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A Mass Diet That Works !


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Jun 20, 2002
This actually is a guidline that was designed by Chris Aceto. I've tried this method on two occasions with exceptional results.

Daily Carb/Protein Requirements:

Bodyweight: Carbs: Protein:
190 570 190
210 630 210
220 660 220
240 720 240
260 780 260

You bigger boy's can figure out the numbers yourselves ;)

The basis of the diet is Carbs at 3 grams per pound of bodyweight
and Protein at 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

I learned from this diet that keeping carbs high, and Protein moderate is MY personal key to gaining size. My energy levels stayed high, and I never felt bloated. I'd always thought in the past that when gaining Mass,strength, and size, that I needed more protein, when actaully I needed to up my carbs.
That is a good post..I am the same way..I need lots of carbs but not lots of protein..

But I dont get it..It makes sense in life but does not look very good on paper..since the body doesn't really need carbs to build..Muscles are composed of protein and fat..Can anybody explain why more carbs and less protein works?
This may work for you young bucks. :)

I noticed that after 40 something my body doesn't metabolize carbs (good ones) as well as when I was younger. The same diet that worked, only put fat on me when I was older.

I don't like going with percentages as it's a real shot-in-the-dark. Someone that's 200# and 7% BF has MUCH DIFFERENT macronutrient/caloric needs the a 200#'er thats 30% BF!

I think that if one is taking in the necessary calories (not too many) that protein will be saved for muscle repair and energy will be derived from carbs and fats. Deep down, I still believe that "too much" fat is not good. Of course, carb intake must be good complex or low GI carbs and to AVOID Simple Sugars. The exception to this would be if you're timing your simple sugar intake (I prefer glucose[dextrose] or maltodextrin) to your post workout drink.

Mass Diet

Xcel makes a very good point. What works for some, may not work for others. Diet really needs to be tailored to an individuals needs. Level of developement and genetics all play a factor in diet. I've found that with MY body, that this diet works very well.
A, you forgot to mention all those loads you swallow each week......courtesy of Mikey.....lmao :D
Very good system but,...

...for the dumber guys your carbs are 3 x your bodyweight and 1 x your bodyweight for protein.hahahaha Chris Aceto has always been my favorite for diets and knowledge. I think people go too nuts on amount of protein they take in. I used to do 600-700grams a day but, NOONE's body can take that and I make a good living but, just toilet paper would cost me $5k a month.ahahhahaha


So for bulking to use myself as an example Im about 215

215 Grams of Protein per day and 645 Grams of carbs per day, That seems a bit extreme to me in the carb department.

If I eat 6 Meals a day, that is like 109 grams of carbs per meal. Wouldnt I become an extreme fat ass? Can you give some examples of meals. I mean here is what I thought

2 Cups of Oats, and 2 Sccops of whey
114 grams of Carbs, 50 grams of protein 7 grams of fat,

If I had to eat that 6 times It would be insane with all of the fiber.
Yea, good complex carbs seem to give me gas - worse than high protein. My wife calls Yams - fart food! hehehe


These meals are some examples at the 3:1 ratio and are 600-750 cals each:

Meal One:
2 whole eggs
5 egg whites
4tsp jam
1 lrg Bagel
10 oz of Orange juice

Meal two:
5 oz Chicken Breast
4 oz pasta
1 cup nonfat tomato sauce

Meal three:
4 oz broiled flank steak
3 tbsp steak sauce
2 english muffins
10oz fruit juice

Meal four:
6 oz broiled swordfish
3 tbsp teriyaki glaze
10 oz sweet potato
1/2 cup cauliflower
A50# this is a good post. This type of diet works wonders for naturally very lean physiques (hardgainers). I used this exact ratio diet to put alot of good quality size on. The only drawback is there is there will be water retention, and a little fat gain-which is OK if you're a skinny bastard to begin with. I also would reccomend being on juice alot longer than off juice when following this diet, or the fat gain will be worse.
I don't juice very often anymore so I now follow a diet Wylde wrote for me which is more of a 40/40/20 diet.
If you gain fat easily then I think a diet like Doggcrapps is much more appropriate, cutting out carbs at night.
A50, you and RY are absolutley correct. I have had the best gains ever on this type of diet. I am natually lean though so maybe that is why. Everybody says high protein and low carbs. I try that and gains are low. I go back to what works for me and the gains are huge. The body can only take in so much protein. If you weigh 220lbs than 220 grams of protein should be more than enough. Carbs really put the size and strength on me and help give me stable energy levels. Good thread A50. Verifies what i already knew.
my trainer work with me and i work with my clients with high protein intake bc protein feeds your muscles and stimulate the muscle growht, if you take a lot of carbs and you dont take the nessesary protein to get real mass you only are gaining water and you drop a lot of weight to get in shape to compete.

In my case i take 400 gr of protein to mantein my lean mass and 600 gr of proein to gain mass when i am on as
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when iam in season i cant seem to eat enough carbs, i mean 500gs plus and 300-400gs of protein and i still lose fat and mass. Its just cardio in general thats destroys me i gues.

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