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It's that time of year


New member
Mar 21, 2003
Man the gym is packed with all these New Years resolution people trying to get in shape.....don't know if I'll make it(without losing my temper) another 3 or 4 weeks when they all quit, so I can have my gym back! HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THEM TO QUIT IN YOUR GYM?:confused:
Another good reason to have a home gym :D

about 4 weeks, and then they are coming up to me with the questions. I don't even bother half the time because i know they are going to quit soon.
I workout at 0500 so I havent seen the influx of New Years Resolution people, but I can imagine.

You know the sad part is the Gyms probably could'nt make it without them.They sign contracts with good intentions then don't come....I guess I can tolerate a month or so of hassle, to keep my facility up dated with the latest equipment.:)
New People

Same thing here, takes about 3-6 weeks then it dies down here, I wont even go try to train when the evening crowd arrives now, the place is so damn packed..If I have to go in the evening I wait till round 730-8ish before I will even try...
I started...

...training back today and think I will just go at 11am when noone is there.

It is such a pain. This year seems to be worse than before. Bunches of kids in there-talking to much and taking up machines and space!
Same here - takes about a month and then the place goes back to the same group of regulars that I've seen day-in and day-out for years. It's funny because all of us regs know that it won't be long before the New Year's suckers are cleaned out - so we all just smile at each other and go about our workout!

new yrs recruits

funny... i was telling the same thing to my wife tonight.. when i got back from the gym.

my gym is small.... and each year... there are those few that begin jan 1. some last a couple weeks.... a month at most... then fizzle out.

last year though a fella started... heavy guy...
he stuck with it.. and is still coming today.... lost over 100 lbs!
good for him...

it's funny though.... how they come in all fresh and ready to begin the new year.... but fade so fast....
what's the point? that's life i guess

same thing happens... right before spring breaktime...etc.....

It was the worst when I worked out at the YMCA.
Now I just eat at the Y

I just got my fat ass into the gym after 6-8 weeks off. Injuries suck ass, but I think I needed a break too. Started with legs, man am I sore.
I will second that I was just talking about the same thing yesterday. Get off the damn machines with your cell phone and take your 3 friends with you and talk outside. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG>MM:mad:
The sad part about the resolutions and the gym vultures around is that alot of people would love to get and keep an interest in not only bodybuilding but just a good exercise program to stay in shape . At one of the gyms that I train at they make all these promises to new members that they will be there for them to help establish their training routines and after the sell they could care less if any of these new members ever walk back through the door . I've been training for 20 yrs and see this happen every year . I realize that most of you are like I am with families and pretty much always on a time schedule but it never hurts to take a few minuites to help introduce someone to correct form and just a few words of encouragement . It can actually mean the making or breaking of someone to training . Happy New Year !
I spoke with my gyms regional manager and he guess that only 10% of members use the facility 3 x per week. Yeah it sucks for them but pays for our nice gyms.
well it only bothers me on chest or arm day because most of the little fucks only train those... sorry had to rant because my regular routine has been disrupted and i have ben in there during social hour this week.

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