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I feel so much safer now... thanks USPS...


Jun 5, 2002
Read this shit:

**broken link removed**

Yup, I feel better knowing that "Postal Inspectors aggressively investigate drug trafficking through the mail, which resulted in the arrest of 1,385 suspects and the seizure of more than 4,888 pounds of illegal drugs and 770,644 units of steroids; $1.6 million in cash and monetary instruments, five vehicles and 66 firearms were seized in conjunction with these cases."

F U C K Y O U USPS :mad:


PS: BigA - we need the fuck-you smilie emoticon :D
and at the same time as people being arrested for roids, there's several murders, child molestings, rapes and violent crimes. We as a people need to make a stand against VIOLENT crime and get them offa our fucking backs for just wanting to be bigger and stronger.

Great job USPS!
Bottom line accomplishment-
How much muscle growth did they prevent?
All the time, money and effort for that...fucking assholes. :mad:
If someone were to import steriods to the us for themselves, I think the usps or any other government agency has no business at all interferrring with these people's lives period.. You can have a sex change, or turn your self into a cat, get a 100 peirceings, get huge fake boobs, implants anywhere you want em? Though you cannot imports meds that help you build muscle! Bodybuilding is an ar tform and art is protected under the first amendment! Ithink its time we have a movement!! Maybe all pitch in for rick coillins to go to the US supreme court and try to get the steriod act ruled unconstitutional!!!!! If we all thre in a 100 bucks we could have alot of money and banned together we could be very powerful! Or we can just contuinue to run and hide and stay low like we do, train at night so people leave us alone, and hope that no one come to take us to jail! Any toughts opinions???
i am trying to tell you bro's,
there are a bunch of fat ass mushy lazy fuckers in office who simultaneously jock and fear real men who are actualized in the persona of BBers. men who are strong, confident and determined will no doubt pose all sorts of threats to these guys...
they can find rationales for or against anything, if they fear something strong enough than they will create the media and propaganda campaigns they do to demonize gear and those who use it....
never mind that most police officers and folks who front line regulate the policies are doing gear themselves, they say for the 'edge', regarding BBer's, what edge do they mean or need?
nah, cant have to many strong men these days, no john waynes or lone cowboys who might not go with the flow...
sometimes you look at the extremes to clarify the middle, in vietnam, american pows were purposely starved of certain things in their diet, the communist north had clear policies to limit protein intake so as to keep the pow weak and incapable of regaining his vigour, with vigour he might resist or overthrow his captor, now that is extreme, look at the middle though, same thing, and you know when their game, the game they run is tight?
when people like me express my opinions and their rationales are so well programmed into folks that i start to sound radical and too progressive and people tune out...
USPS and all FEDS, when you fuck with the BBers, by and large you are disrespecting your fellow american and hurting true patriots, y'all should be ashamed, how bout them apples...
respect, jahguide
oops! i guess now that i spoke my mind some govt IP addy hack is gonna turn my IP addy to those who monitor folks like me...

a few yrs ago when I first found BB websites, I think it was elite, (had a different handle then) where I said we need to stick together, and find a good lawyer (b4 i heard of Mr. Collins) and try to do something, even if the bill didn't pass the first time, peole would hear what we're saying, and may even change a few minds. and that would only be the first step.

and ya know what kinda responce I got?

every single thread bashed me. telling me how much of a fucking idiot i was if I ever thought roids would be legal again, how noone would even listen to me, and alot of other BS.

even guys that said they were busted before, were saying the same shit. well fellas, all i have to say is, that after that day, I saw the same guys bitching and complaining how "police came to my house" "why can't they leave us alone?" and whining like lil bitches.

Now, what I am saying is this, if you don't go to make any changes? why the hell are you crying "why dont they leave us alone?"

to me it's like the high school bully and the kid being picked on, it won't stop until the kid stomps a goddamn mudhole into the bully's head, and no complaining about "why doesn't he leave me alone" is gonna do it.

Make a stand.

JAHGUIDE has a good point. "Most people" are like crabs. Throw one crab in the basket and he'll climb out. Throw two or more crabs in the same basket - when one trys to climb out the others will pull him back in!

JW - that's EF for you. I've had similar experience over there (years ago) and will not go back. Nothing but a bunch of childish "crabs" over there (there are a few knowledgeable/good bros there that don't know when to abandon ship).

The idea of banning together and contributing $ is a proactive stand we should take. $100 is nothing - I can say that as I've lost over 3x that to scammers last year :mad:

I am going e-mail rick collins does anyone have his addy!!!! I suggest everyone intersted in this do the same and also bumb this post and post it on every single board out there. Is anyone at all interested in this?? I think we got 300 hundred bucks so far includoing me! We need more way more!!!!
you got 400$ now,
let me know details and who to send to, maybe we need to go and embrace the american culture of hustling and hire a lobbyist, get right out there and put it down...
maybe even examine the approach. perhaps it isnt working as well to highlight just the good, tell'em we are adults, we are informed, we want to have freedom to do what we want so raise up and leave us the fuck alone.
Alright, I will contact him and see what he can do and then go from there, but thanks

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