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Test cyp vs Test cyp + trest E for TRT // short term result


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Feb 5, 2017
hey guys,

i think most of you know my background (non compaction cardiomyopathy, last year was difficult phsyical and emotionally, this year only one incident after the 3. covid vaccination)
Ive made one big thread where most if documented if someone wants more details.
So in May i had my yearly "big cardiomyopathy checkup" in university clinic in heidelberg.
This consists of ekg, ekg while doing sports, bloods, studies where i could be involved, echo and of course much much talk (medication etc)
this was at the 08.05.2022. Bloods were taken around 10:00, i was not perfectly hydrated due to waiting times etc but i wouldnt say i was severely dehydrated
I was taking 23mg test cyp + 2-3iu pharma hgh daily at this time

results that were out of range and had to be corrected:
TSH 0,008 --> docs said i am hyper and had to drop my T4 dosage down to atleast get TSH above 0,1. They only rely on TSH here in germany to tell your thyroid condition what i am quite sceptical about but it is what it is.
HB --> 20,4 (!!)
HCT --> 59 (!!)
Erythrocytes --> 6,8 (!!)

everything else was in range, lipids (LDL and HDL) run low in my family. LDL was 60, HDL 28. Creatinine is always around 1,0. Thrombocytes were 250 at that day.

After the bloodwork came back, i did some reading and stumpled about Trest and how some guys used it for TRT and brought down RBC, HB and HCT compared to TRT of Test.
So ive went from 23mg Test cyp + 2-3iu to 7mg test cyp + 3mg trest e + 2-3iu pharma hgh. The change to this TRT was done at the 17.05.2022. ive also dropped my t4 dosage from 125µ to 88µ.
I did cardio before the 1. Bloodwork atleast 3 times a week for 30-40mins and kept it this way.
I did not change anything else, I did not give blood or anything else
I had my new bloodwork 2 days ago on the 03.08.2022 first thing after waking up (6:56 AM). I for sure drank less than last time!
the things that changed:
TSH 0,26 --> well, no surprise, ive reduced T4. Should be OK now, i could try 75µ but ill wait for my doc to comment on it next wednesday
HB --> 19,2 (drop if 1,2 g/dl)
HCT --> 55 (drop of 4%)
Erythrocytes --> 6,0 (drop of 0,8 MIo/yl)
Thrombocytes -> 166 (drop of almost 90 thousand/YL, not sure if this could also be linked to the trt change)

Creatinine stayed pretty much the same (1,01 this time, 0,96 last time). LDL is now 71, HDL is 26, so also quite the same.

So all im all i am quite happy with those results considering it has only been around 10 weeks. General feeling on trest E + TEst CYP is better than on higher test alone i would say.
I also took E2 this bloodwork and it is 38.8. Not sure if the methyl-estrogen from Trest would show up on an E2 bloodwork.
My bloodpressure didnt change at all by changing the TRT. heart rate was initially 4-5 points higher after changing but went back to baseline after around 2 weeks. Water retention was also slightly there for the first week but dropped after the week (around 2 pounds)
I cant remember the screenname, or the board, but there was a guy that on TRT his HCT was very high. He did like you, and had good results also. Trest is a very interesting compound. I wonder due to the conversion of methyl estrogen, if it is less neurotoxic than say deca or tren. Also, i think the neurotoxic deca studies....to saturate the brain cells with the amounts they did, we would have to be on like 2g deca a week or some ridiculous amount. Maybe @Type-IIx can chime in.
When I see things like this I always wonder. If you take TRT you do Testosterone Replacement Therapy. So replacing your own testosterone. I take it you use as much T to put you on the average levels a healthy guy would have. Then how can the bloods be wack? Is it because the body responses differently? Is it because you're taking to much T? Is it because there are other issues?

Not to hijack, just curious.
Well, trt is different from non-trt.
with TRT, your levels are pretty much stable. Without TRT, they are not stable during one day (thats why for naturals, taking testosterone blood work should always be in the AM between 8 and 10. My doc insisted before i was on trt that i have 3 bloodworks during this time 6-8 weeks apart to verify i qualify for trt)
also, exogenous is always slihgtly different i assume.
Furthermore, with 23mg cyp daily i was in the upper quarter (it was around 900) which maybe is too much for my body
+ my heart condition which leads to more RBC production due to lower oxygen saturation

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