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OT- Who's got a sportbike?

simon birch

Jul 25, 2002
fellas I'm about to buy a sportbike and was looking of CBR fri,GSxr750, and yamahaR6. need some thoughts on each and need some help.later
Is this your first bike? If so I recomend getting a USED bike first. Ride it 1 season and then trade up. I have seen too many people think that they are different and nothing will happen to them and sure enough they lay the new bike down. Its a sad thing.

I have had bikes since I was 8 years old and luckly I havent laid down anything but a dirt bike.

Pick up a used R-6 they still look TITS and you won't be paying the new bike price.
Another Thing to consider is insurance. If you are buying a new bike lets say your payment is arround 150 bucks a month. Then if you are a new rider insurance can be about the same. So budget is a big thing to consider.

-Big Hock

Oh and yeah I have a zx-6.
and I am way too big for that bike. Sad thing is the wife wont let me spend the money to trade in for an R1
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Good advice from Big Hock,

CBR6 and R6, lots available for sale especially CBR, you can get a used one around here for $5-6k about 2 years old.

Cheap to run, and if it is your first bike plenty of plastic available at the breakers/aftermarket to fix it if you lay it down.

Also good value when yuo trade up

Boing "the English_Bulldog" - Triumph Speed Triple
yep this will be my first bike and i'm still looking.thanks though
i've also had tons. the guys above gave great advice.

all i can add is a phrase to live by when it comes to motorcycles

"There are two types of riders.... those have been down and those that are going down"


BTW- i'm currently looking for a harley. i've had enough of those insane rocketships. i cannot stop myself from acting like an ass on one so i'm looking for a nice fat boy.

i just traded mine in on a knew truck...kawasaki zx9...given the the selection you have, i'd deffinetaly go with gsxr 750...2000 or knewer. it's been redesigned in 2000. its a fun bike to ride....nice wheelie bike. if i get another one, and i'm starting to itch for it again, it will be the gsxr 1000. 150 rear wheel horse power, stock, and ways about the same as a 750:D
how about this

2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX12r, bored to 1270cc with a stroker crank to 1361cc, lowered, extended swingarm 4 inches, polished out and chromed, muzzy exhaust, power commander, igniton advanced +5 degrees, modified air box, dyno jet at 220 Rear wheel horse power, has a 60 hp nitrous wet shot, which puts me at 300 horses on 475 lbs. runs 8.70 @ 174 in 1/4 mile. top speed is 220 mph (without hitting the nitrous button ) with zx11 gearing. hows that?!:D :D :D if you want a pic, i'll get it for ya
i have two bikes, a 96 cbrf3 and a 97 gsxr 750. the cbr was mine untill i got the wife into riding and then i got the gixer, the gixer is incredibly fast in comparison to the cbr, maybe i'll post some pics of the two, i need to learn how to do that first.:)


  • dsc00261.jpg
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cbr with the hjc "king mingus" helmet
the gixer(above photo) was all stock when i bought it,as you can see i've made a few mods, namely the wheels, exhaust, and decals(chrome)


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here's the gixer stock


  • i-1_b.jpg
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god damb johnny

your making me drool, is it strickly for the track or a daily driver?
Harleys are king

Seen way too many guys get fucked on those sport bikes.I know alot of Harley riders and they seem to have way less problems,less tempted do stupid things it seems anyway.I have nothing against jap bikes,they are nice and they are fast,very cool to look at at as well.But something about a Harley,with an SS helmet,inked up, jacked arms,and that deep rumble gets my blood pumping.It just states "get the fuck out of my way" better then anything.Although the custom chopper bikes like Jesse James and his crew builds are way fucking cool.Those bikes definetly look good under me.My friend just bought the 100th anniversary Harley Vrod for $19k, this bike is sick.All that silver going on and those pipes,wow.Damn I need to get a bike again..........
My dad and uncles were big Harley riders. I love Harleys, but you will never get me off my ZX7-R. I love the Ninja line way too much. I'm always keeping this one and looking into a new fuel injected R1. The nice thing about the 7R is a ZX9-R engine bolted right into the originals place. So I have a bike that is light and can be thrown around and halls balls like no other. Love thr crotch rockets.
No way are ZX7's light. GSX's are light, but ZX's, no way.
What do you consider light. My bike weighs in at around 448lbs. I don't know about anyone else, but that is light to me. I through that bike all over the place with no problem. What does your bike weigh?

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