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why do you use roids?


Jun 6, 2002
for me its to meet small goals stronger thicker muscle that sort of thing i know ill never hit a stage maybe in 20 years lol on a masters when all the heavy users took there shot and are out lol but id like to hear why everyone else is doing it
Use 'roids to xcelbeyond my perceived limitations!

I'll be 50 soon and will hit the over-50 class at a local contest next year!

For me its become almost an obsession. I have not competed in over 10 years. But I still use the same if not more now. I feel so good when I am on. There is a big difference in my look when I am off, so I choose not to be off. Love the pumps, the strength, the attitude(not aggressive but assertive). I am thinking about the over 40 class next year, so I think it will be a long time b4 I say good bye old goodies!!!!
I hit my natural level sticking point and tried many varialbles to achieve results with no success. Roids take me to another level physically, I am not one who is never satisfied and takes too much beacause I have to look like Paul Dillet, I am stoked with where they have taken me, it is great to train though and no longer be treading water, but progressing again
It's kinda complex

for some people. For me , to be quite honest bro's, is because It makes me feel great to grow again. Phyically any emotionally.

I've been through alot, crazy upbringing, drug addiction, bad relationships with family and girlfriends

Two children by two different women whom I love but cost tons of $$$$, had some tough breaks but also feel lucky for what I have.

Found out a year ago my girl was doing my best friend.

Got out of that but went througt some depression.

When things go bad in life, I always find the gym makes me feel great again.

I'm also only 5'5''. When your short, people don't seem to respect you as much unless you earn it. Tend to look at you as being a little younger then you are.

I'm 30 yo, been lifting a long time but ready to actually put on real size.

Can't do much about being taller, but with the right attitude and new found mass, I'm excited to make gains, Not just muscle mass , but also confindence, Love BB and working out so I want to maximize my gains!!!

Just drank a six, sorry for being so long winden!!!

I think for me, that it was the fact that I hit my "natural plataeu", and realized quickly that if I ever did want to attampt to step on a stage, that juice was going to be necessary. I play it totally safe, and am under constant doctor's supervision, and so far, I have recieved almost no ill-effects from the juice...except for a kidney stone, but that turned out to be more from a high protein diet than anything else. Like everyone else here, I just feel so freaking good when I'm on, and it feels great to keep making constant change and progress...especially when you go back to a gym you haven't been to in a while and look around and see that everyone looks the same as they did the day you left. I have yet to compete, but when I reach the bulk weight that I want to, I truly intend on doing so, and I know exactly who I'll be calling on when I do it (hint-hint Wylde...lol)
If you want to play with the pros

You have to do what they are doing!

It's always better to be at the top of the podium or even on it, than watching from the stands!
wow some from the heart replys nice to read seems everyone at the core has the same drive
hey grape ape seems alot of people talk highly of you nice to meet ya bro and what is the bulk weight that your going for ? just wondering
gonnagetjacked at 5/5 youl be a thick dude i feel for ya bro im 5/7 and a little more had to add that lol but hey us short guys get thick quick
I find it is a lot easier while dieting.I can get the bulk easy but to be on when I diet down, I lose less muscle, actually gain some.So I end up at the same weight at the begining at the end
I'm only 22yrs old at 5'7.5"@242lbs. I plan to do a show when I'm big enough. I hear alot of people saying that your first show or two should be for experience and to get the feel. I don't look at it that way, I play to win. and thats exactly what I plan to do my first show and many afterward. I never hit my natural peak, but I felt that If wanted to take myself as far as I could in this sport, I needed to do what needed to be done. I don't go about things stupidly by any means. I do my homework! I have no idea how I'll feel 20yrs from now on the same subject. but I'm pretty sure it'll be awhile untill I stop. Plus, look at the brotherhood I'm apart of. what other sport do you guys know of that your competing against your best bro but at the same time, go out of your way to help your bro win. IMO this is the greatest and stongest sport,brotherhood and family in the world. good luck to all my bro's!
good luck and be safe....

I started to compete. And if I was going to compete and compete against guys that did, I had to take them too.
Hello bros.
Why do I juice? Well I've not been juicing for very long but I do it to help my training. To be honest I've liked training for half of my life. I'll do a lot to enhance my training!
who me? i only use cell tech dude!
changing reasons throughout the years

My reasons have changed throughout the years. I grew up playing sports my whole life and hoped to one day get a football scholarship. Being a mediocre player (although I did everything I knew to be better) didn't get me where I wanted to be.

After going through college and partying alot I moved to a big city (for me at the time) and was lost. I met a guy who was getting ready to compete and got hooked. I reached my natural potential and then slowly intergrated AS. At first it was to stand out and look good as the guys in my school were all fit and looked awesome. Then it was just to be a great bb'r. I lost that desire a while back and recently found it again because I thought I was supposed to do the responsible thing (job,family,etc.) until I found out BB and competing is what makes me happy. For any of you who think you cant do this with major responsibilities, the job you have, etc. let me tell you ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. Just be smart about it.

For me its the feeling in the gym: when the pump is kicking, you can barely budge the weight and you are giving 100%. Then when you're so pissed you didn't get that last rep you start kicking the shit out of the weight. What a feeling of POWER. Sorry to rant guys.
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It makes me feel great. I trained naturally until I hit my peak, then it was time to step up with the big boys. I am very happy that I decided to start juicing. I run a gym and am also a personal trainer for 4 years now and I've done my homework while I was training naturally, so I'm very in tune with what I'm putting in my body. It does alot for me mentally, not only physically. I will continue for a long time trying to better myself, that's my life and I'm very happy doing it. I'm getting ready to do my first show in sept. Wylde is helping me with my prep, so with him and my win all attitude I will come out victorious I'm sure.

Hey Grape Ape........it's great to see ya over here bro! Take care.

well for me.....

its just that i like the way i look when im bigger. i like the feel of my muscles being so pumped that the skin feels like it will tear any second. i like seeing the results that i work so hard in the gym for. someone once told me that im obsessed with training and being big.well, maybe i am but i love it:D
Started training 3 yrs ago after a 6 year layoff. Competed in 2 shows 1st took 5th out of 5 second show 5th out of 6. This last year I decided I didnt like to lose. Did 2 cycles and won my next show.
why? Why not??

Why do i? A few reasons.

Started because i played sports. Thats a long story in itself. After my sports days where cut short, i found that i have a love for the science behind building muscle. It's kinda weird, but i find it quite useful.

I never wanted to be a Mass Monster Pro BB. At 5-11" or 6' in some shoes, I'd have to be a good 285lbs + to make it anywhere as a pro. I'm not a ulgy guy, but i dont have that Roland Kickinger or Gunter Schlierkamp look that gets TV deals.

I enjoy the hardcore, diehard bro's i've met over the years from this sport. Most of them are truely good guys. Stand up people who you'd rarely meet otherwise. The kind of bro's you want in your corner when times get tough.

I'm not that old yet, and i plan to enjoy my life as much as i can over the coming years. I enjoy it now, and that includes my supplementation. It makes me feel good. It's my fix.

I dont hurt anyone (Ok, not anyone that doesn't need a good ass kicking) and i pretty much keep to myself except for in the gym. The gym is the place i try to channel all my aggression (which i have ALOT of) and i feel like i am sacrificing my self for the betterment.

I could honestly give a crap about the girls and stuff that come along. Yeah, they are good to take home and shag, but I've always tried to see beyond things like that.

I enjoy this sport alot. It's complexity is amazing, aside from the drama that comes along. It's got it's up and downs and dirty sides, but then again so does everything. Keep your head on straight and eyes open and use your head and everything will be ok.

What hasn't killed me (Supprised i'm still around!!) only makes me stronger. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

I wanted the total package, and i plan to sacrifice myself to acheive that. I plan to please no one besides myself with this. For i am the only one who has to look at myself in the mirror everyday and live with the choices i have made so far.

I imagine somday I'll have some kids and a wife and i'll give up the needles and vials. It will be a sad day. but a new beginning.

Like it tell my close friends....Evolve as a whole.

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