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Need help; designing a cycle for my woman


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 22, 2002
Hey fellas, I need some sound advice.... My girl has done a cylce of clen, cytomel, and winnie inj. before....she had a little bit of durabolin and anavar as well....She also experienced some virilization, (slight increase in clit size and her voice started to crack...) I got her off everything...and everything went back to normal.

She follows a timed ketogenic diet and has good work ethic when it comes to working out. She does cardio and lifts in the same day (cardio in the morning, weights in the pm)

she wants chemical aid again --- for a few reasons: 1. she likes the feeling when she works out, 2. no period!

I was thinking of trying a lighter does this sound: primobolan depot at 50-100mgs a week <---tell me which doseage sounds better... and 10mg of var....

Any suggestions? Or do you guys know of anything else that works real well on woman sans the virilization?

Thanks in advance.
I would be interested what board members suggest to....

I'll let the ladies speak on this :D I'm sure if you keep this near the top, HBG or Nubian Beauty will respond.

What you laid out seems OK and should be "problem-free" but I really shy away from recommending for women (just haven't worked with enough of 'em).


I honestly feel the safest most effective AAS avail. for women are the following. anavar,primobolan depot or primobolan acetate tabs,GH(without a doubt this stuff works worders for women) clenbuterol,cytomel, light dosages of equipoise( no more than 50-100mg per week) for no more than 4 weeks at a time! as for the nandrolones i would reccomend that unless your girl wants virilization symtoms that she stays far and away from any nandrolone's of any type! the above mentioned work very well and i also agree that winstrol-v althoe very effective for women causes some undue side effects as well! the nice thing is with the faster acting AAS it is alot easier to control the half-lives and eliminate side effects where you simly cannot get away with it with the longer acting nandrolone's! best wishes wyldeone.
Ivan...sounds like she isn't competiting. If this is so and she insists on using, keep her dose low. A lot of people think winy is fine but most of the women I know who compete (Pro and National level) stay away from it till contest time due to they get worse sides from it than eq or t-prop. Wylde is the man to ask here though as he's worked with numberous females. This area is a unknown for many. I find getting females ready for a show is more challenging than a male due to there is so many variables in the mix. I've now got a vast amount of knowledge on this thanks to him. Maybe he'll chime in!
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LOL beat you to it buddy!LOL I think i basically outlined what Ivan was after and if you do infact have any other questions please feel free to ask away in this post and I'd be more than happy to answer. best wishes wyldeone p.s. Strunk is also very knowledgable in the female AAS dept. heck look at Mrs. Strunk that alone should tell you something and regardless of what he says he was quite a bodybuilder in his day as well althoe you'll never get him to admit that!LOL we both laugh now because we aren't the young lions anymore instead we get to eat krispycremes and pizza's and tell everyone else what they should and souldn't be eating and boy Its so much easier that way!LOL

That's not fair. I had first dibbs on the thread. I guess I need to learn how to type faster.LOL :D
MY old girl friend loves primo at 100mg a week! Plus she still looks like a woman! She also has done 10mg of winny a day 5 on 2 off! No side effects to speak off! Well except she wants to fuck all the time! none longer than 4 weeks with 2 months off! I know one girl who has tried deca and winny 100mg of each a week her voice is much much deeper and her clit is bigger from what it use to be! I also know this one girl who went on 75mgs tren 3 timnes a week and she pretty much looks like a man and talks and acts like one now! I'd bet good money she be a good fuck, if you don't mind that whole penis thing/lol

I would always start out low and side effects will vary from woman to woman

From what I have read deca is pretty much a no-no

Yes is Eq at low doses, Some say no some say yes to winny, Primobolan is a great choice as with anavar! Also I hear andriol can be good but I personally know no one that has tried it! There could be others I am forgeting this is just what I have experience with, nothing more!
Nice, very nice.....

Fellas, fellas, thank you for your wise words. Ok I will go ahead with the primo + var, will make for a great cycle. Maybe throw in some clen every two weeks with t-3.

Strunk: as for competing she really wants to do the fitness stuff.. She does have the potential, and I think it is a realistic goal, and I am not one to kid myself....Anyhow, she just finished a pretty bad ass Collage of all her favorite bodies/fitness stars..(women only) for inspirational looks good and it feeds the desire baby, feeds the desire to succeed.

I myself am now doing this ( I did this in H.S. ,aking all my rooms wall into a huge collage -- including the cieling... I had mostly famous stillshots, like Webber's infamous timeout, The play that ended Bo Jacksons career, and TONS more but you get the point)
and I have all my favs in some great shots, I have a lot of Cutler, Ruhl, Arnie, Ronnie, Dorian and many others.

What Anti-E's are safe...and a what doses...
regarding anti-e's

I personally think arimadex is without a doubt the best ant-e for women at 500mcg or 1/2 tab e.o.d.! granted there are ALOT of other tricks with nolvaldex and proviron that i do infact use on my female clients as well as femara but i cannot give that info out as it wouldn't be fair to my female competetors. but that was indeed a very good question chris. best wishes wyldeone.
Id say start with the low dose (50mg). Better to err on the side of safety, and then be able to possibly raise the dose later. Id also agree to use acetate instead of enanthate (primo) for the reason Wylde mentioned. Good to have Wylde's brilliant input again! :D

Whew I am soaking up all this great info!!! Thanks again Wyldeone! I think I have the cycle for her. I may also have to take you up on your PT offer, would be sweet if me and my girl were both on one of your programs...
What about women using T3...

What are everyone thoughts on this...

well my thought on t-3!

it really depends on the athlete as alot of the heavier middleweight and heavyweight women do very well on t-3(cytomel) I usually will give them 25-50mcg per day the last 4 weeks and actually run the clenbuterol for 6 weeks straight thrue the show. I feel that the thermogenic abilities of these two in conjuction with anti-estrogens like proviron,arimadex,femara, and nolvaldex make all the difference in the world in their look the last 4-6 weeks. The trick is to keep your caloric intake at your B.M.R.(BASIL METABOLIC RATE) and burn the excess calories via activity as this will keep the women alot fuller and harder as opposed to the flat and stringy look. One trick i encorperate is to keep the women in a VERY anabolic state the last 4-6 weeks with supplementation and that way they are only burning fat not leanbodymass. I hope this answers your questions chris and once again good question. best wishes wyldeone.
Of course...Wylde's on the money. I agree with him 110%. I'm not sure he'll be much more specific or give out more info without paying him. We have to keep some secrets! As he mentioned it's not fair to his clients that are paying him to give them the edge that others haven't figured out.
BTW..Wylde I guess I WAS a good bodybulider back in the day. I was thinking about some of the memories the other day. When I began to get some mag and espn coverage, I had these homosexual men calling me. One guy wanted me to star in these movies. He'd go "picture this...your in the men's locker room in the shower lathering up and the men are standing around admiring you physique" etc, ect and "picture this...your dressed in a tarzan outfit swinging through the jungle......". LOL Had one man wanting to fly me out to compete in a show...just because? I can go on, but it floors me to what lenght that these guys seek you out. I'm sure BigA and Phil have some stories to share.LOL
That was some seriously funny shit!!! OMFG! Please post more stories! How the hell do you respond to that crap? OMG.

thats all you talk about is the movie (i think you made it)lol
Thanks Wyldeone...

Great info...

hope to see ya at the Jr.Nats


Oh..don't even go there! I could mention your special subscription mag.:D

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