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New member
Dec 29, 2009
I am trying to keep maintenance call and let my lean muscle take over some of the rest of my fat as I am already a small guy 5'8 146 10% but lost weight quickly so i have some loose skin. I am eating maintenance at

350p 100c 110f workouts out to 45% 15% 35%
350p 150c 90f 45% 25% 25%
350p 50c 135f 45% 5% 40%

all 2900 -3000 cals

I do a carb cycling as i noticed my body likes this the most and Im a hungry guy so the high protein does my body good

I train like a mother fucker but I am wondering if my protein intake is too high?

what do you guys think if you need my training routine I can write it down thanks. Please reply
Is your weight, 146 lbs, POST AAS use?

Or not..?
NATURAL bro ,, never touched the stuff trying to get diet in check and understand my body and different weight regiments first,, I went from being 220 at 23% bf 1.5 years ago and have been learning ever since
I post I post I post , thread after thread but nobody answers? I thought this is a forum where knowledge people lend advice I guess not...
At 146 lbs, 350g of protein is over 2g per lb of BW. I'd say that's too high for a natural trainee. It's possible that protein is converting to glucose. Maybe shoot for 40g/meal, roughly 240g a day? You'll have to adjust your other macros accordingly, but I prefer more complex carbs over too much dietary fat. You should be aiming for lean mass gains, at that BW, so meals consisting of protein and complex carbs (in equal ratios) should be eaten leading up to and immediately post-workout, with your last meal or two of the day consisting of protein/small amounts of good fats. Hope this helps. Just my own experiences, so take it with a grain of salt.
Thanks for the reply,, I have been training like an animal for the past two years to get where I am at so carbs are not my friend I do utilize them were I feel best needed that is why I use that protocal I have actually gained some strength from doing that. I while I was doing my minnie cut to further get my insulin levels sensitive and see how my body reacts to different thinks. I have come to think that carbohydrates are number one for putting on mass protein is good but I think my body can do good with some more so i will be trying 300p 150c 115f 2900cals
40% 20% 35%

What do you think about that?

The protocal you mentioned would not work for me I am hungry all the time and I need enough protein /fat to satisfy me carbs are not what I crave for but I now a little more can do me good.

My training constantly changes but I have basics I keep in my routines

4x week cardio

I like training lower volume 9 sets chest, back, chest, quads , hams shoulders

for bis and tris I go 8 sets

at the moment Im in a ramping phase

so I trainedam Back/shoulders pm cardio
am chest/tris pm cardio
am back/bis pm shoulders/abs
am Rest 10hrs sleep pm legs/abs
am chest/bis pm cardio
am back/tris pm cardio
Day off and re assess workout scheme and diet

each muscle group has 3 exercises 3 sets except for bis legs and tris

first exersice is 4-7 reps second is 9-11 last is 12-15

bis and tris have only two sets for the 12 -15 exercise

and quads, hams have a different rep range 5-8 for first exercise 4 sets 12-15 second exercise

Yes I dont train calves FUCK CALVES lol and only train legs once a week they are fuckin huge compared to my chest hockey player all my life squatting 2 plates at 15 years old dont need to work them much and dont care too

The routine I outlined above is a mix BBB and something a very informative bodybuilder has wrote about who is f**in huge but he only does one set each exercise tried that but i dont have enough muscle for that regiment

I feel the way i thought I would just made it But I did add weight to all my lifts and I have gained size and added 10 lbs to bench. Ill go with a higher carb day on sat because I feel insulin sensitive gettin a better understanding of my body and what it needs by testing the boundaries. I want to get a trainer but will be waiting for sept 1st. But until then helpful feedback HELL ANY FEED back would be good. I recover fast and like being in the gym because at the moment I have the time and nothing to do with it Im 23 btw 5'8 147 this morning dry weight.

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