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Looking to hire an online/tele- trainer for my wife for Christmas ...


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Apr 14, 2012
I'm sure there's some strong opinions abt this from you guys and I'm happy to hear them all. I've just started researching online coaching services as a Christmas gift for my wife and the first one that pops up is called Caliber. Anyone familiar with them? They talk a big game, claim $ back guarantee.. idk.. you guys have any recs or know people personally that do this that you could recommend? I'm 90%+ sure she'd prefer a female trainer but recs for anyone would be appreciated.

over the years I've put many programs together for her but i think she'd really like to have an actual coach, to see what thats like. Was thinking to get her like 3-6 mos or so... idk...

38 y/o. abt 5'9" athletic w a big ass and thighs. Has run marathons in the past, loves exercising, lifts, does boxing classes.. she's down with some exogenous stuff, i have her running some GH w me now, we've suffered through DNP cycles together. She is open to trying some var if she felt her training warranted its use. She often joins these online kind of group coaching things where they do like an 8 wk pre-planned thing but there's hundreds or thousands of them doing it so its not really at all like a real coach
She does not lack motivation to exercise, her achilles heel is always her diet
Save yourself the money and as anything else, she needs to want to diet and eat healthy. Paying all this money to get her to lose weight will only be momentarily. Once she no longer has that help, she will once again have trouble with her diet - why all these diets that people follow only a small percentage can enjoy when they understand its all about eating healthy. It's the same concept for those who take all these diet pills to lose weight, if you can't do unassisted, you haven't put your 100%. She's got the motivation to exercise... she needs to apply that same motivation to eating healthy.
The addiction of eating poorly, especially those foods that contain high amounts of sugar (by the way one of the most addictive substances' we can consume) is one of the reasons we are seeing the obesity rate increase by a huge factor in this country. The large food corporations know exactly what keeps us addicted to foods. Have her start moving away from foods that are a culprit to her dietary issues. Slowly adding a meal, a day that is healthy. It's the same as quitting smoking - very hard for many to do it cold turkey. At the end she needs to want this and not need it. Even though she might need it as well. Many on here can throw a few dietary meals that will help without spending the money. If you wish I can post something that can get her started. How much does she weigh? Very important that she does not get stuck eating the same meals daily. She will get bored and will break the diet due to boredom and just not wanting to have the same thing over and over. she needs to enjoy what she is eating. Smaller meals throughout the day are always best. I wish her the best of luck.
Thanks man, great response, full of truth. She knows all that and would admit its true. She claims that she's never reached a goal physique that she was happy with, i think losing good by chasing perfect, but whatever... she does fine with meal planning and we usually do weekly meal preps, its just all the random shit she eats during the day, which is totally on her. Basically since we've been together I've served as an accountability partner and all that but there's only so much i think spouses can do that before it wears thin. She already gets "annoyed" w me because i don't usually struggle w clean eating and maintain a reasonable physique, the classic "its easy for you" (she says to me).
She always likes doing classes and group things (which i have never done and can never see myself doing) and her brain likes boxes and charts and tracking stuff like that... my thought was that she's never actually had an actual personal coach and maybe that form of accountability would get her to her goals and if she hit that point maybe it would click into place for her and she would be more empowered to continue on
Idk... i hear ya on not wasting money... but even if she only leans up temporarily i still get to enjoy that hahaha
I appreciate your input. Oh, idk how much she weighs, we don't keep a scale in the house. I'm sure she could lose 20lbs of adipose to get anywhere near being happy w her body
A good coach could absolutely help but if she's not willing to follow the plan then it doesn't matter if she hire Shelby or Marry jane fake tits from Instagram
I completely understand the accountability part and that is what most people need , if they invest is a coach they are more obligated to follow the plan.
Oh, i think she'll follow the plan they outline pretty well. Its when the coaching would stop, like what SunriseRep was saying. But maybe if she was super stoked the diet discipline would stick.. i see dirty snacks basically as my enemy so its not hard. She just needs that switch to flip somehow
Hit up @luki7788, he coaches…. Hit him up via PM.

Thats definitely a large part but she does like to have plans mapped out for her to follow. She has often done workout/diet plans she buys online, trying to get new workout routines, recipes etc... there's a chick in Australia who's programs she has used several times but its not at all customized to her and then as mentioned there's not the accountability part since the lady isn't actually coaching her.

she's talked abt actually hiring that lady but it's pretty outrageously expensive and she's read sometimes you're just getting scammed getting emails or contact from some assistant and not even the actual person you supposedly hired for a ton of money

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