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Jun 30, 2002
I know I said I was taking a break and I will but I am a bundle of nerves waiting for my lil girl to be born hopefully in the next couple of days. My wife is sleeping and next to her is my baby man, he is 20months and my entire world I don't know what I would do without him. I had a hard childhood in terms of how I was raised and without making a boohoo story my Father was my hero and I have not spoke to my mother in 9 yrs since his death.

I just want to say for me being a father is the greatest thing in the world and it breaks my heart to see how many children suffer because their parents don't have their heads on straight.

It's christmas time fellas and there are a lot of single mothers, grand mothers, fathers, foster parents whoever trying to raise innocent kids who are through no fault of their own waiting on Santa to make a visit so if you can help this yr take that buck you might use on 1 bottle and help with a toy or two if you can.

Sorry I had 2 beers and am feeling gushy.
how anyone can abuse a child is beyond me. i look at my two little girls and everything they do makes me laugh. even the older one and she is a little shit!!! my yougest is nine months old and all she does is laugh and want to wrestle. she is a rough neck but, is always happy. the oldest is going to make a perfectly nice guy miserable one day lol. she has a attitude that will no quite...but, love her just the same. (but somedays i ask god as to why i am being punished by him giving me this attitude in such a pretty little girl) in other words they are complete opposites. for those of you who do not have kids yet, they will impact your life were nothing else matters. i never used to skip workouts..now i shkip them to go to BONKERS KID FUN HOUSE to see my kids run around.... oh well, there goes that olympia title:D
mamking me cry too!

I have two little girls and they are my WORLD.. I miss workouts so i can rush home and play with them.. I call them princess muscles LOL.. My girls are oposites also LATS. Each with her own personality! and they will make many a man cry one of these days.
What's this with bb'ers and daughters! I've got 2 that are grown and gone. Actually, the youngest one, 25, stayed with us last night with her new son - a 6-week old mini dachsund (sp?). The other daugter has 2 precious kids, a 3 YO boy and 5 YO girl that's just like she was! She's VERY active - likes to jump around the room like Pooh, always has a huge smile, loves the camera, and is very stubborn. We tell our daughter "payback" is SWEET! :D

She's VERY active xcel [/B]

Did you mean "attractive??" ...

Yuk Yuk, HAD to mess with you Xcel, you are such a laid back mellow dude, I love to mess with 'ya!

FAthead, It must be a greatfeeling having your own little boy, that you know will probably have a lot of your traits (uh-oh) and that you can father into a good and strong man.

Wish my dad was a meathead. Post a pic Fathead, of your son and maybe your Babe?
Ivan said:
Did you mean "attractive??" ...
Of course they're both that! :)

The grandson is a "block" (make that rock). He loves throwing ANY ball and has been doing doing so ever since he's been able to pick one up. And he can easily throw down his "big" sister.

Well, you guys paint a rosey picture of parenthood. I have 2 of my own and let me tell ya: It's freaking nerve racking!

Money for clothes, money for school, money for allowance, money for birthdays, money for braces, etc., etc.

I mean DAMN! Now freaking christmas?! That means even more money.

Since becoming a father, my work hours have increased by a third, my hair line and checking account have decreased by two thirds, and my brain damage is now at 100 %!

My life revolves around bitching now. I go to work and listen to the boss bitch at me about me, I go home and listen to the wife bitch at me about me and the kids and then I listen to the kids bitch at me about me, my wife, and each other. Plus, I get calls from the school bitching about bk jr throwing things in the cafeteria. Of course the boy swears it's a case of mistaken identity.

The bills are outrageous. I have to work odd, irregular hours to hustle a buck anyway I can. That means I work holidays. Then I get to listen to the wife, kids, my mother and everybody else because I'm never around for family get togethers. I HATE FAMILY GET TOGETHERS ANYWAY! Ha! So this part ain't so bad. My fucking in-laws are pains in the asses.

Uh, well, I guess that covers "Domestic Bliss 101". Enjoy fatherhood! :)
You got the right spirit Fathead

btw i used to just want to be so consumed and self-involced with my self-centered pursuit of perfection, but now i am looking forward to having a child in near fututre

a girl thoug as i do not want to impose my own shit like i woul;d have a hard time not doing with a boy, lol

that's why this year is make or break

Happy Holidays to all of you and remember what is really important---those you love
i feel ya

before my lil one came into my life, i was stupid hehe. watching her grow up is amazing, watching her learn new things...well i can't even explain how cool it is to have her cheering me on when i'm lifting and when she says to me "now its my turn daddy" hehe she's a sweetie and a half, and i wouldn't trade fatherhood for anything in the world.


i am with all of u guys here. I have a 16 month old boy. His mother and I are not together anymore....whole story in itself, but anyway he makes me feel like i own the world sometimes. when i ask him who his buddy is and he says DADDY, i feel nothng but pride. I work in a juvenile detention center. some of these kids have nothing when it comes to parents or family. makes me sick, then makes me love and appreciate how lucky i am. As for LATS.... ur oldest thinks my son is "cute" as she put it two weeks ago. I will warn him to stay clear!!!
My kids are grown up now and I'm glad I spent more time with them instead of going out and partying. They turned out to be really nice people.
hey noneck, as for my girl thinking your boy is cute 1) leave it to your son to get the "bitchy" one. he is diffinitely a chip off the old block. 2) thank god he looks like his mother. 3) i bet he is hung like his mother too..can you imagine my daughters dissappointment...:( :(

damn no need to get brutal. ur the one that is hung like a field mouse...so i hear. and anyway its a good thing the girls look like their mother too.... i`ll stop there
Not mine, but I love 'em like mine

My girl of 3 years has 2 beautiful daughter that are 6 and 7......they are just awesome. They're not mine, but sometimes it feels like they are and I love them like my own. They're so precious and I'd do anything for them......wonderful kids!!!! All right now you guys got me all worked up......:( Anyway, make sure that all the children in your life have a wonderful christmas, children deserve the best! Take care.

Xcel- grand kids........I'm never gonna let ya live this one down....hehe, kiddin bro....that's awesome!


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