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yet another fight in this damned city


New member
Oct 20, 2002
Tonight i went out with my friends and my best friend who happens to be a persian jew. She is by far the sweetest girl ive ever met. A couple of my guy friends are persians and they dont make there hatred towards jews any secret. So before she even came over tonight i warned them she would be there and that not to mention a word about it or they would be responsable to me. Well we went to a party and i kept hearing snipts of fucked up shit all nite it wasnt till one of them called her an inbread peice of shit that i just snapped. I straight up clocked one of my now former friends in the jaw and knocked him down and preceded to kick his damned ribs in. God people fucking piss me off some time i dont care if u hate some one because of there ethnicity thats your own buisnes but dont say that kind of crap to her face. I just took her home crying . I dont care if some one doesnt like some one because of there skin color its one thing to do that but to say it to there face in such a manner is wrong no matter what in my book. Now I cant seem to sleep and it just pissed me off how people can be sometimes
Ignorance is all over bro! It sucks in this situation b/c your "buddy" had to use this language towards a female...that to me is trashy! Good to see you stick up for her bro!

If he was a good friend he wouldn't have put you in that situation. If his pejudices are so strong he couldn't keep his mouth shut to another one of your freinds he shoudn't have gone out with you and her. Fuck him, leave him were he lay......
Never understood...

I never understood the problems people had with Jews. Ok, wasn't Jesus Jewish? I'm not a religeous person, but I could have sworn I heard that somewhere. So, if Jesus is Jewish and if you hate Jews, aren't you hating the son of God? Maybe I'm totally off base here.

Anyway, I don't want to waste any energy toward hating someone for their religeon. Doesn't make sense. I've got too much other crap to worry about and someones religeon isn't even on the list.
why some people have problems with Jews

Jews arent a religion. That is a cover. They are a distinct ethnic group. One that sticks together stronger than any other race. One that monopolizes the news media, banking, even western governments.

They have innate tendencies and practices. They infiltrate countries, start out as merchants and middle-men in trade, and they are shrewd and clever businessmen at that. They rarely produce anything themselves - just TRADE and MONEY LENDING. Usury is an entirely jewish idea. They catch people in need with compund interest and then bleed them dry. At different points in history, in every area of Europe, Jews were expelled from lands they occupied, only to return a couple generations later and start over.

Their control over TODAY'S western countries is stronger now than it has ever been.

The hidden hand you could call them.
If Jews are smart enough to do all that, I think we should be taking notes.

so it sounds like they are business savvy. Since when is it wrong to get ahead in life and if eventually you wake up one morning and yourself and your brothers control alot of what is going on in business or what not. Sounds like something I need to get into.
ya know this thread made me proud
im glad someone has the testicular fortitude to stick up for someone/something, this ALWAYS happens to me, i let no man give any woman shit, unless WELLLLL deserved
ure a good man for it, i hope ure asshole buddies realize this, but chances are u'v just narrowed ure circle of friends down a lil
but uve most likely gained a new one with the girl for life
take care
Yes we do indeed. But it looks like it's too late. Previous generations let us down just as ours is letting down the future. Capitalist greed is wrong, so don't take notes. Material things are not as important as people and community. The simple honest working man who tills the soil deserves to make a decent wage.

The foothold today's western leaders have is too strong to be broken now. The only way change can occur now is the inevitable collapse of our people, or outright revolution. The state of our current situation will come to a head in due time.
yeah this girl is very special to me and id do anything for her. Theres somethings u dont say to a lady and theres some ways u never treat them. I Gues being from the country, i have a differnt set of values than these city people. I dont care whats gonna happen tonight either because it will be worth it. If these persian pussies wont fight me one on one like men then whatever happens they deserve
Last edited:
i say fuck them persians personally i couldnt stand them when i was in Fl they seem to be everywhere out there,no friend would disrespect a friend so i say fuck him just be mad you stopped beating them shit out of him he deserved it thumbs up brother

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