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  1. P

    PK18's Post Show DC Inspired Log

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a while now, and having finished my first classic physique show last month, I figured I should start posting my workouts publicly for adherence and for anyone to chime in with whatever they will please. All input is welcome and appreciated! Stats: Age...
  2. E

    2205 raw total at 273.0 lbs

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my latest meet results with you all. Though I didn't hit the total I hoped for, I still managed a PR total and the #1 American ranking. Went 8 for 9. 840 raw squat w wraps 525 bench 840 deadlift, I locked out 885 but got 2 red lights for soft knees...
  3. E

    730x5 raw squat

    Hey ProM, Just wanted to share my latest PR with you all. I hit 730x5 raw squat for yesterday's top set. Looking forward to seeing where this training cycle takes my 1rm.
  4. E

    2180 raw total at 272lbs

    Hey guys, I competed on Saturday at an RPS meet and ended up totaling 2180, with an 805 squat, 520 bench and 855 deadlift. Check out the video. YouTube
  5. E

    powerlifter/bodybuilder 785 raw squat

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share this video with you guys. I am currently a little over 6 weeks out from my next powerlifting contest.
  6. T

    2016 Anaheim Fit Expo Log

    Week 6, day 2 of my prep for the Anaheim Fit Expo in August. Coach wanted to push my limits and see what I could do, so here we have my last sets. Squats went like.. 287x6 309 5x5 315 2x3 325 2x3 Then accessory followed of course. Some lat pulldowns, shrugs, and some walking for 'cardio'. My...
  7. E

    Arnold classic xpc finals training video 800 raw

    Hey guys, I'm currently 4 weeks out from the Arnolds xpc finals pro raw class powerlifting meet. Here is some footage of my squat from last night. Worked up to 800 raw with wraps.
  8. E

    First full PL meet, 2100 raw total

    So I finally entered my first full meet, I usually did push pull or deadlift only because I am a taller bodybuilder. Ended the day with a 750 squat, 505 bench and 845 RPS world record deadlift, at 275lbs.
  9. C

    Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding Training

    It's my first post here so hopefully I don't get too much hate haha Just a thought on this Sunday... For powerlifting training methods, especially ones from those that are either open about juicing or it's just obvious that they do so, why is it that people are more accepting of their methods...
  10. R

    Shane Hammock pulling 895 off a 2 inch mat

    Huge sumo deadlift - YouTube Been a while since i posted but steadily growing under Louie Simmons and feel like I'm on the verge of being able to put up the best geared total ever.
  11. E

    NYBB Blue Episode 6... i'm in it!

    I have been honored to be filmed by the great Mike Pulcinella after one of the MHP NYBB blue bodybuilders, Ben White, came to my gym and called me out in the deadlift. Thought i would share the vid here.. NYBB Blue Episode 6 Life Beyond Bodybuilding - YouTube
  12. R

    Shane Hammock totals 2800

    Its been forever since I have got on here and posted anything. I know there is alot of controversy surrounding the Westside Pro Invitational, but I am very proud of my accomplishments at this meet feel free to judge my lifts I don't mind. I know my foot moved on my first bench and to clarify...
  13. R

    Shane hammock totals 2660 at 23

    This is my latest meet. I weighed 290 competing this time and my face is a little bloated due to loading creatine. It does not contain my squat. So let me know what you think. YouTube - Shane Hammock -2660 lbs. Total
  14. R

    Shane Hammock 1065 training squat

    WARNING this squat is high. I cut the depth because im having trouble falling forward. I actually was not going to post this but decided to so my trainer Joe Deverville could give me advice over the phone. So be easy and sorry for the bad quality. Also big thanks to high tech pharmaceuticals...
  15. R

    Big Benching from Shane Hammock

    YouTube - Shane Hammock - American bench press record This my latest record bench of 777. Been on high tech supplements 5 weeks.
  16. R

    NEW COMER Silas Peed totals 1933 at 234

    YouTube - Silas Peed - 1933lb Total This is a training buddy of mine, He is all kinds of intense and will be blowing up the power scene in the near future.
  17. R

    Shane Hammock 765 bench training

    This is a in training video and this was my 3rd rep of the day with this weight and also the 1st time ive ever had this in my hands. No it does not touch but that is only because i didnt want it to. Also i finally got sponsored by Hi-Tech pharmaceuticals and now i am able to take supplements...
  18. R

    Shane Hammocks latest meet 2520 total at 22 years old

    My first SPF pro am, sorry for the bad quality.
  19. R

    Shane Hammock - Deadlift 725x3

    Getting ready for my 1st pro am let me know what you think. YouTube - Shane Hammock - Deadlift 725x3
  20. R

    Got my latest bench to 725

    YouTube - Shane Hammock - 725 lbs. Bench Press

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