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General training Schedule
Well, before i started training for a powerlifting meet i trained 3
times a split was nothing unusual...something i put
together based on my schedule, and what i read from Big A, Phil,
and Doggcrapp. however, now that i have been training to compete in
powerlifting (more specifically deadlifting) my training schedule
has changed some. i am still training 3 times per week, but the
bodyparts are split up differently. this is what i currenty do:

Chest: usually incline barbell or hammer strength for a set of 6-8
after warmups. then right to cable crossovers for 1 straight set of
Delts: smith or barbell military press for around 8 reps, then
right to machine military press for 10-15 reps. i usually finish of
the workout with 1 or 2 pump up sets of dumbell laterals for
anywhere between 20-50 reps.
Triceps: usually close grip bench press on a decline bench. i bring
the bar down to between my belly button and rib cage and keep my
elbows in as close as possible to my body. this is followed by 2
sets of skull crushers. first is a straight set for around 8 reps,
followed by a drop set totalling 15-20 reps. i also like to do dips
when my shoulders are feeling good. i only do two exercises per
bodypart per workout though at max.

Tue or Wed: depending on my school and work schedules.
mainly rack deads, just above the knee. this is my sticking point.
Big_Byrd52 has been helping me with my deadlifting so this is the
routine he gave me... full deads from the floor(no straps): 5
singles with approximately 80% of my max weight... increasing by 15-
20lbs/week. these are to work on form and to stay strong off the
floor. i take 2 min. rest between each single. then on to rack
pulls...i work up to a max triple. i'll do usually 3 sets of 5 reps
increasing weight each set, then one set of 3, then go for my max
triple. after rack pulls i am usually gone as far as energy goes,
so i will take around 10 min. rest, drink some watered down
lemonade, then do one more exercise. this is usually either bent
over dumbell rows, or rack pulls behind the head (doggcrapp style).

Usually if i was not training for this meet, i would do barbell
squats. but i am trying to give my lower back as much recovery time
as possible so i have been doing hack squats. i always keep my feet
close together.
to train my hamstrings i would normally do stiff leg deads with
dumbells...but again, i am trying to give my lower back the most
recovery time possible so i have been doing a lot of legs curls,
either seated or laying. calves, know...some people have
them and some people dont.LOL i have not seen any significant
growth in them really, although in the past 8 or so months people
have said they seem to be getting bigger. i have been doing
something Big A said one involves flexing them then
stretching them...i dont know if he was joking when he said it, but
i get sore every time from doing it so i guess they're working.LOL

General Nutrition Outline
i get 400-450g protien per day
around 500g carbs
and dont count my fats but it's not much

i love and i use them exclusively for shakes! being
in school it is hard to cook all my meals so i rely mosty on
shakes. i take in 5-7 shakes per day. some of these are drank with
meals, others alone. i also eat a lot of low fat cottage cheese. i
love pizza...bbq chicken has become my most recent favorite! gimme
a large bbq chicken pizza and a 2 liter of orange pop and i'm good
to go.

other than that, i read what guys on here have written. i cannot
tell you how many hours i have searched the posts of Big A, Xcel,
DC, Massive G, Skip, Wyde, Lats, Jethro, Vander, Big Heinz, Jerry,
and some others. what i try to do is immulate those i want to be
like. i will take to positives from others people's lives and apply
them to my own. i also look for mistakes that others have made and
try not to make them myself. other than that, i try to be
consistent in training and eating correctly and enjoy life.
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