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SWALE'S BACK! interesting stuff


New member
Nov 23, 2002
I said I’d drop in on a regular basis, but unfortunately it’s now been a few weeks since I’ve had time to do that. Since I burst onto the Message Board scene, the emails and questions have come in (at least) a hundred a day to my practice’s website. I personally answer each one, so this has really taken up my time—and made me VERY happy, as this is what I love to do. Many of these fellows have become patients, and together we are getting good things done. Also, I have been doing a fair amount of traveling, in fact, 9 out of the last 11 days. I’m writing now to share with you a few things I learned at the American Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) symposium, held last week in Las Vegas. BTW, I was experiencing some technical difficulties with accessing my database remotely, and several messages got accidentally deleted. So if you contacted me and did not hear back from me THAT SAME DAY (I never go to bed without first finishing my correspondences) please contact me (and also please accept my apologies). Anyways, on to a few thoughts of interest to AAS athletes: It is my opinion, in my battle to change the way conventional medicine treats (or, should I say, refuses to treat) the “Hormonally-Supplemented” (Politically Correct lingo), we have the best chance through the doctors who specialize in HRT for men. That is because they are at the forefront already regarding the benefits of testosterone, and have gotten used to using it. I am going to make a major push through this organization (headed by the legendary Dr. Robert Goldman) to seek out AAS athletes as patients. Second, because I started out by learning about steroids, I now realize (as I’d hoped) I am in a MUCH better position to provide HRT. I keep telling the HRT docs that if they really want to learn about HRT, they MUST learn about steroids. Why? Because doing so imparts a real understanding of the effects of various T levels, especially as we cross into the supra-physiological range. It helps, when trying to come to REALLY understand a thing, to study its extremes. Also, it is where we can learn to use the ancillaries (I think I am the first one to apply that phrase to HRT medicine) correctly. By example, one of the finest minds in HRT medicine stood up there, lecturing to a thousand other docs, and said that Clomid works by blocking the ANDROGEN receptor of the hypothalamus. Another advised using hCG at 5000iu per dose, to combat testicular atrophy. I very nearly fell out of my chair both times. EVERYONE on the AAS Forums know better than that! The real reason I went to that conference was to learn to properly use HGH; I am now quite confident in my ability to do so. Of note, I’m also giving out free sample packs of Viagra to my patients, as it can be of great benefit to the AAS athlete during those “down” times, as well as to the HRT patient while the therapy is kicking in. Finally, I always say I owe so much to the Vets and Mods on the Forums, because I have learned so much here, I am now perfectly positioned to not only care for AAS athletes, but also to provide a superior form of HRT. IMPO, I am only giving something back. I’ve missed interacting with the Bro’s on the Boards, and am resuming what has become a part of my day I always look forward to. I’ll hover over the Board and see if I may be of any assistance here. It’s good to be back, Bro’s!
Sounds like you're headed in the right direction - keep up the good job!

Thanks for the encouragement.

The only way we are ever going to change the way conventional medical community regards androgen supplementation (whether it's AAS or HRT) is for us to stick together. In other words, if we want them to treat us differently, we are going to have to treat them differently. I hope to help well-arm guys BEFORE they go to their docs, to increase their chances of being properly cared for. IMPO, for instance, a physician SHOULD provide the ancillaries to anyone who is taking steroids. Why? Because they are presenting with two legitimate medical indications for same: secondary hypogonadism and high estrogen levels. Perhaps we can even put together a list of docs who know what they are doing in this area. I'm finding this type of practice to be very enriching (beats the heck out of treating obese noncomplient diabetic alcoholic smokers!).
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I wish you the best of luck in your quest Swale, hopefully we can all benifit from your exploits.
Swale congrats on the new clients etc.

You said you have a number of new clients are they all local to you or do you also treat people who are NOT located near you?
Hey Doc!

Isn't it SAD that the many of the leaders in medicine are CLUELESS? Sad, sad, sad.....Just to tell you, I had to get an ingrown toe-nail taken out and my doc starts asking me Q's regarding hormones...he suspected I took AAs....then he goes OFF about how bad it is, liver cancer, cancer this, that, heart disease, and then he was in for a surprise...I retorted with a plethora of perfect knowledge and counteractive facts....he was VERY defensive and (he was angry because all the years at med school taught him diddly squat about HRT) argued with me....to say the least, I asked him if I could get a prescription for Nolvadex or gen. tamoxinfen, well he would have none of it...What an ingnorant fool!

Ps -- I wasn't too bothered because I knew I could easily score some in a blink of an eye --- just really SUCKS that we have to go to such lengths to do this!

Swale, you should get with Mike S. as he is very involved in the "revolution" and he would be of good use to you as a subject/model etc.
Well I'm local, sort of and I've been talking with the Doc and I am going to use his help. As far as having a Doc that I can talk to and knows everything and won't question why I want blood work done. So I will let everyone know how things go.

swale tries to catch up

If you live in my own State of Michigan, I must personally examine you (licensure issue). Actually, that is better for me because it gets me out from behind the computer and in front of a patient. For those of you in the other 49, I can also direct your care via the Internet. For the AAS Consult, I prescribe according to Medical History (your answers to my 152 questionaire). Labs are desirable, but not necessary. For HRT, you must have a current physical, then we get labs. In all cases, I remain available to my guys 24X7 (and have taken phone calls in the middle of the night following a bad Tren injection). Try not to be too hard on your own docs, guys. They are operating at a real disadvantage, because physicians treat according to what they know and are comfortable with. This stuff isn't taught in any residency program in the US! So I had to go off on my own, out to the woodshed with a pile of books for months, and spend literally hundreds of hours on Boards like this one. You see, it's really you guys who trained me. That is why I am so very thankful and happy to try to give as much back as possible. Because, in return for my willingness to step outside the conventional medical community, I have been rewarded with the best medical practice on earth. Armageddon, I am looking forward to meeting you. Let's make sure we leave enough time to sit down for a good cup of coffee.

Lets say i was going to order some HCG. 1. Is this confidential or is everyone going to acess that I purchased this. 2. can I just order it or do i need to fill out a 3 page essay(not willing to do b/c this is 2 easy to obtain).
MOJO--Sorry, Man, my Medical History Form is 152 questions long. These guys are my patients, not customers. I continue to work with them, and follow them, and even take phone calls in the middle of the night (such as a little while ago when a guy had a bad reaction to Tren). This is the only way to properly serve my patients, as i am a dedicated physician, and it is also the only way I can gain enough experience to one day (if I work hard enough and long enough) be considered an "authority" on the subject. And yes, my patients are indeed protected by the sacred doctor/patient relationship. And NO ONE BUT ME HAS ACCESS TO MY MEDICAL RECORDS. Guys, could we please from now on just email me with your questions? I can answer them more openly then. All I want to do on the Boards is hang out, learn about AAS (and therefore HRT), and give something back by trying to be of assistance answering medical-type questions where I can. I've already gotten too close to commercialism here, and it makes me uncomfortable. It also, IMO, lessens the message.
on Swale

SWALE said:
All I want to do on the Boards is hang out, learn about AAS (and therefore HRT), .

There you have it said by an MD himself....Doctors out there are LOST when it comes to this topic, thank god for Swale, I am pretty impressed with his motives....

Ps -- personally haven't used him but went as far as looked into his business practice and found it VERY legitimate...Good for you BRO (<----because that is what you are) good for you :eek:)
Thank you, IVAN, but let me just add that I am a DO, not an MD. Besides the fact we do everything MD's do, we can also perform structural evaluations and treatment, practice in a more holistic fashion and, I am hoping, are more open-minded when it comes to issues such as the ones we face here.
What is a DO ?

Please don't tell me chiropractor.
Even if it was it really wouldn't matter. He's someone who's out there trying to make it easier and better for some of us. Chiro's are still Doc's and are needed very much.
Thank you for asking, Crowler. DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I don't know where you live, but many countries do not license us (oppression exerted by the MD community). In the USA, we are fully 40% of all docs, and cover every specialty. When I decided to become a physician, it was the only path I even considered. We are trained to diagnose, and treat, what amounts to the cause of probably half of all dis-ease: somatic (structural) dysfunction. MD's generally have absolutely no training in this. Chiropractors have done A LOT of good, especially in the strength community. However, my preference would be treatment by an actual physician, who can prescribe approprite medications when necessary (but obviously I'm prejudiced).
I was just going to throw this in the barrell, re: DO. He wouldn't be able to prescribe ANY prescription medications, unless he had a medical degree.

Hey swale, there was a question asked not long ago on this board about high liver values (esp. cholesterol) - do you think you can contribute? http://www.professionalmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=1973

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XCEKBEYOND--I think you nailed it. GGT is the only assay of interest to me in steroid athletes because it is the only one I can rely on as a marker for hepatotoxicity. CK levels can be elevated by steroids IN ABSCENCE OF TRAINING because they increase muscle cell membrane permeability.

While your own Lipid Profile is at the bottom of normal range, that would actually be quite good if you were on a good cycle when it was drawn. Still, adding fish oil (4-6 caps QD) or flax oil if you must, may have do wonders for you. LDL has been shown to be the single most valuable marker for cardiovascular health. I'd also like to see your HDL's up (hence, the Omega-3's).

As far as liver protection, I also recommend Silymarin (milk thistle 500-1000mg QD), Phyllanthus (2-4gms QD), ALA ("r" form, 600mg QD), selenomethionine (400mcg QD), Vit C (1+ gms QD), Vit E (400iu+ QD), and CoQ10 (100-200mg QD) as powerful anti-oxidants which may do great things for protecting the liver. There are others which are showing great promise, but they are not available in the USA, so I'll not bother to mention them.

Finally, i have to caution against a feeling that, just because LFT's are not elevated, there is no liver damage going on. It'll be many years before we know all the side effects. And you should be thinking of saving your liver for someday when you REALLY need it (i.e. chemotherapy, etc.).

You did come to the boards at a wrong angle, but now that you have been here, it is good to have you here. Thanks for taking the time and your education to help us out. I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say...well, write.

Thanks again
Maybe you should mention the other things for protection, the ones that aren't offered in the US. Cause many of us have ways of "getting" things that aren't offered in the states. Haha

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