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Review of synthelator, synthepure, syntheslen and sytheburn

Mojo Rising

New member
Jul 10, 2002
First of the vasodialtor (synthelator) did everything I expected it too. My buddy (about 180)lbs took 8ccs and his veins fucking BLEW out!! He is normally vascular but this stuff doubled the thickness and size of his veins... he also said while pumping up he had veins come out he didnt know he had. He never cramped and seemed to get harder and fuller as he posed. Its a top notch product just be ready for the lightheadedness that follows injection... it hits quick!

The protein(synthepure) is the fucking bomb! Im on a diet and i didntk now what to do with the plain flavor. I put 2 scoops on my oatmeal... the put some i cant believe its not butter on it, some sugar substitue and cinnamon mixed it up and it was a very tastey oatmeal :) :) yum yum. This stuff mixes so easy and its so light its scarey. Another good thing was i would put 1 scoop of a good chocolate protein and 1 and 1/2 scoop of synthetpure in 7oz mixed and yum yum and tons of HIGH quality protein!

Syntheburn... quite honestly is to much for me! Ive been using NYC stack for about 7 weeks and switched to this now... im 2 weeks into and still using 1 pill 2x a day. Great workouts and the energy never stops coming... makes me feel very anxious and sometimes nervous(i guess to much energy ;) )

The sytheslen seems to be good stuff. I can notice a slighty vascularity increase when i use it and an increase in appitite. Far as fat burning Im burning fat quite well and attribute it to any one thing but all is going well. Ive lost around 20lbs of fat during my diet and somehow managed to gain 3lbs of muscle?!? Strength is way up... shit i might be a heavy weight ??

These are the only supplements i am using along with QV supplements. I highly reccomend all these products as they WORK and you KNOW THEY WORK! I back these with 100% satisfaction and Im probably the biggest supplement critic to ever grace this planet. Before this vitamins and iss glutamine was about all I touched and trusted.
Here's a copy of my review from the Synthetek thread, regarding all their products.

Syntherol - My favourite SEO. I've used it plus Pnp and NN oil in the past. Results wise it's the same as PnP. Better than NN. Hurts less that either.

Syntheselen - same stuff as kynoselen. Doesn't sting the way kyno does. Also I didn't get the heart palpitations on it as I did on kyno ( I have a heart murmur, so I am sensitive to that). Results wise it's the same as kyno, so it's like a very mild anabolic.

Synthetine - Inj l-carnintine. I've been using inj l-carnt since 1993, so this was no news to me. Around here it's always been a must when you cut up.

Synthergine - liver protector. Last cycle was inclusive of d-bol and a-50 at the same time. Only used Synthergine as the liver protector. My usual blood test while on was perfect. But I always have perfect liver values, but I always used to use milk thistle, l-methionine, liv-52, etc. And I don't drink or do any rec drugs. Anyway, last cycle and current cycle I dropped all other liver aids and only used synthergine. Blood test results are perfect.

Synthelamin - if you like inj B12, this one is the king of them all. Stacked esters, so you get a timed release. Also double or even 4 times the usual strength (depending on which brand you usually get) - 2,000mcg per ml! If you need to know what inj B12 does, do a search.

Synthelator - inj AMP. Again, old news to me. Been using inj AMP since 1992 for mad vascularity before going on stage. Nothing comes close at giving you the veins than this stuff does. You'll be a road map within 1hour of injecting it.

Syntheburn - this stuff is mad! If you like ECA based stacks, try this one. I don't know of anyone that can handle more than 2 caps twice a day. I personally only use one and I feel great. If I take two, I get so wired I almost get sick. It's MUCH more potent than any other ECA I used in the past.

SyntheBLOCKplus - it says that you take it with a meal and it blocks the body from absorbing the carbs and fats from the meal and it helps you digest the protein. I don't know about the blocking of carbs and fats as I don't see how you could feel that, but I assume it does it. However, the enzymes in it certainly work as I get NO bloating whatsoever from any meal, no matter what I eat and how large the meal is.

SynthePURE - I love this shit! I am addicted. It's 100% pure whey isolate. And it's really what it says, not the bullshit labels of others. The consistency and quality in it is extremelly evident. It comes unflavoured, so you can do whatever you want with it. So far I've come up some 'recipes' - you'll find them in the Article's section.
This one I really love, as all other products are really good, but I don't need to use them all the time. The protein powders though, I normally leave on them on a daily basis, and this one is so damn good, I am trully happy it's this good as I get it for free and I use tons of it
Oh, and this is it's nutritional value, since it's 100% pure whey isolate with no additives, flavours, sugars, etc: each 100g of powder has 96g of protein, 0.3g of fat and 0.8g of carbs

SyntheBAR - VERY tasty banana or choc protein bars. Only good for bulking as they don't have the best nutritional value if you are dieting, but then again they taste like sponge cake.

I started to use Syntheselen about 2 weeks ago and I've noticed increase vascularity and I've become leaner.Its a great product.

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