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The bros over at Meso for Mr Big A


Jan 24, 2003
I make a post over at www.mesomorphosis.com called Site Enhancement Oil and Syntherol and they be flamin my ass. I tell them how I increase my biceps a couple of inches and they say I be cheatin and should eat and work harder. Meanwhile many of these bros be on AAS and they be judging me. What give them the right to judge me about my work ethic. I tell them Big A be my buddy and he taught me how to use syntherol for maximum benefit and safety. I also tell them that a lot of you guys have your pro cards. I think they be young dumb and full of cum overthere. Can one of you guys go overthere and put an end to the misinformation they getting. Thank you in advance.
They be hypocrites Duncan! 99.9% of the population would say that they'd be cheaters for using AAS and AAS is how they got their large muscles. So, along comes SEO and will grow the muscle it's directly injected into.

If they be so concerned about you takin' shortcuts, tell them to get off 'roids!

Enough ranting for now.

Thanks Mr Xcel

I respect you bro. You look great coz you work hard and you put most younger guys to shame. Keep it up. I be 50 y.o born in 53. I work hard at the gym. I dont look as good as you....but I be happy with my appearance. My chest and other body parts grow nicely over the years for my size. However my arms never grew to my satisfaction..no matter how hard I worked them. Then I listen to Big A and now my arms be growin nicely. I be 5'8" and 50 y.o. and they make fun of me overthere.
My arms be a little short of 17". My legs aint too good coz my back be screwed up. I also have a partially torn rotator cuff....but I keep on tryin. I dont compete I just do it for me. What's the matter with those guys. They flame me and I haven't said one bad word about them. I ask for their friendship and they laugh at me. I dont get it. God bless bro.
Alot of people may use AS, but they draw the line at a certain degree of types of enhancement/performance methods available. And they think everyone should draw the same line as they did.
Wait a year or 2 many of those haters will be jacking SEO too.
Duncan love Mr Mike

Thanks for responding Mike. Hope you be in the best of health and spirit bro.
Duncan your one of a kind man read your posts all the time on the UG. Sorry you got reamed unneccesarily but alot of those people who did so probably are like you summed it up young and full of well fun still.

This board has alot of members who have been in the iron game for a long time to be even working out at fifty is a accomplishment in itself. Lets see if they are still serious and even working out at your age disrespectful if you ask me but all boards just like all things in general will have a few. MM

you need to take some grammer lessons.

You be using the wrong the words
I guess I do Conan

but I never hurt anyone. We all be human. Some be more educated than others. But even if I be the smartest I would never make fun of anyone else coz they talk funny. Have a nice day.
Even I love Duncan...

Duncan,sorry my boys had to crush your redsox, the Evil Empire lives.....
Evil empire eh?

Marlins up one already -- heh heh this series is gonna be good!
Hey Duncan, haven't talked to you in a while old friend. As you know, I fuckin' live for the flame wars. Would you like me to go over there and flame those fuckers into the dirt? It would be my pleasure.
So using steroids means NO CHEATING. Using SYNTHOL means cheating ?

OK. Explain me what steroids means cheating and what steroids means no cheating ? Sustanon means cheating and parabolan no cheating ?

Where I can find a table with categories so I know when I cheat and when not ?
Thank You Big A and Baldnazi

You bros are the best. Thanks for taking the time to set the record straight on SEO.
I asked a simple question and the thread escalated into flaming and ignorance. It's always one or two guys who think they know every damn thing and do a diservice to those who want to learn by spreading misinformation. Does the word "diservice" have one or two s's.
Hey duncan do not even listen to those clowns.
My opinion.

AAS is a shortcut of sorts, or a way to push past what most people think of a genetic limit to their development. AAS does not result in instant muscle size gains, you must train to provide the stimulus.

SEO is, basically, instant muscles in a bottle. Kind of akin to cosmetic surgery. Are calf implants cheating? If so why would SEO not be thought of in the same light? If you do something that results in direct muscle size gains that makes working out unnecesary, then yes you are cheating.

On the other hand I would not bash someone who does use SEO, as it is their choice...and really I do not care.
gauge22 said:
My opinion.

Kind of akin to cosmetic surgery. Are calf implants cheating?
I certainly wouldn't wouldn't bash a gal for getting breast implants :D

With SEO, the increased muscle is not there forever as with implants. Like Big A states, it's best to use SEO when on a cycle to stimulate muscle growth at the site. If one gains size from SEO, then quits working out and/or eating properly, their newfound size disappeears. This doesn't sound much different than 'roids, does it?!?!


Pay no mind to those who talk down upon others. You know you train hard and deserve your gains and if you want to use a little seo, don't let others opinions discourage you, take care.

Ah fuck em Duncan. Who are they to tell you what you can and cant use?

Personally, I dont see the sense in using SEO unless you're competing, but many people say the same thing about juice.

One thing I will stand by no matter what... NO ONE should have the right to tell ANYONE what they can and can't use. Why do you even care what a bunch of guys you dont even know think? Anyone whos known you for any time respects you and your work ethic.


ps.... get on over and say Hi to your bros on undergroundbodybuilding!

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