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It's Been Awhile Since I've Ranted!


The "Elder" Mod
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Jun 5, 2002
Ok, it's been a while since I've ranted about my progress, which I hope ends up being motivation for you young bucks and bras!

I've been working on a "controlled" bulk. I posted my diet at http://www.professionalmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1085 , which I've already modified from input by SwoleCat. I haven't had the desire to throw in any "cheat days or meals" as I'm always "full" following this plan.

I've also started my dc-style cycling (all of it going in my biceps) but my shoulders and right forearm are not 100%. But weight used each session is going up. I'm going to look into ART for my shoulders.

Now here's my point: I'm still ~6% BF and appear to be much larger than the 182 lbs on the scale indicates. Before I decided to "cut-up," my LBM was at 182 lbs so "I know" that I'll at least recover that much and at 6% (if I can sustain that) will put my overall weight at about 194 lbs. The difference between where I am now and was (200 lbs overall at 9.5% BF) is NIGHT AND DAY - and that's not a lot of body fat. Now bear in mind that I consider myself a bodybuilder - now you know what they say; if you have to tell someone you are a bodybuilder, you're not one!

Well at 200 lbs, with about 11 lbs MORE MUSCLE than I have now, I got NO COMMENTS. I get comments and STARES daily at 6%!! :D My point is - we are bodybuilders, shouldn't we look like one? Enough ranting for now!

Now a question for y'all. I have a genetic disposition to "hold water" around lower back and obliques. Do you think it would be beneficial to do 5 days of Taraxatone every 7-weeks (or more frequently)?

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Think about it !!

At 182lbs 6% bf you are carry 11lbs of FAT
At 200lbs 10% bf thats 20lbs of fat on your frame and If I remember correctly your 5'6" small joint That can make a huge diff in your appearance. Most people in the gym like a more defined ripped look. My boy has been of for over a 6 months and lost 30lbs lkooks small but is getting laid twice as much. So now he gets some four times a year LOL
You know ya look better lean.......but we still all want to be bigger, thus we keep getting fat and bloated. I think that I'm going to try and stay lean year around from now on. Take care.

I tried Taraxtone and didn't see much results, and had to run to the bathroom alot. My diet has some room for improvement though. I seem to hold water in the same spots as you do also. I'm 240 and my bf I'm guessing is about 15-18%. I just go for mass and strength now. Maybe I'll switch to quick acting tests and fina after this cycle like you suggested. I don't worry about it too much as long as I don't get embarrassed in the gym and can keep the weight at 275+ on the bench and the leg presses over 1000 lbs. for 12-15 reps. hahahahahaha, :D
Armageddon said:
Just double the Taraxatone recomended dosage.
The number of times per day or amount taken each time?

You better make sure your near a bathroom bro. if you drink alot of liquids and protein drinks.That's the only down side as you probably already know, you shit your ass off. :eek:
Does not matter how much Taraxtone or een Lasix you take if your BF is 15% or more You will not get a ripped vascular look. Drop bf to 10% or less and then water deplete for very noticable results. I now stay at 170lbs and about 10-12% bf. Its a very very good BEACH LOOK. Not ready to compete bout I donot look all GASED up even when I have a full tank!
I'm sure thats common knowledge and I believe he's at 6%, so this should work.
Thanks for feedback on Taraxtone. I really wanted to experiment with aldactone, but it never arrived in time. So, I ended up ordering a bottle of Tarax online, which never arrived on time, so I went out and bought a bottle at GNC. Yes - I've got a shitload of Tarax to use up! :D


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