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Advice ASAP


Jun 6, 2002
I am helping "Someone" on here get ready for a show this weekend in Az. I am so frustrated that I dont know weather to cry or scream. He promised to listen to everything I told him. I just found out that during his carb depletion, he has been "flushing" out his system with a lot of prune juice and olive oil. WTF should I do now? I feel like telling him that I cant help him anymore. The show is tomorrow, right now it is 3 p.m., and he hasnt even carbed up yet, when he had specific instructions from me to do this much earlier. Why do people do this? Why even ask for my help if you are going your own route? Can someone please explain this to me? Do I even go to the show to see him now?
It's his loss bro, don't beat yourself up over it. He obviously doesn't appreciate what you bring to the table. I'd say he's borderline retarded :confused: :confused:

at this point--- I would pull a Nancy Reagan and "Just Say No"
done with it

if your advice falls on deaf ears then you are wasting your breath and effort.

I would not walk away----> but rather run.
And..... I speak from experience since someone did this to me one time.

just my opinion.
I know who it is

and it is too bad. Oh well, everyone always has diff ideas etc....I can tell you this Phil; when I see you in Feb, I will listen to every word you utter. When I was fighitng I listened to the best, even when I had other thoughts. If I were you I would call him and tell him Goodluck, but goodbye. If I was to undermine my coach when I was cutting weight etc, I would have been out on my ass.
HEY PHIL, JUST GOT YOUR PM, ILL EMAIL YA TONIGHT...ANYWAY, the problem with most people is that they listen to EVERYONE. they want to get the best ideas and unfortunately, sometimes they incorporate ideas from a bunch of different people...some of which will conflict each other...if it turns out to be a total cluster f*** then so be it. you did your part. you gave him the advice...he can either listen or not...either way, you tried to help. :( :confused:
What zilla
Peopl who ask for help and totally do the opposite
show no respect and waste your time.
His lose, not yours bro.

Drop him and let him know that you train/diet a guy exclusively. He must listen to your advice and follow it to the "T".
When I have guys I train tell me they want to do "this other thing they heard was REALLY good" I tell tehm to either follow what I tell them or else our sessions are over and To NOT say I prepped them for their show.
You have to be hard with most people to get them to realize how serious you take you biz of BB. Remember, they usually aren't on the same level or mindset as you or I. (meaning hardcore training, dieting, etc.)
The only other alternative is to let him go and after he's disappointed with his condition, placing, and then remind him to follow your advice from now on.
At least give him that one chance to make his own mistakes and learn. That may be all it takes for him to "see the light".
Phil, from reading your posts I can tell you really like to help people. Unfortunately alot of people wont apreciate advice given and will try to suppliment and dilute your advice with the "best" they can get from everyone else. This guy and others that you have helped are being morons. See him through if it doesnt grieve you LOL, tell him he fucked himself and good luck the next time.
I would kick him to the curb now. Its not like he is competing against you and you were out to give him bad advice then someone rescued him. Like Arnold used to in the old days. I mean damn you are a Pro for a reason hell alot of people would pay alot of money for your advice Phil. Your to nice. MM
Unless there's more to the story (and it doesn't sound like there is), drop him! If he had a question, he should have asked you. You can't half train someone!
this has been said before, dont go with some one u cant trust. If u trust them then follow every word they say to a T. Dont second gues them or do half your way half theirs. Personaly If I was phil i wouldnt deal with this person again.

He is 173, 5 lighter than the Westen Collegiats and says he is shredded. He says it is the olive oil and prune juice that did it. I spent weeks telling him about sodium loading/K loading and he thinks that it might have something to do with it also. Hahhahahahahha
At this point

I am having him carb up on dry carbs, barely any water, and I want him to eat. He told me he doesnt want to eat much and ruin his condition. OK, I think I am done now, hahhahahahha
phil hernon tells you what to do and you dont listen and have some prune juice instead lol it sure aint your fault big man

ask him why he would doubt your word...ask him if he thinks you would mislead him??

Maybe he is being weird since he is on low carbs and not thinking straight??

Some people just don't understand...now he will come back and ask you why he did not place higher.
well first off .. just want to say hello to everyone .. this is my first post...
phil ,i had the displeasure of what you are going through a few times, seeing i 'm not the ''top guru '' .. so a few have gone to the ''well so and so does this and look what he looks like ''
tell him good luck and be , ''unavailable....

Phil - having someone in your pocket giving you advice that's "walked-the-walk" like yourself is like gold in your pocket. When you have someone train you (I'd rather call it "mentor"), you shouldn't have to even think about what to do - that the mentor's job. The recipient of that information doen't need to think, just do it exactly as told - do not deviate! I know all about this shit but I have SO MUCH on my mind prepping for a contest, it was a real godsend for someone like wylde to lay-out a game plan to follow.

You can't beat yourself up over this as you only did what you were suppose to do - it was "them" that didn't follow through. I think I (and most people know who this is) and they are just want to figure out the BEST way to prep. The best way isn't to try a little of this and a little of that. It's to follow through with a plan. If that plan didn't work out, don't beat anyone up (yourself or the mentor - LOL) just regroup and make the necessary tweaks for next time!

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Phil i told ya!LOL

see what I was saying and the words are echoed so true in all the above posts here! Everyone wants to take a little bit from everyone else instead of sticking with 1 person. that is why i have scaled back and am getting very specific as to who i work with as I will only work with people that will listen from start to finnish regardless of weather they agree or not at the time. Everyone gets nervous the last 2-3 weeks and wants to do the "panic" change everything last minute and it only hurts them as i have seen this over and over and over again. Now i just sit back and shake my head. I know Chad does his prep one way,Hany does his another way,Cris Aceto and Charles Glass have their own way, Skip has his own way. We all do and we do what we know to work best for our clients based on prior experiance. the same thing doesn't work for everyone hell the same thing doesn't work for 1 specific client from 1 year to the next or even 1 show to the next. Take it with a grain of salt and what i finally did was choose to have all of my clients sign contracts with me in which it states the above and if they si choose follow other advice GREAT but don't expect me to clean up the mess instead if you choose to work with me and pay for my nutritional consultation and contest prep for gods sake follow it and achieve the results your after and then the blame is only on me if it doesn't infact work for you. thats about all i can tell you as i used to stress and beat myself up when i knew a client wasn't following what i told them to so to the tee! wyldeone.
Phil I got a girl in that show who asked for my advise in FEB! and I got her started and then she had some of her own ideas...anyway I still tried to help blah blah unfortunately you will be able to pick her out she is in the middels open women, I sugested figure but I guess I dont know anything. And I got a girl in figure who is looking great . anyway this helping out shit is really frustrating cause as everyone has said they all listen to pther people so you dont know wtf is going on. LEX

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