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(O/T) I need to get this off my chest.


New member
Jun 25, 2002
I am pissed off and I just need to say it. Things are going very poorly right now. My plan this quarter (Sept 1 - Nov 30) was to drop 20 pounds of bodyfat by dieting, cardio, and weight lifting, but no MAJOR supplements, by the end of the quarter. Well, after my first week going all out, I'm injured. Yep, it appears to me that I have severe tendonitis in my upper forearms, biceps, and side delt areas on both arms. Couldn't even close-grip bench press 210 for more than 3 inches the other day due to pain and grip weakness together. It even hurts to pick up my damn gym bag!! I know I shouldn't lift for at least a week. Sometimes I think my body was not designed to carry extra muscle. I use great form and practice injury prevention, yet I get hurt every couple months, even when I take time off! To make matters worse, I went off my diet and ate a peanut butter and bannana sandwich, along with three bowls of cereal tonight, on a NON-cheat day.

Ok I'm done. I know complainers don't get a whole bunch of respect, but you guys are the only ones that can appreciate the mental, emotional, and psychological angst of my situation. Thanks for letting me rant here. Now everyone can tell me to just relax and let some rest heal my injuries, but try my hardest to get back on and stay on, the diet. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been home in NH getting broken up with by my now-ex-girlfriend, and the school work is keeping me real busy, plus I'm trying to find a co-op job required for my CS degree. Busy as a bee, and not even able to lift to deal with the stress! :(
Yea bro, what you just explained is "LIFE," at least the way it happens to me. Like you said bro - life is gonna happen; it's just a matter of how are YOU gonna handle it?!?!

I've been in this game a loooong time and just recently had similar incidents (they just happen; to "test" our fortitude). I pulled my right forearm muscle so bad that I couldn't even lift up a one-gallon jug, let alone the normal amount of weight for lifting. Since I couldn't "grip" anything, I dug out my "Hookers", some big-ass hooks built onto thick wrist straps. I used those, backed the weight off to where I could do the exercise and modified the other stuff (less weight, MORE intensity) and LOTS OF ICE. I also have some VERY POWERFUL LARGE radial magnets that seem to speed up recovery and help with pain management.

Then on top of that - my shoulders, esp my left side ("good" one - yea??) start ACHING to beat all hell (I've got poor shoulders; right side infraspanatus was re-attached/re-constructed). So far, ART has really helped those out. I just "figured out" how and what I can do and "work around it."

Where there's a will, there's a way bro!

I just got over the tendonitis and bursitis, it can be beat. Take a week off and rest and eat well. Get alot of glucosamine and use msm topically with dmso for starters. Then get some ART done, this will help. You can ice which is the best or try and find this stuff called BioFreeze. It is a cream that replaces the icing process if you don't have time. It works. Good luck.
Its called "Murphys Law"! You have to figure a way to work around injuries. And if that doesnt work (it usually does), you must completely lay off that muscle and anything that hurts.
That sucks, but thats LIFE, like Xcel says.
i feel your pain brother

Life has a way of throwing a goddamn monkey wrench at the back of your head whenever you are going great. My advice, no matter how shitty life/situation can be, strive to overcome it.
Don't just "deal with it", but do what ya can do to improve and beat it.

heal quickly so you can get back to pumping some weights =)
shit happens--dont beat yourself up over minor set backs
Just to update this thread, I'm back in the gym and back on my diet. Still trying to get up the motivation to do AM cardio on an empty stomach 3 x week. My alarm clock goes off, and I get up to turn it off, but somehow end up back in bed for an hour. Anyhoo, the cutting phase is on and the fat is coming off. Cheers! :D

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