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Need advice on Macro-nutrient ratios


Jun 5, 2002
I'm about to start my 6th cycle at the end of the month and have been planning it since the end of my last cycle (ended in March). As usual, its my diet that has me stumped! Cycle will be doggcrapp style (on-cruise-on-cruise etc...) for a good long time (I got lots-o-gear! :D )

Being honest with myself, I think generally I tend to use too much gear and eat too little. Part of the problem is I hate counting calories and I tend only to obsess on protein grams, always shooting for 2g per lb of lean body mass (or about 350-370g/day for me). As a result, I think my macro-nutrient ratios are all fucked up generally speaking (too high in protein, too low in carbs and fats).

So here's my question: What do you use (or recommend) in terms of macro-nutrient ratio when:

a) bulking (while trying not to gain too much fat)?
b) cutting (while trying not to lose too much muscle)?

All input is appreciated. (I'm trying to see if any of you guys agree with each other too :p)

Here's what "I" do. I ALWAYS have a written plan whether it's bulk or cut. I put my diet on a spreadsheet as it makes it REAL easy to adjust. This way if any adjustments are necessary it's easy to tweak. I believe in bulking WITHOUT GETTING FAT. Now if you have no aspirations to compete or "look like" a bodybuilder" this probably doesn't apply to you.

Say in my bulk diet I have 6oz of Eye-of-Round. I don't recalculate if I have 6oz of Chicken or Turkey Breast, or 6oz LEAN hamburger. Or if I eat 1c brocolli instead of 1c green beans. My current bulk - I'm focusing on getting 435g of Protein (and I'm smaller than you). I'm trying to time intake of most carbs to post workout time. I count fibrous veggies into actual Carb count but don't "really" count them as carbs. My overall caloric intake is around 3500. I really AVOID ALL simple sugars (devil's food - LOL). Now don't get me wrong - during bulk, I'll "occaisionally" cheat on some pastries or sweets, but not a lot. With current program, I'm not working out on weekends - so I have a somewhat modified plan for those two days.

On a cut it's a fixed amount of calories - no more, no less. Need to stay on target and focused to get results (for me anyways).

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everyone is different...anyways my plan is gonna be about 1.75g protein lb, 2.5 carbs and about 80gs of fat (mostly efas) as i gain weight ill add some more

ill do 30 min light cardio 5 days a week on empty stomach

orignally i thouht very low fat since ur getting it from outside but there are studies showing u increase the potency of ur test with a diet thats got good amounts of fat. not to mention helps take care of those vauable organs and when they are better so are ur gains. i dont think ur bods gonna take more protein even on a cycle when ur carb intake is good, itll just turn into glucose. but people go through protein synthesis differently. ive used these ratios while natural and have stayed 10-12% w/o cardio and have made good gains and drank 1-2 times HEAVY everyweek (quit now)

as far as cutting i like ckd goin 2 lo (ill have some complex cabs b4 sleep) 1 high..enough to lose fat but keep gains
i use a palumbo eating approach, protein and fats with each meal and my only carbs come post workout/ during workout, works real well, give it a shot
I feel for me a ratio of 33/33/33 in calories not grams.
I also need 2g protein per lb of overall body weight. Which puts me at 400grams pro/400grams carbs/@175grams of fat. This is around 4800-5000 calories. Which is a minimum when I am trying to bulk. I'm an ectomorph and do not put on fat easily. I find that the addition fat works very well for me. It helps me to grow. I stay under 10% bf on this diet for 6 weeks. If I want to put on any additonal weight I will begin bumping the carb ratio up from 33% to the high 30's maybe even 40% By keeping the protein at 400 grams and just adding the carbs. Most of them being around training time and after.
But everyone is different.
dalastnatty and Superior1 - those answers help a lot.
xcel - great response too, but what is your macro-nutrient split (roughly)? Oh, and yes it is important to me to look like a BB year round even tho I don't compete (Adonis complex + bigorexia).

So to summarize, for me at about 190lbs:

dalastnatty recommends daily - 335g protein, 475g carbs, 80g fats: total calories = 3960

Superior1 recommends daily - 380g protein, 380g carbs, 166g fats: total calories = 4530

Keep the advice comin' bros! I wanna get 15-20 solid pounds over the next 6 months!

i dont necessarily stick to one plan, others work too... another split i like for lean mass

190er is

380-400 p, 280-300 g carbs and about 145g fat~3900-4200cal

a meal plan

m1: high protein, high carb(simple carbs high gi)
m2:high protein, fat
m5:1hr preworkout slow absorbing protein, high simple carb
m6: workout whey and simple carbs though out
m7: protein blend n simple carbs
m8:b4 bed fats n protein

once a week cut back on fats to bout 80 protein to about 240 and load on carbs at about 3-3.5g per lb
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good one

Much like dalastnatty says. Since my fat ratios are a bit higher it would be wise to tone them down once a week and carb load on that day. Basically drop half the fat in calories and add the same amount of carbs in calories (which is over double in grams in reference to fat grams) This will help to further saturate and refuel the muscle and will help change things up a bit. All these are of course samples and what works best for you will need to be trial and error and tweaked for you own personal preference. But they all seem to be right in line.


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