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My head: 1/2 rant 1/2 bs


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Jun 9, 2002
I feel like I'm 17 again with not knowing where I want my life to head. Fucking cheese and rice, i get these damn headaches from over thinking sometimes. All is getting better as my shoulder is almost completely healed and running is getting easier as I'm not nearly as sore.
I've talked about the military and all the other things that I'm considering. The more and more I thought about it I want that fucking contract for the wwe tough enough!.. I had info before and can't seem to find it. I got the numbers for the wwe headquarters and am calling in the morning. Fuck I might just move and go to wrestling school. I'm just ready for the change to happen so I can stop thinking and just get back to pushing around some insane fucking weight. I can feel my test levels getting higher day by day. Come June 1 regardless I will be back in action 100% I even left the asbetosis job as it was going to take away from football. I'm going to ride a lawn mower all day and eat while I ride then crush plates with my bare hands at night. Why can't I be the one to win the lotto! If I did I'd by all the vets here a NICE cycle! Am I insane crazy or crazy insane.
My other bitch is I hate women, they all suck. I can't stand a one of them at the moment cause they also hyrt my head. Never get invovled with a best friend as it doesn't necesarilly turn out roses! I think I'm going for a jog, peace.
thats alot of stuff you got going on ,hurts my head too lol
i hope that wwe gig works out for ya bro that would be sweet:)
Whatever you do

I know you will do it well! You certainly have the drive to succeed. Go with what your gut tells ya --- and forget about girls, find women instead, in other words find a real down to earth sweetie, w/ a little tomboy in her, and looks to kill.
Then you will have your better half as well as a partner who will understand your needs and be able to share the lifestyle. She will cook you your meals, keep things tidy, and STAND BY YOU 100%...

Now I am not saying you need to immediately go out and get one.
Fuck it, have a little fun, get it outta your system...

A good woman is hard to find, but they are out there. My 1st love, TORE ME IN PIECes....took me awhile to recover, then I began the "I hate women/bitches" mode also. I treated them terrible and enjoyed it, I would sleep with them and never call back etc. THen I felt shallow again. I have been dating my current girlfriend for the last 20 months (1yr.8mo.) and she does it for me. She is real cute and very loyal. Very unique and artistic girl who now wants to start the Fitness and Figure pageants.

She knows about my past, she likes when I DO juice (likes to play nurse) and she works out 5 times a week. This girl IS everything for me man, and makes my future seem so secure and sure. Sharing the same interests are a big plus. You will find her ARMY, just go to places where you will meet the women out there that have class and are independant. A girl with a job is a good indicator, and usually are the keepers.

Here is a photo of Nikki (my gf) and Gunter!


  • gunternikki2.jpg
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That's the problem that is just how this chick is and she seems to be going through a phaze or something that is obviously bothering her, but won't talk about it. Said something about them being her issues or some shit. Oh well. I do have alot going through my dome that needs to be cleared, but know that training can actually start and not just be talked about is going to change alot of things. That shit is really important, you'll never really know how much something means until you can't do it. Gotta go hit the asphalt, peace.

Dont try and figure women out cause it aint gonna happen. Take care of #1 first, and do what you gotta do. Relationships are all about communication, and if there is no communication, there is no relationship. Good luck, bro!


A good woman is definitely hard to find, especially when the topic of gear comes up. I finally told the wife about it (as of course, I kept it from her) and she was totally cool. Ive actually had her read some of MikeS thoughts and some of the other good posts on the board about AAS, and she is down with it. Cant have a relationship without trust, thats for sure.

It was funny when I told her as she said "well I know you dont inject yourself because you always pass out at the dr.s"..yeah, Im a pussy. :D

Dont mean to be a thread pirate...take care bros!

well heres my take on it
there are 2 kind of people in this world the ones who sit around and wait for things to happen and the ones who make them happen.
for women lol never date a good friend i found that out with my ex now ive lost one of my closest friends. A good girl is hard to find atleast for me because iam so damned picky so keep looking and u will find some one
I was reading your post and I am going through the same shit.

I know I want my gym...but it seems everything is holding it back. I will work 100% on hte whole project once school gets out, but intil then, I have been racking my brain on what to do.

My training went to shit because I am burnt out at my current location. There is nothing here for me anymore and it truely racks my brain.

Like I told IVAN, I need a good woman...no more of these lets go out and get drunk and party till 7am every night. I usually think of me first(workouts and eating), before the woman. The woman is about thrid on my priority list and they hate that. Trust me someday that one will come along and knock you over....when you find her let me know maybe she has a sister :)
Good luck Armagedon....things will get better.

Ivan.....your girl is a cutie! Mine got a pic with Gunter as well. You know what, he loves taking his pic with women...hahaha you can just tell.
yea bro shes hot, far as gunter looking a little to happy, I will give anyone 100.00 who can track down a pic of gunter with not the biggest grin ever on his face, the man has a perminit smile lol...

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