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Well from the looks of the recent post it sounds like the info I have outlined just aren't working for people anymore! I guess that the typical info that i have shared on this website for such a great group of people is getting ruined by some people that seem to "know it all" Its to bad as this board has a very tight knit family but then again it only takes 1-2 to ruin it for everyone with their smart-ass comments. My clients have and always will be very dear and true to me and very appreciative and I have been lucky to work with such great athletes over the years but the games are over for me as this is how I make my living and to have someone knock me considering what I have accomplished as opposed to what they have in this sport is ridiculous. To all that have worked with me and gotten to know me over the years thank you and its been a pleasure working with all of you and learning from all of you. I pesonally will not point fingers but these individuals know who they are its just kinda funny that these are the same guys that were kissing my ass and asking for info the last 6 months. RY,Mike_S,Xcel,DP,mr and mrs strunk,Josh,JJ,BIG A, and everyone else that has made this board such a great board keep up the great work and clean this board back up again. your friend always wyldeone.
I would hate to see you go! I haven't worked with ya "YET" but I was planning on it after the seasons over. As far as a few bad apples, they can't ruin the bunch. Do what is needed and get them out of here. I don't know of this or any situation, but I want wyldeone to be around. He brings alot to this board. I agree that there also needs to be a spring cleaning take place around here.
I will adress this with the other mod's and the owner!

I personally was here from the very beginning as I think when BIG A started this when we shut renegade down we invited a good solid core of people and it has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years! It is a great board and always has been very insightful and helpful and I really enjoy working with everone on here and try to get on here as much as possible even with the hectic work schedule(36 clients and counting!) I retired my mod status on all of the other boards except this one and Chad's as these two boards were owned by close personal friends and the mod's were all friends of mine that i have known and actually met throughout the years and I truely enjoyed it but at this point in my career with everything i have going on I am not going to defend myself or my training/nutrition/cycle techniques to anyone. I have worked with ALOT of pro's and National level bodybuilders both male and female and the results speak for themselves as I'm sure all of the athletes i have worked with that are members on this board will tell you. Just look at the members photo's for those of you that might have forgotten. I have always considered this my home but will not be bashed by has been,washed up,never will be bodybuilders that hide behind a computer and challenge my intelligence. I have won class and overall shows,written for numerous magazines,produced champions at every level with the exception of major IFBB comp.(I'm working on that as we speak) has supplement endorsements,given seminars nationally and abroad as well as numerous other acredits and accomplishments. Maybe it is time to reveal who I really am and maybe not but for 99% of the members on this board it has always been a pleasure and one thing we have always prided ouself's on was that we weren't like other boards in the fact that we don't bash on eachother! negative critisism wasn't tolerated and now that I cannot mod. the boards like i used to due to time constraints it is even more difficult Mike_s,Xcel and Vein have all done an excellent job on here as have the other mod's and I know they wil clean it back up and for those with teh negative remarks and critisism go back to the other boards that enjoy bashing on eachother. My e-mail will stay the same and I will still be consulting but at this point I WILLNOT post or reply to posts until the dirty trash is thrown out as I have way to much going on to argue with someone over carb loading and carb depelation,ect.... If you know it all then do it your way and when you don't win or place where you should have don't blaim the judges for your mistakes because you were to much of an ego-maniac to listen to sound advice and basic nutrition. there is a reason guys like myself,charles,chad and hany do the things we do and that is because we eduacted ourself's thrue years of trial and error. Once again this isn't directed at the vast majority of this board as 99% of you are great and a major asset to the board! even you fathead!LOL best wishes wyldeone
hey wylde, i understand taht maybe thats why you havn't replied to any of my emails or PM's. thats cool if your so busy and stuff, just needed a lil "too busy" or something! but im cool with it, you seem to be a champ of a guy and do great work, would be a shame to lose a guy with as much knowlege and love for the sport as you. ;) take it easy mate and hope everything goes well for you!
damn , i hate to see you go. Thanks for all your input and i'll contact you after summer if you've got time for a new client.
Good luck and i learned a lot from you
I don't know if it's any consolation or not but I read and re-read every word you type, wylde. Not just on this board but others as well. I don't always agree 100% but that is not because you don't know what you are doing. It is just that I am a very skeptical person, by nature, and want to be convinced of something before believing it 100% - not matter who it comes from. If fact, I was reading some last week prep stuff that you had commented on, not 30 minutes ago as I am considering a more 'traditional' approach to the carb loading process this year.

You have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, wylde. I would hate to see you not post anymore.

For what it's worth,


I have been waaaay absent for best of 6 months, but a fact is you are one of the most knowledgable people in the sport on the net or in the real world. Also clearly committed to the sport long term.

Just email me names to [email protected], and they will be gone. IronMike

PS - yes, Big A, I am finally back!

It would be an injustice to lose a top-notch guy like yourself. Just to let you know, last year I used your advice by just reading what you had on the net, and it worked very well. I was hoping to work with you in the future and still hope to.

Wylde, when your at the top everyone likes to try and knock you down. Just let the shit slide right by and look to the bright side. Remember, it only takes one to spoil the bunch, but when you think about it, there's a ton of people out there who ARE getting what your saying and appreciating every word.
Wylde, I find it unbelievable that someone would question your knowledge. I have a collection of posts by you that my bf has followed to the letter and they all WORKED!! I was telling him that he should definitely use you. Because I have been doing everything and am just tired and worn out. I don't see how you can help so many people @ once. It is definitely draining to have to encourage and explain everything to 1 person and you are helping over 20!! He just did 2 shows, got 1st Place in both but the overall Trophy has eluded him. The "smaller" guys beat him. I want him to do Jr. Nats next year and felt that we needed someone more experienced to get him ready. When you first joined this board you gave away MANY of your secrets for FREE! That alone was VERY gracious of you since this is how you make a living and feed your family. Don't let the few idiots drive you away from the people that really admire and appreciate your efforts. :)
Wylde - DON'T GO!!!


I searched the board, but couldn't find any posts that seemed like someone was cutting on you (granted, I didn't read every post of every board), so I'm guessing some of this must have gone on privately.

First of all, I would say that the strength of your reputation is EXACTLY why these numbskulls are attacking you. There is / would be some gratification in toppling the giant. Everyone's gunning for you when you're at the top and some people can't STAND it when someone has the upper had in something they pride themselves in (BB knowledge) and start taking dirty shots.

This can actually be a GREAT growing experience for you in a way. (I have been in this sort of situation before.) When someone fires away a comment that is ludicrous (not well thought out) and essentially intended not to open up discussion, but to damage your character, the tendency is to blow it off, as you should. BUT, every now and then, these comments, b/c they are soo far fetched will get you thinking in a new, NOVEL, INNOVATIVE, direction.

Take this opportunity to grow, quietly and with dignity and without a public response, OR by engaging the numbskulls in question. Sometimes having to break things down for the simple minded is productive for your understanding as well. (Ask any teacher!)

Hang with us, Bro.

This rolls more closely into our TIGHT LITTLE CIRCLE theory doesn't it buddy? There definately is backstabbing every chance you get and I have had my share so guys a lesson is to be learned. Stick to guys that would die for you and don't go outside of that cause some people if you give them an inch they will take a yard.

I wouldnt let one or two bad apples like you said get to you. everybody here and on other board know who to ask for solid advive and you know that also. life to shot to let some children step on your feet. I can say I have learned so much from reading your post that the board would feel naked without you posting. but what every your decision on this is. I can only wish you the best.

I appreciate all of your comments!

I have heard these negative replies over and over from these same individuals becuae i wouldn't lay out their whole off-season and pre-contest info for free and i explained to them that i wouldn't go into their place of work and demand that they do their job for me for free! As i stated above this is how I make a living and I never said anything in regards to these "kids" and just let it pass but they have gotten bolder and bolder and yet still i haven't called them out as i know they would get flamed and I am above that as they know who they are. I look at all of the people that have replied to my post on this board and it really is hard to walk away from it all because as i have said before there are so many great people that actually appreciate the help and i love to give it whenever i can and the mrs's is very understanding as ALOT of times i am working 16-18 hours a day to make sure my clients are at the TOP of their game when show time rolls around. ask how many members on here that have worked with me have ever lost a show! very few and i know that for a fact! look at the banner at the top of this page! how many of those are clients of mine? I really find it crazy that i am trying to justify myself but in all honesty its because i really do care about this board and its members. i could go on here and reply to every post and answer every question but we have just a talented bunch here with Pumped,Xcel,Randy,Phil,Mike_s,ect.... that they alot of times answer exactly the way i would have. Maybe Brad Hollibaugh might chime in here and bring some of his knowledge to the board as i know he reads these boards and is pretty active privately on here as well. all in all I really appreciate the kind words and Nubain you have always been a loyal supporter and i appreciate that and am always more than happy to help you and the hubby out whereever i can. and the same goes with the rest of you(well almost all of you!LOL) best wishes wyldeone.

Here is what I mean Wyldeone when I say that. I for one said on a couple of posts that Wylde responded that #1. Maybe Gooey did not need much help as the guy looks awesome that's not a slam on you just maybe he's ok own his own. #2. I also said in the Xcell thread that maybe your nutritional advice did not work for him but I also said maybe it was him and not to blame a judge.

So this is criticism not flaming which except for the Animal thread and Chad Nicholls thread who I think is a piece of crap that's the only the two that got a little out of hand but there was a lot of truth on those threads.

I have to ask is this board built on egg shells and if you walk in and crack one your tossed aside. I think that statement of taking the trash out is just you being over sensitive about what you know and who you know and who you have trained and how your clients are and how well they are doing. If someone doesn't buy what your saying then don't debate it, like I said I don't give advice at all been down that road and got burned for it on the UG.

If your going to be in this sport on the net and the real world realize this. The sport of BB is the dirtiest back- stabbing lying cheating business you can be in. People say one thing to your face and say another, they are your friend one day and then the next they are trashing everything you have ever done.
This also rings true to the real business world but BB is dirty and you can't be squeamish or sensitive

I'll give you a guy who dealt with this for 30 yrs the late great Dan Ducaine he just shoved it back at them and shrugged it off.
I can't see you leaving a board based on criticism alone and maybe put a guilt trip on the board because " people are picking on me" it's not very adult or does it put you in a good light.

Big A is the owner/admin of the board and a stand up guy. This board is pretty much fine the way it is , if you start editing, deleting , locking posts because a guy doesn’t believe another guy is 2% BF with 23" arms then people will be turned off and go elsewhere.

If you leave the good luck to you.

Wylde, this board without you is like this board without BigA.
Its a great board, but the core of us original guys (ex-Gade) is what makes it great. You and BigA (no disrespect to anyone, like Xcel who works his ass off here) have the greatest knowledge here IMO and are the backbone. We do need you here and Id just feel like shit not having you here to work along side, although our friendship will of course still be the same. Yes, ALOT of new guys have crept in here over the last 6mo and it has disrupted our intent and goal here IMO. And that does not go for everyone new, but there are alot of newbies (this board is too advanced for Newbies-go to our sister board Ripped Mass) and some flamers too. At the same time we welcome a guy like Randy with great wisdom to share and also others.

There is always going to be a bump in the road, but your loyal friends are here. And you ARE NEEDED no doubt.
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Computer at home's f*cked up!

I just read this post. I've haven't been able to get online at home as my computer is REALLY messed up.

My lack of placing at my recent competition was my fault. I needed at least 2 more weeks to diet properly. Wylde was able to get get me into the best "competition" that I've ever been able to achieve.

I haven't seen these posts that contradict your advice Wylde :confused:

So if don't see me here for a while - I'm working on my computer.

I must have missed seeing the criticism too?! I think anybody who's been around for a while knows Wyldeone's rep is gold. I guess I just find it hard to believe that some internet commentary could permanently damage your rep (leaving you with no future clients).

Also, I don't take anything personally on the boards, but that's probably because I've been trained to not give a real shit about most peoples opinions ("opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one"). I give corporate business strategy advice for a living (which, although Fathead may disagree, makes the back-stabbing in BB look like an elementary school playground brawl.) I'm held accountable for multi-million dollar decisions and the underlying analysis that led to them. I fuck up, I lose my clients - simple. So I guess I'm immune to the frustration of arguing with people I don't really know (and who have no tangible results tied to their name. Yeah, yeah, everybody's a "business expert" but how many get paid several $100K/year for that advice?). Same with BB, everybody's "an expert", put how many get PAID for that advice? Well you do.

Wylde, you're an expert who gets paid for his services, proof is in the results you've delivered year-in and year-out. Anybody who wants to argue your value-added, I say let them go to their W-2 form (wages + salaries) and see what they've made from BB vs. what you make. Simple.

all best,

drgoodbody said:
I give corporate business strategy advice for a living
And I thought you were a "real" doctor :D

hey wylde..i personally have not seen any posts that were critical of you. but, i may have missed something.. please do not let a few "idiots" make ya upset. my dad always said "the world is half nice guys and half assholes..there is no in between" i agree with him. so , you will run into idiots quite a bit. from a persoanl stand point, you have done nothing but help me when i needed it and always tried to be more than friendly...so in my opinion, do not let a small number of idiots ruin it...if it happens again , please share with me or any other mod.... and let us see if we can make it right.... :D
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xcelbeyond said:

And I thought you were a "real" doctor :D


Nope, I just play one on the boards :eek: ;)


(Actually I'm a PhD - but don't tell anybody, I wanna keep my day job, browsing BB boards)
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