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Traveling and preloads


New member
Jun 7, 2002
The last thread got me thinking. How would someone get preloads through security at the airport. I would guess that you could check baggage and have them secure in your bags. I am not sure that you could go through screening without them showing on Xray at the scanner. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. What would happen if they are detected and you are asked?? I don't know if it is worth the risk, smaller airports are more prone to check and question. I travel weekly and never considered bringing preloads.....but it has me thinking. I may try loading some syntheselen and see if it goes through.
Thats dangerous, but if your crazy enough go for it! Make sure you reply to let us know if it goes well.
Bad idea bro... I saw a women diabetic get stopped because of her insulin pins, and she had to show proof/papers that they were medically necessary... GEEZ and this is for a serious illness. If you do try the syntheselen, you'll probably get it confiscated after some serious interogation. The airport rent-a-cops are just itching to bust somebody. Oh, and I travel weekly for biz so I know about the hassles that go on...


PS: Yes, I know syntheselen is legal - not the point, so is slin. These fuckers just wanna hassle mofo's.
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Do this

Look bro, you do not have to bring the pins with you. I have traveled A LOT trust me, and I could always find pins, slin pins being the absolute easiest. Synthelamin is legal so there is no probs there, bring it.

If you must bring the pins, buy a vial of slin, and put it in a case with the slin pins. If they stop you or ask about what was in your luggage, just tell them you are a diabetic or borderline, humalin-r is OTC (at least where I am from you just ask and they give no Q's)
Mail It Ahead

Just send it to the hotel ur staying. Definitely to much risk at any airport this day & time.
later, WEDGE
Sounds like a no-go so far. With the travel that I do, multiple cities in the same week, mailing is impossible. I am sure that I can get through at the airport I fly out of......small and I know everyone by name, but the screening before boarding at the next major hub could cause a problem.....just not worth the risk........I have over the years, just scheduled my travel around my cycle. If I missed a time, I just caught up when I was able......I works but not as good as staying on a schedule. Price we have to pay for the BS laws on supplementation. I could switch over to tabs.........this is never an issue.
No need to switch anything. Forget the preloads. Get the pins when you get to where you need to be. Take your compound and put it into another vial. Clean out an skin oil dispensor and put it in there or a lotion case of some sorts. That's how I've "heard" people do it. Just make sure to wash the container out really nice and then clean with rubbing alcohol and your done. This has worked on many occassions and have never had or seen a problem.
checked baggage

It's not worth it. Just because it's in checked baggage doesn't mean that they wont look in it. If your tickets are bought recently or try to do a stand by flight, they will physically go through your checked luggage.
A thought


This maybe a little extreme but next day usps.( waive signature )
If ur in the course of a big cycle it could work. About $12 a pop.It will be there when u get there and no airports.
Just a thought. WEDGE
or you could wrap in carbon paper. i think that X-ray can not see through it.
Last two times I went on an airplane EVERYONE had to go with their checked luggage and watch as security goes through each and every bag.

Then you were allowed to put a little luggage lock on it if you wanted to.
Mail it!

Every time I travel, I always mail ahead to the hotel and it's there waiting when I arrive. Just call the Hotel and tell them that you're going to be expecting a package and they will accept and have it there for you when you get there. It's deffinately not worth trying to get them through the airport.


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