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Little note for those that use suspension


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Jun 4, 2002
Most of the reviews on the Denkall Aquatest (100mg/ml 10ml vial in water) were very positive. I heard it would pass easy using a 25g, no lumps or clogs.
Not true in my experience! I used a 23g and clogged like shit.
Half that dose is on my bathroom ceiling! And I have lumps on both butt cheeks!:mad:
But it can be dealt with-this is what I did. Draw the suspension (with your usual 18-20g draw needle) draw an equal amount of oil based AS. Draw a little air up too so there is room to shake/swirl the shot. Change to 23g pin. Hold under hot water
for 1-2min. Shake like shit for a few seconds and then push out the little bit of air. Inject! It may clog for an instant just keep injecting. Message site like hell-still you will likely get lumps with some pain. But its good shit and I literally felt the effects hours afterward!
Has anyone tried the Sydgroup yet?
The ceiling shot made me laugh because I have had a stuck plunger and pushed it and watched my gear splat against the ceiling.

Mike S,

That is surprising to hear about the denkall aqua test. I have nevr has any problems myself, although when you draw the suspension into the syringe if you don't pull back a little bit extra so that there is a little bit of air between the susupesion and the hole where the needle screws onto the syringe, the suspension can dry up in a hurry and that is what may be the reason for the clogging. I have used the aqua-test in the past and have never had a problem so this comes as a surprise to me.

As far as the sydgroup test suspension I am using it right now and for me I use a 25 guage pin and it goes through. You have to give it a small push to get it going but once it does it flows through the 25g pin easily, but then again I have to give denkalls and QV's winstrol a nice little push to get them going to.

But I have been using the sydgroup suspension for 4 weeks now and it was worked wonders for me personally. I switched over from the QV test prop and I like QV test prop very much but the results I have gotten from the sydgroup suspension have been far better. My physique looks denser, harder, and my strength has actauuly gone up. My water retention has stayed about the same, so overall I rate the sydgroup suspension as a great product and defenitley worth a try for all that use suspension.

Some of you guys here know me very well from Chad Nicholls Muscle Mayhem board. Even though I own a pharmacy I am not going to promote a product I think is crap. i will tell you guy straight up when a companies products go bad, if they are good,, okay, etc. It is kinda like my un-official title since I have unique acess to the mex market.

Mike S : Bro if you need anymore info on this stuff feel free to drop me a PM and I will help you in any way I can bro.

Hope ths helps guys.

Take care,

Univet suspension is by far the best, fits through a slin pin and works beautifully. I recommend it to those who love suspension as I do, it comes from Canada and is a little harder to get, but is worth it.
why so much trouble?
It will always clog..... Just add 1 ml of B12 or just 1 ml of water for injection.
I mix mine with 1 ml of winny and 1 ml of B12, I do it ED and no problems. It will ALWAYS hurt a lttle bit the next day, but hey...If you can't take a little pain, you are in the wrong business...try chess or cards instead. ;)

Just my 2 cents.
MikeS: mix it up with some of that water you have and shoot slow.

Dieselman-hell yes I can take the pain! Funny thing is nothing but extreme high BA content (some IP stuff) ever makes me sore or anything-Im fine with prop or sust always. I thought about using some extra water like you mentioned-but the oil works fine so I'll stick with that.
No doubt Univet is best. But its expensive and hard to get.
Im pretty happy with the Denkall Aquatest.

I knew many guys would get a little laugh out of the white gook on the bathroom ceiling story-Im sure its happened to many of us causing much frustration! :D
well a funny suspension story, since I'm on susp right now as well. I was getting ready to take a shower and was doing my morning shot of univet. I was shaking up the syringe since I preload and let the pin sit, so I need to mix the water and particles. As I was shaking the syringe something caught my attention and I looked away. As I looked away I stuck myself in the left index finger, right on the side. The 27g .5" pin went all the way in my finger, and since I was shaking it, I completed the motion before I knew what happened, so when I went to move the syringe back up it bent in my finger. so I let go out of shock and the bent pin and syringe were sticking out of my finger. I then pulled it out and it hurt like a bitch. So I squirted the susp into a different syringe and shot it...lol Last time I look away while shaking up my suspension.
From what I hear the syd group suspension is great!
That's weird

I just took my first shot of Denkall Aquatest tonight. Passed right through a 23 gauge into my delt no problem. Um, maybe I just got lucky on the first one
I took my second shot of the sydney group susp on sunday (22g), still no prob with clogging. But oh holy hell is that site sore. I took it in the ventral gulte with prop and cyp, so i'm going to change it up to see if it was the prop or the susp. should have seen me limping around monday, call me a puss but I took almost 3 years off to start a family and I am not to hip on these shots just yet.
I agree

I am using the Sydgroup suspension right now as well and it slides through a 25g pin for me no problem but I do agree the site is a bit sore afterwards but nothing that is worse than any other gear. It certainly is not as painful as T-400.


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