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steroids in movies...


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Jun 23, 2003
I was watching Die Another Day this weekend, the latest Bond movie. They were talking about an olympic fencer and said she overdosed on steroids and died?!? Overdosed on steroids?!? It's unbelieveable how people portray steroids. This made me think of other instances in which steroids are cited in movies, like Lattimer trying to impale some 90lb. girl in the Program. There's another movie called "O" with Josh Hartnett where he plays basketball and has some guy shoot "steroids" in his abs. OUCH! It wasn't a sub-q shot either, right into the muscle. Where do they come up with this shit?
The best steroid movie I ever saw was an after school special starring Ben Affleck. It was funny as hell. He was lifting and saw this other guy pushing up more weight. He followed him into the locker room, the guy gave him the run around for a bit, then gave Ben some pills. He took 2 and went out immediately to the weights and was able to double his lifts in 2 minutes. It was SO over dramatic it was funny. I laughed my ass off and even taped it off of HBO, but I lost the tape. GNPOWER saw it while I still had it. It was supposedly a TRUE story and because of 2-3 years of use, the guy almost died and lost every organ in his body because of steroid use. Sheesh....no wonder everyone has negative opinions on steroids.
I remember that show...

He ragged on his girl, and he beat the piss out of some guy outside a bar.

How people portray steroids on TV really drives me nuts...Yeah, I love how on THE PROGRAM, LATS shoots up and then starts pumping and by the game 4 days later, he is 200% stronger, yeah it may be a mental thing??? Who knows what they were trying to say there?
Exactly, I was watching VIP. Great show btw, ahem. And they had this episode where this guy wanted to thrash another gym competitors of his. He hired some local muscle dude, and the dude was'nt even yoked. Fat maybe but not swoll or jacked at all. Can't they find actors that are built? Anyways, the bad gym owner gives this kid a couple of needles, he jabs them in his forearm like he was fiending or something. Then he rolls his eyes back as if he were having a rush. Talking about overly dramatic. It was funny as hell. Next day the kid goes to the competitors gym and wrecks it as if he were going into the infamous 'Steroid Rage'. Oh Gawd! Hollywood is a bunch of moranic imbeciles.
These people are freakin idiots! They definately pull shit out of there asses.... Hahaha.......Marge Simpson all jacked up, that was funny as hell, LMAO! Great episode!

scare tactics

HAHA I remember watching that HBO special at CG's place a LONG time ago. At the end it had a guy who was bald and fat give a little speech about how that movie was based on his real life story. What a joke. When will these hollywood types realize that scare tactics don't work. If you really want to help people then EDUCATE them.
aww the Henry Arron story

starring Ben Afflick lol that was a funny after school special
I like the way he broe out on his face and his hair started falling out,how about hte used syringes he had in his drawer and his temper lol
Yea that ben afflek movie was fucking dumb! I wish juice gave me that level of aggresion. Oh what about the substitute 3 lol that movie was so funny! The top dog in the movie was this big time juice dealer I remember him saying we got 10,000 dollars worth of Primoteston Winstrol depot! Dianabol pills lol he said it just liike a doctor oh and then a kid dies when his heart explodes on the bench press lolol Oh and then the juice dealer gets stiffed when some dude pisses in the jice lololol tooo funny!
I saw that movie...lol...I think the football coach was the dealer. He had his players all juiced up and they protected him too. I wish normal people knew how ridiculous this shit is. By the way, primoteston winstrol depot is great shit. Sounds like some *P mixture. :rolleyes:
media sure does it hurt hus doesnt it?

kind of remind me of the marijuana commercials that someone funded like crazy because they are on every commercial break on some stations sometiems twice beetween 1 break, they are so stupid showing like some kids running over a little girl on a bike and shooting his friend in the face... so OVER dramatic. they only reason they can even make them is statistics, so many pot users more pot users then any other drug, if some pot head doesa mistake just like the normal drug freee american they point the finger at the drug, with all that said I'll also add I never smoke pot, so im not defending it, just dissin the media.
the best juice show ever...

beverly hills 90210...

not dillan, the other one with the sister...

he's working out with ian zerring or whatever... the other guys in the gym (i think it was the track team of all things) were on "the program"

saying how "being on the program" or "getting with the program" was the way to go....

and then the typical juice shit after that...

i just thought it was hysterical to see a bunch of 5'10'' 145lbs monsters abusing juice... that was great
'Member Fight Club?

The dude with the Bitch tits?? C'mon now, nobody grows tits like that.:rolleyes:
i dont know ivan I know a real bitch tit bob who has atleast some ds but hes just a plain fat ass who thinks gear alone will get him thin
yep, I do remember the 90210 scene.... kinda funny :)

My fav :

I do not remember the movie, was in 1995, about american football, a player had gained over 50 lbs in 6 months... I remember them trying to change the analysis in the bathroom before dopping control, playing with the needles, kidding about roids...
I remember seeing some real stupid B movie on steroids. It starred some Wilson "the dragon" character and Andrew Dice Clay. Yeah, all these steroid selling villians fucking up peoples lives and killing people when deals go wrong LOL They hadnt a clue about steriods in this movie, couldnt even pronounce Nandrolone Deconoate properly and sold some kid 3 amps of test - yeah, thats going to make a big difference :rolleyes:
3 amps of test???

that was my first cycle....

i got huge in like... um... 2 hours after i shot up....

then i kick my GFs ass... it was so cool...

WTF ???
that movie was the program great flick.

I was watching espn today and i gues they have some new show about football, and it made reference to juice lets see how bad they screw it up
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It really wasn't about juice but did anyone see the MTv show I want a perfect body or something like that? They basically treat the main dude in there like an idiot becuase he lifts weights, doesn't go out, pretty much his life revolves around the gym! I had about 5 people call me and say that dude reminds them of me but that I am less vain! I haven't seen it but this is just what I have gathered from what I have been told.

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