablets, I go to my local drug store and I buy Spiropent syrup for $2 per bottle, and I take half a bottle per day. The syrup disturbs my stomach though. If I can neither find Spiropent tablets nor Ephedrine I get Aerolin tablets from my local drug store and I take one per day. It costs $4 a bottle of 100 tablets 10mg each. They are not as good as the Clenbuterol and Ephedrine, but they do their job. 30 Spiropent tablets cost $30 in the black market and one bottle of 100 Ephedrine tablets cost $35.

AE: Do you use topical Esiclene injections?

BIG G: I always keep a box in my closet. I love using Esiclene. I inject 1cc in each bi, tri delt and calf, for the last three days before the contest.

AE: You take a lot of injections, where do you take them?

BIG G: The water based ones in the delts, the rest in the glutes and thighs. When you inject the drug into the thigh, it seems it gets in the blood stream faster.

AE: Do you always have money to get these drugs?

BIG G: No, I don't. When I don't have money I wait to collect some, and then I compete. This is the other reason I compete once every two years. In the year I do not compete I can only use 600mg Deca and 400mg Primo for the six weeks therapy. I can also go off completely from any kind of drugs for six months in this year, in order to give some rest to my wallet and to my body from injections. Once, I stayed out for two entire years. I did this to prove to myself that I control the drugs and they do not control me. I wanted to make peace with myself and be happy with what I can do with training and dieting. My single lifts when I stayed natural back then were: Bench 420lbs., Squat 510lbs., and deadlift 605lbs. Not bad at all. I intend to use only Primo and Restadol after the age of 40.

AE: What do you do for a living?

BIG G: I work a 6 to 3 job as a manager in an insurance company. I get paid $1000 per month. I take four weeks vacation at the last month of the contest. I also take the meals with me when I am working. I work as a bouncer every Friday night and I make $300. I get free supplements and about $300 per month from W.A.B.B.A. I will also write therapies and training programs in the gym and sell steroids that cannot be found in the drug stores. That's from where I get most of the money.

AE: Have you ever sold recreational drugs or had sexual propositions from gays?

BIG G: Man, you know better than everybody how much I hate recreational drugs. I will sell steroids because there is no danger if you use them wisely. And that is what I teach people. Not to use highly toxic steroids for too long and to go off the drugs to give the body a rest. I have never used Anadrol or Halotestin and I never will. You know that my brother died from a cocaine injection. You were there that night the police called my parents when they found him. I had to watch my beloved brother become an insane walking skeleton.

AE: O.K. man, lets change the subject.

BIG G: It's all right man. Anyway, I do not like neither the recreational drugs nor the people that sell them. About gays who wanted me to pose or to fuck them for money, yes I have had propositions. I've told them that they were doing sexual harassment and to go and fuck themselves. I am 101% heterosexual and the idea to fuck or to be fucked by another man makes me want to puke.

AE: O.k. tell me your opinion about GH? Have you tried insulin?

BIG G: By itself it doesn't do more than being a mild fat burner. But if you combine it with anabolics, then the results are incredible: pure, lean muscle mass. On this point I want to mention that a lot of anabolics are very mild if used by themselves. A good example is the Maxibolin. By itself it doesn't do much. But if you use it with Winstrol or Primo then the story changes. Back to the GH; I always use it for dieting for the European Championships. GH needs to be combined in order to get the optimal results and for that reason I combine it with Parabolan and T-4. As I've told you before, I stay in T-4 for only four weeks, but let me tell you, GH really does miracles in these four weeks. Also GH works well with Spiropent or Ephedrine. It seems that you get a better fat burning affect. The GHB really adds to the whole equation. About insulin, I am too chickens hit to try it. One of the big guys we both knew, died from it. I've used Glucophage though. I went only once in a six week bulking cycle with GH, 4 I.U. per day and after training I would get one Glucophage tablet and eat a lot of carbs.. I gained 35lbs. while my fat levels went down to about 4%. But I am real crazy for Glucophage 'cuz it makes me really drowsy and kills my appetite. I managed to keep my appetite high by injecting 50mg Humegon (Progesterone) with 250mg Sustenon per week, for four weeks. I have the connections and I find Somatonorm for $50 per 4 I.U. I sell it then for $150. By the way, the minimum dosage for G.H. is 4 I.U. per day. Anything less is a waste of money.

AE: Now, I will tell you names and you will tell me your opinion: IGF-1.

BIG G: There isn't any around, but even if it was I wouldn't take it. We still know nothing about it.

AE: Nubain.

BIG G: Except the fact that it knocks you out and works as a mild diuretic, it is worthless. No antilcatabolic effect, no fat burning effect. GHB is much better.


BIG G: Very good. Anticatabolic, great sleeping aid, GH stimulator, mild diuretic. You get visible fat loss and muscle hardening within in the first two weeks of use. The best way to use it is to take it every night for three weeks and after that every other night.

AE: Drive.

BIG G: Fantastic, if you use it with other steroids. It stops your receptors from shutting down during therapy. The only problem is it is rare to find.

AE: Progesterone.

BIG G: If you use it with testosterone, the results are awesome. Increases your appetite and brings water in the muscle tissue. The best product that combines the two above is Testo Heptylate. Incredible size gains.

AE: Cortisone.

BIG G: A couple of people tried to take cortisone when they were in a therapy in order to reduce their natural A.C.T.H. production. It didn't work. Four weeks after they went off the therapy, their bodies got bloated and especially their bellies. It seems they caused a rebound effect to their A.C.T.H. By the way some people were injecting A.C.T.H. once a week, for three weeks before the contest. They were getting extra ripped. That happened because they were increasing their natural D.H.E.A. Maybe I will next time.

AE: Testo-5

BIG G: The Russian Sustanon. Fantastic Strength gains from 250mg-500mg only and not as much water retention. A top Greek Olympic weightlifter is heavy on it. Better than regular Sustanon.

AE: Are you using any supplements?

BIG G: Yes, a lot of companies that I advertise, give me a year's supply of their products. I drink about six shakes per day of whey and egg protein. I also take: Glutamine 10 grams a day, vitamin C 1 gram five times a day, vitamin E 400 IU three times a day and 1 gram of Arginine before training. The days I eat chicken, I take 1 gram of Methionine and Glycine with the chicken meal. That is to boost Creatine production. I also take eight capsules of Liv-52 for liver protection and saw palmetto six capsule per day. One hour before I go onstage I take some Yohimbe bark in order to give me some extra vascularity.

AE: What smart drugs do you find useful?

BIG G: Hydergine and Diapid when I am dieting.

AE: Have you ever used Oxygen?

BIG G: When I am dieting, I take with me an Oxygen unit and I inhale between the sets. By the way a lot of people use E.P.O. The extra blood volume increases the strength, definition and ability to train past fatigue. I think E.P.O. is unpredictable. I prefer blood doping. It is uncomfortable but the doctor is on more control of the blood volume. I did blood doping only once in my career. You have to have really good connections to do it. There is only one hospital in Athens that does this procedure, but very few people know about it. You pay the doctor about $400, he takes out in several visits about a quart of your blood, purifies it, oxygenates it, adds amino-acids and after eight weeks you go once a week and he puts back in your vein a certain amount of it. It takes about for to six weeks to put it all back. With the extra blood inside you, you feel great.

AE: Do you know of any new substances? Have you tried Osteofix?

BIG G: No, I haven't tried it, I cannot find any yet. About a new substance, there is Kynoselen. It is a veterinary product that increase your A.T.P. levels and promotes fat burning due to increased oxygen transfer. People that used it find it effective for contest preparation but they say it makes their blood pressure hit the ceiling.

AE: I really appreciate your help.

BIG G: Anytime man, it was nice to hear from you. Come back to Greece."
Im hanging to know who this is. WHy?

Because i know most of the big guys in Greece and i have asked them all if they did this interview and they all knew nothing about it. Weird!!

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