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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!


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Jun 5, 2002
Okay - here's what I plan on doing for my next cycle (actually continuous). I'm looking for some feedback with supporting logic. I've posted this around different boards and have modified it based on feedback. But, as you can tell, I'm easy to change it (but I'm not cheap).

This reads a lot like doggcrapp's "cycle on pennies" from Animal's Forum over at **broken link removed** . This thread is up to 21 pages long!!! Be sure and read the first 2 pages, I went into about 4 pages deep - heavy reading material! YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO GO OVER THERE AND READ THIS

Week 1-4
150mg TNE (oil depot) ED
30-50 d-bol ED (believe it or not, I've never done d-bol so I'm unsure of amount!)
2.5mg letrozole
2ml Synthergine ED

Week 5-7
10mg Morning-only d-bol
Clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10 days, 50mg last 10 days
0.5mg Anastrozole
2ml Synthergine ED

Week 8-11
150mg TNE (oil depot) ED
50mg Stanozolol (oil depot) inj ED
75mg Tren ED
2ml Synthergine ED

Week 12-14
100mg Phenylprop - 2x week
Clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10 days, 50mg last 10 days
0.5mg Anastrozole
2ml Synthergine ED (1st 2 weeks only)


Now if I'm unhappy with morning-only d-bol vs. low-dose test, I'll stick with the low-dose test for the 3-week period. I actually respond very well to test and 200mg isn't that low of a dose for me and I'm very prone to e-related gyno. So - an anti-e is a must for me even at this amount!

As I get closer to contest time, that's a long ways out, I'll listen to what Wyldeone suggests (I'm no dummy)!

Over at AF, they really downplayed the high-dose, fast-acting gear, short interval cycles. But I had bros e-mail and say they gained a ton of LBM while on this type of cycle!

Hopefully you've read doggcrapp's post about this by now. All of this will be going into my biceps. I've put up to 6ml in each biceps head ED for several weeks, so that's not a problem (I'm a tough ol' bird). Of course, the Synthergine will go sub-Q in abs.

OK - tear into it!!!

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What's your thoughts on adding SuperClen during the 3-week cycles?

Forgot to include this during the 4-week cycle. Between weeks 3 and 4, 1,000iu HCG

Your d-bol is a good one. I remember when I did my first cycle. I had no clue how much to use and decided on 10mg. Now that was a waste:mad:

I ran across that post recently and man it had my attention. Im on my 3rd time reading it now. Makes total sense to me. Thought about trying it especially since Im just coming back from doing 2 shows and dieting 22 weeks total. If you've did the workout let me know how it is. I was going to start his cycle theory as well.

Glad to see you made it "back" over here!

Look forward to your contributions.

That is an incredible article/thread and he has A LOT to back what he says.

Sounds Interesting

When do you plan on starting this cycle? Your approximation for the d-bol should be fine, in fact since you haven't used it before you might even get good results with the 30mg daily. Kind of curious about the synthergine though, isn't that dose kind of low (of course I don't know your bodyweight) . I think I probably need the 4ml (2ml twice daily) but then again because of the quality of Synthetek I could probably go with the lower dose also.

Thanks Tae! I've been using Synthergine when taking any 17aa at dosage recommended by Big A. He also suggested continuation of Synthergine for 2 weeks past cessation of 17aa.

If it's IP's super clen I'd stay away. That stuff made me so tired after it would were off. I almost fell asleep in mid stride in the store. Almost had to be carried out. However I was running around like a raped ape before.
guys just use the superclen close to bedtime, trust me. also xcel, were u plannin a different cycle like a week ago, what happened?
Mr_Magoo said:
guys just use the superclen close to bedtime, trust me. also xcel, were u plannin a different cycle like a week ago, what happened?
I must really be a hard-headed ol' bird!! I got a nice little pill splitter and split the SuperClen into 1/4s. I take one early morning and another 1/4 in late afternoon. Today I'm trying 3/4!

I need to do ECA for workout energy. The worst part is my "short-term" memory is all fucked on this. At work, I need to write down everything as it comes up in my head, because within the next minute I'll forget!!!

I first purchased Clen via mailorder, after reading an article about by Duchaine. This was before it was really popularized. I bought a whole shit-load. When I took it (Spiropent) at 2 tabs 3x day, 2-days on - 2-days off, 2 weeks on - 2 weeks off, it made me sicker than a dog! Half the time I had to go home sick. Then just lay in bed with a splitting headache and couldn't do nothing.

So I was pretty amazed with the SuperClen which is 10x stronger than Spiropent. I've been on it for about 5 weeks now!

I was "shopping around" a similar cycle not long ago - 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off (no AAS whatsoever). I got lots of feedback and ended up doing more research and came across doggcrapp's article, which Sandblaster turned me onto. SB said mine wasn't too much different, but I needed low-dose AAS to bridge. Believe me -I've spent hours researching this cycle out. After saying that, I know it may not be perfect - that's why I posted it - for feedback.

Well here's some of "my story." Since my re-constructive surgery for my right shoulder, I just want to just get "back into" shape. Well, through much determination and a recovery period that took nearl one year, I was able to regain all the strength and size that I lost. When my oldest daughter decided to get married, I wanted to really get back into shape - be even better.

Getting back with my Nutritionist, we re-did my workouts and nutrition. I gained 10# of muscle in 24 days - all natural! But wasn't near as cut I used to be, pre-surgery.

So - I haven't been as "cut" now as since around 1991. And, I've only begun. Get this - my ol' lady told me last night that I have not lost ANY SIZE in my upper body. Now I've lost 15-18 pounds since my last cycle, which was over 5 weeks ago. I HAVE LOST PLENTY of size in my upper body. But, like I said in my "OK - THAT'S IT!!!" post at http://www.professionalmuscle.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=278 - cut makes you look bigger - and I'm getting all sorts of people telling me how big I'm getting. Compared to my previous cycle - where I got the biggest I've ever been, I only got about 1/8 the comments I'm getting now - WTF!!!

* Bump *

Any more comments on "cycle?"


Xcel Can u explain a few things im unclear of after reading that post.

1. How does he exactly rotate his test. For example. When you start out it takes a while for the test to kick in. DO you wait to start the clomid till after week 8?

2. ALso with his rest pause routine. For his working set lets say flat bench, I do 8 reps, then i take 12-15 deep breaths, am I still holding the weight or is it in the rack, or what would I do with the barbell on bent over rows, just hold it?


Very intersting post, I want to do his lifting routine.
not trying to hone in on xcel

From what I have read he continually takes test but never comes off so test is in your system always. Later in the thread he does state that faster acting ones are better for the 4 week cycle and longer acting for the 2-3 weeks in b/w. I could be wrong but thats what I got.

As far as the rest pause. you would rack the weight. I tried it a little yesterday with 225 in the incline bench and got 19 total reps but the 20 second static hold at the bottom was killer. Then I could only dynamically stretch with 35 lbs db's in the flye stretch and only lasted 25 seconds. I was shaking like a fucking leaf. But the pump was unbelievable.

Im also trying to modify the program somewhat. My problem is that I get to focused on a couple bodyparts and then to do chest, delts, triceps and 2 back moves with all the rest/pauses and static holds and stretches almost overwhelms me. Any ideas would be appreciated.

ANd all is this is with lowering the weight for 6-8 seconds?
Also I didnt see the extreme stretching is that for everybody part.

The static hold that is what mid way to lockout?
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Re: not trying to hone in on xcel

mainevent said:
not trying to hone in on xcel
No problem here bro! Were just all here to help each other out.

My workouts are always based on a push-pull scheme. During my last cycle I switched to working each bodypart once a week. I don't feel I got better results. The way I workout is to do all my "push" one day and "pull" along with legs (pull first) on other day. Alternate rest days in between so I workout, then rest workout, rest, etc. Workout everything once every 4 days.

DC's program works everything 3 times in 9 days, which I find it hard for recovery, even on a heavy cycle. I'm gonna switch back to my every-other-day workout for my next cycle.

I would try his "style" of workout but there's nobody in the gym when I'm in there that I'd trust spotting me - LOL!

On the test, I will switch to phenylprop or prop. I don't like enanthate or cypionate because of bloat - even though I'll still be taking letrozole then. I guess I just like those better.

here is wHat I was thinking

Day 1
Chest --Incline Dumbell Press
Shoulders -- Dumbell Press
Triceps -- Skull Crushers
Back Width -- Lat Pull Downs
Back Thick -- Barbell Rows
4 Sets Regular Crunches

Day 2
Biceps -- BarBell Curls
Forearms -- Wrist Curls
Calves -- Seated Calve Raises
Hamstrings -- Seated Leg Curl
Quads -- Squat
4 Sets Reverse Crunches
Day 3 Rest

Day 4
Chest --Incline Smith Press
Shoulders -- Hammer Strength Press
Triceps -- Tricep Push Downs
Back Width -- WIDE Lat Pull Downs
Back Thick -- T-Bar Rows
4 Sets Regular Crunches

Day 5
Biceps -- Preacher Curls
Forearms -- Reverse Wrist Curls
Calves -- Standing Calve Raises
Hamstrings -- Lying Leg Curl
Quads -- Leg Press
4 Sets Reverse Crunches

Day 6 Off

Day 7
Chest --Flat Machine Press
Shoulders -- Side Laterals
Triceps -- Reverse Close Grip Bench Presses
Back Width -- Pull Ups
Back Thick -- Dumbell Rows
4 Sets Regular Crunches

Day 8
Biceps -- Seated Dumbell Curls
Forearms -- Dumbell Wrist Curls
Calves -- Leg Press Calve Raises
Hamstrings -- Stiff leg Dead Lifts
Quads -- Leg Extensions
4 Sets Reverse Crunches

Day 9 Off

All of these are rest pause for One Set, HIT, 2-3 warm ups, then really blast it hard. Ive never tried it but figured what the hell should be fun. Any comments.
Vitor thanks for reminding me. No I didn't go down 6-8 secons but probably 3-4 seconds. I will do that next time. In his post some exercises are done with static stretches for 20 seconds after the initial exercise (midway to bottom hold) and most has extreme stretching done afterwards.

Xcel I still have some time b/w my next cycle and am trying to plan mine out also. Let me know how it works and maybe I can try something slightly different and we can compare notes/results and figure this out.

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