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My review of Ken "Skip" Hills (free) dvd


New member
Jul 6, 2008
Free dvd chapters: DOWNLOAD Longevity DVD Chapters HERE - IntenseMuscle.com

I have to say that I enjoyed this alot. I generally do not like alot of training etc footage. It tends to be boring and the same. However, this is different and you will see why.

First of there is connection. Many of use have "rubbed" elbows with Skip on the boards. You get drawn in cause you feel like you know the guy in some form. It's easy to listen while he engages you with some very informative content.

Second, there is clarity. How many times do we here the pseudo-intellectuals go on and on about stuff. I gotta say, sure I am intelligent but I really don't want to be made feel MORE dumb on a subject that I am just trying to learn ABOUT. Skip presents content from an experiential based system that while technical not overwhelming to grasp. PHEW! He is sharp in what he shares BUT brings you along for the ride as a good teacher/educator should. I appreciated that most.

Finally, there is normalcy. You just see a guy that SURE has a legacy and is one of the best prep guys for years now BUT again he's just a guy...and doesn't try to present himself as anything more. He doesn't take himself too seriously while presenting content that he is certainly passionate about.

Below are some of my thoughts on some of the DVD chapters.

Chp 2

Liked talking about the big issue of training AND overtraining. Connected injuries to being able to relate. Loved the visuals to exclamate your concepts for cycling your training.

Chp 3, 4 and 5 Straight forward. Liked what you discussed with your technique. Solid form as well. Good for a newb or advanced to take some of your ideas.

Chp 6 LOL base was blasting on that. Might need tweaked a little. Not sure. Audio when you talked was a little muffled.

Chp 7 Love it! Sharing about another area that should be considered. Alternative care ideas and thinking long term is great to open people's eyes up to. Visuals were appropriate and easy to understand. Loved the "how" portion in preventing pain for others in the future.

Chp 8

Very informative and connects well. Shot in a living room with real lighting and setting. Encouraging to put the information together in a real setting like at home. The posing information is the best I have ever heard. Very solid and again well communicated. If you can't pose after reviewing this chapter you should take up powerlifting.

Chp 9 Wow. Alot I didn't think about. I do like that you got away from the extreme stretching idea. Made more sense AND sensible. Favorite chapter.


Google Chrome had issues loading and playing. Sometimes the page was blank.

Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox played just fine. Opera actually played it the best. Loading quickly.

That is it so far. Tami and I both enjoyed it.

**I think there should be a second dvd called "Legacy."


Active member
Kilo Klub Member
Mar 29, 2008
can not wait for it.

and its FREE...:love::love::love:


New member
Feb 27, 2008
I wish I could watch Matt Kroc's DVD but dammit, 40 bucks? Screw that. . . . STOKED that Skip's DVD will soon be available to be viewed for free. It says a lot about Skip as a person to put in all of this effort into making a kickass DVD that would probably be best viewed several times as a reference guide . . . . you tha man, Skip, you tha man!

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