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  1. E

    DNP Source

    Hey y'all! I'm new around here. I'm wanting to go on a cut and drop about 20 lbs july. In my research I came across DNP and after a couple weeks of experience I do feel like I'm prepared to take it in a safe way and I'm looking for a source to purchase a kilo or so just to try and start small...
  2. B

    HGH without AAS/Steroids while cutting

    I've been on a weight loss journey and I've lost over 100 pounds. I am not looking to take testosterone. I have not been able to get clear answers on this. Will HGH help me on a cut if I am not on AAS? I've heard mixed opinions. My main goal is fat loss. I did lose 100 pounds before 10 years...
  3. C

    Cutting advice

    Hello all, I need your advice to give me new insights and ideas how to approach the following. Since 6 years I found my old love again: working out like crazy in the gym. I started at 16 years old and transformed myself from a skinny teenager to a very muscular man at 24 (105 kg, around 10%...
  4. B

    Macros 1st week Cutting advice

    I’m coming off a torn AC joint before the injury I cut from 235 to 208. I want to start off natural, this time I’m cutting from 237. The only difference now is I will have less time to lift and my strength has dropped. My shoulder still hasn’t healed fully, but I need to workout and Football...
  5. protato

    Superdrol and halotestin stack?

    So coming to the end of a tren, prop, anavar cycle and am in the last 4 weeks. Currently have both halotestin and superdrol and am wondering if anyone has experience stacking both? Obviously both are crazy toxic and am running liver support supplements but would a low dose of both be viable?
  6. R

    T3 Question

    Metabolic slowdown occurs as we lose weight , forcing us to manipulate variables such as calories , expenditure etc . If we utilize T3 during a cut , can we bypass that and keep calories and expenditure the same ? What are your experiences on a steady dose (I understand ymmv) of T3 such as 50mcg...
  7. E

    Cutting cycle log

    Hi guys, so i thought I'd do my first log on here, I'm new to forums so if I've put this in the wrong place I'm sorry! also sorry for not doing this as a weekly update thing but i wanted to share my progress with you Age 22, Starting weight 191lbs, 6ft Started cutting on 08/3/17 weighing at...
  8. 2

    Ultimate Mens Physique Compeition Cycle ?

    Ok I need some advice for a Mens Physique competition cycle. My goals are in order of priority: 1. Keep most of what I gain 2. Safe as possible (no tren, nothing hard on hairline) 3. Achieve a look similar to pictures 2 and 3 below, a leaner natural look NOT juiced up, super grainy &...
  9. F

    Shocker another dnp question.

    So I've used dnp before but I and other people believe that the provider under dosed the caps. Then there's another site that I've been looking into that just recently came about but looks kind of sketchy. Some input on these matters and a reputable source would be awesome. PM me for infor on...
  10. N

    Masteron Stack for Cutting, Anavar Cycle

    For a cutting cycle, in terms of side effects—is it better to stack Mast with Test OR Deca OR Bold? From what I understand, Deca is more anabolic than Test (Test is equally anabolic and androgenic) and Bold (Bold is slightly more androgenic than Deca). Mast is androgenic. Therefore, would...
  11. C

    Tren Ace/Test Prop Cycle advice

    Hi guys, first post on the site looking for a bit of advice! Firstly my stats: - 21 Years old - 6'1 - 210lbs - 10% BF This will be my second cycle(planning to start sometime in Jan 2013), first cycle was test E/dbol with good results in terms of gains but I finished the cycle at about 13-14%...
  12. V

    Cutting Cycle For 1st Contest Advice

    Hi everyone I want to do a cutting cycle for about 10 weeks. I was thinking about: Test Propionate Tren Anavar As for the dosages however I am unsure. I was thinking 500mg Test a week, for Tren I was thinking only between 100-200mg a week and Anavar I am not sure about dosages but I was...
  13. F

    gauls anadrol

    Who has used gauls anadrol,how much did you take,and how were your results?
  14. F

    crazy fucking cycle

    Ok so my friend at the gym loves gauls stuff and hes fucking huge and ripped,so i asked him how much he runs and he said alot but not in the scence of mg but in the scence of alot of diff compounds at the same time,he said hes on 50mg tren 50mg masteron 50mg test ace 100mg npp eod on top of 50mg...
  15. I

    Summer Cutting Cycle (5th cycle)

    Hey guys, I would really aprreciate some input on my next cycle. I have to get my bf checked out, but I am 5' 7", 26 years old, 215 lbs. this is my 5th cycle (first one at 21 or 22), Bench max right now is 275. I KNOW DIET IS 1st over AAS for cutting, and will be doing cardio along with...
  16. bradley4011

    BCAAs/Glutamine using gear

    Just wondering if you guys think using glutamine and bcaas on cycle is even gonna make a difference for holding onto muscle while im cutting. Mainly for purposes like fasted or directly after a workout cardio.

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