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need help...got 8 months


Sep 1, 2002
ok i found 2 shows near me in about 8 months i want to compete in they will me my first shows so i need alittle help getting ready
my curent stats r 6'2 254 about 15%bf (thats prob, wrong the last time it was checkd i was on dbol and realy bloated/ it was also about 2months ago) i realy want to do this right so any help/info would be greatly appreciatd

I dont compete, yet :D So i can't really comment on contets prep. Best guys i know of (Sorry if i left someone out) is Wyldone, Xcel, MikeS, and Big A.

Ole Wyl has a freak farm! His guys get SWOLE!
Let's start by taking a look at what you're eating.
Can you post your current diet?
mon.wen.fri are just about the same and look like
530,meal1, 2 packets strawberry oatmeal(instant)
730,meal2, 2 packets strawberry oatmeal, 1 small can fruit cocktail
930,meal3, 8 egg whites, 1 boul cheerois, 1 pan cake w/ maple syrup, 2 ojs(8oz glass), 2 milks
1130,meal4, 2-4 rice cakes
130,meal5, 2chiken breastw/ ketchup, 1 small boul white ricew/ margrine, turcky on wheat w/ prolvone cheese, 2 milks, 1 cranberry juice, 1 lemonaide,
500,meal 6,3chiken breast, i big boul spiggtiw/ sauce, 1 small boul rice,3 milks, 2lemonaide
830,meal7, 1 milk shake w/ vanilla icecream, 3 packets instant breakfast
1030,meal 8, 1 bag tuna fish w/ miracle wip, 2 nutrigrain bars

this is what mon/ fri is to the T. wen. start day at 730, tus and thur satrt at 730 w/ the oatmeal butt i have class i i cant eat eggs so i eat about 2 bagles 2 yorgets, a miffin
im drinking about a gallon a H2O aday and alot of gateraide
sat. and sun. i eat what i want, but not a hole lot diffrent
hope this isnt to hard to read
ps im in school so money is tight and i cant get some foods

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Being 8 months out from your shows, I dont thin you are looking for a cutting diet just yet. You do need to make some changes though because the quality of the nutrients you are taking in is pretty low. Sounds like campus food to me.........uugghh! Most people way underestimate the BF% so I am going to assume you are fatter (less lean) than you noted. I always reccomend the ole meat and potatoes approach. Its easy and affordable, even for someone on a limited budget. Try the following out for a couple weeks and see what you think. You may need to adjust amts up or down based on your metabolism. I just estimated.

Meal 1:
2 whole eggs
10 whites
2 pieces toast wheat (dry or make egg sandwhich)
2 cups (uncooked) oatmeal: regular, not strawberry :)
2 tbsp PB
1 glass milk 1%

Meal 2:
3 Servings of protein (find a shake that suits you)
10 oz (uncooked) potatoe

Meal 3:
10 oz chicken
2 cups rice (I prefer Uncle Bens)
2 cups broccoli

Meal 4:
10 oz chicken
2 cups Pasta
2 cups broccoli

Meal 5: (preworkput)
3 servings protein
2 cups oatmeal
1 tbsp PB (I like to mix all 3 together) yummy!

Meal 6: (postworkout)
3 servings protein
3 servings cream of rice
Mix in some carb powder (2 scoops Ultra Fuel)

Meal 7:
8 oz lean steak or ground beef
8 oz potato
2 cups broccoli

Sat and Sunday you can eat some junk, but dont get crazy! Lay off the booze! Stick to the plan strictly Mon-Fri and you will see some positive changes. Is there someone in your gym or school who has competed that you could talk to or gain advice from? Dont be annoying, but see if you can pick their brain a bit. Most people who have never competed dont know what they are getting themselves into and you may want to gather some more info to get you on the right path!

Just a reccomendation......its similar to what I follow offseason. Others opinions may differ. Pre-contest (12-16 weeks) will be a bit different.
looks good jdog there r 1 or 2 things i cant get but this is something i can work with, (if any one has anything eles i would like to see it) now about my training what should i be doing... and i just met some one who compeats they r trying to go pro at the time so i will be trying to talk to him as much as i can.... when u say most people dont know what they r getting them selfs into what do u mean (lose weight, i am/was a wrestler so loseing weight is no big thing for me) i may be a bit fatter but it was done for wrestling so it was right....and i never drink, so i think right now i got some good things going my way so i can do this
thanks for ur help again

Good, you were a wrestler....so you know something about discipline and feeling shitty...lol. Seriously, the wrestling mentality will help but there are some differences. Wrestler's alot of times lose weight recklessly through dehydration, excess cardio, not eating etc. sacrificing quality muscle as a result. As a bodybuilder, you want to maintain all the lean mass while shedding the fat. What I meant by not knowing what they are getting themselves in to encompasses alot of things. First of all your ego. If you have one you need to lose it. Criticism both constructive and destructive runs rampant. Everyone will have an opinion or critique of your physique. This will come from gym members who mean well, to old ladies on the street who find you disgusting to look at. Prepare yourself for it mentally. Listen to people who have been there and done that for an honest assessment of your physique and progress. Dont necessarily look to your friends or girlfriend for a critique as they tend to spare you the agony of what you really need to hear. Dont get caught up in "being big" or have what I like to call "Big man Syndrome" . This is someone who uses the scale and not the mirror as a gauge to measure success. On stage its not how much you weigh but how much you appear to weigh. I can sense this being a problem already. At 6'2 254 at 15% you will eventually want to be a superheavy but first time out you will probably be low 200's maybe even a lightheavy. If you come in conditioned you will always get respect, if you come in "BIG" but soft you will get embarassed. Prepare yourself to be alot lighter than you think you will be. Measure all your food and document everything. This will help you immensly in the long run or at least until you know your body better.... there are more things but thats enough for now.

Oh and training..... do what works for you. I prefer to train each muscle 1 time per week selecting 3-4 exercises and performing 3-4 work sets of 8-10 reps.

It would help to know your gear experience as well. This is something you will need to educate yourself on extensively as pre-contest is much different than bulking.

Oh, if the person you just met is presently trying to go pro I must assume he is competing at the National level. Could be a very valuable resource! Approach with respect and I am sure he will gladly help you out. If he is presently prepping for Nationals (3 weeks) you may want to wait until after his show.

Later for now...have to go train myself!
I have got some cutting diets and drying out methods etc., that I will dig up and post for ya, it will give me motivation to compete again one day. It does take a lot of discipline and you will come in much lighter than you think, especially at the end, when more ater weight starts coming off. You could also try to come in at a middleweight, I don't know the federation the show is for, but you can find out the weight classes and see which one will be most realistic for you to achieve...

Thanks for mention of my name Shawn. I feel, however, I specialize in drug theories and action; Ive never competed although I know nutrition/diet and all pretty good after years of study.

Wylde is the GO-TO guy!
And of course, Big A knows everything about everything too!!!
Many guys compete on high level here-its the place to be! :p
Not sure what to say. First you ask for suggestions with the caveat that you can't get "certain" foods?!?!

Your current diet contains WAY TOO MANY simple sugars and high glycemic index carbs - like the rice cakes.

I'm a believer in staying away from dairy products. While many are low or non-fat, they all contain lactose, which is a VERY SIMPLE SUGAR that converts to fat. I'm not saying that dairy is "bad" for a person, just that it's not a "bodybuilding" food. Why eat it, get fat, only to cut it out (lactose) for pre-contest to lose fat and potentially lose that hard earned muscle?!?!

I would suggest that you focus on eating at least 500g protein ED (you're a big boy!) and a total caloric intake of 4500. Limit your carbs to "very complex" and low glycemic index like long grain brown rice, yams/sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal (natural, not instant or "pre-packaged") and green vegetables. You can actually eat quite a few green vegetables but probably won't and shouldn't as they don't have a high nutritional value but are good for you. Make up the calorie difference in good fats - some egg yokes (from your protein - egg whites); olive, canola or flax oil (all cold pressed); and you'll get a fair amount even from the "lean" protein that you'll be eating.

As jdog has pointed out, the ONLY TIME your body will fully utilize simple sugar is "IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING" your workout. I like to take in ~60g whey protein isolate, and 50g dextrose (glucose). Your muscles awill utilize this when taken "post workout."

Just make sure you quit eating all that simple sugar and lactose right now bro! jdog had lots of other great advice as well.

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ok hears what i mean by i cant get certain foods on tus.thur i cant get to the dinnin hall for meal 1 i have class befor it opens and until it closes what should i do i could get some chiken and warm it up w/ some oatmeal,i cant get the pasta xcel mentioned and r u sure this is enough food for me my metabolism is pretty fast also, rigth now on mon.fri i lift 2x a day does this change what i should be eatting/should i stop doing this (i have done it when ever on a cycle,witch i am on now) my first lift is at 6 am should i just eat some oat meal?????

jdog u r also right i have ben look at the scale to much but i allways think i look like shit and i would realy like some constructive criticism so i will get some pics up asap(there is a fire wall up at school if any one know how to get around this i will get them up sooner other wise i will get them up at thanksgiveing)

guys appreciate all the help i am getting it means alot to me

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I have never been a believer in a.m. weight workouts. Cardio....yes. Actual training..... it just doesn't work for me. I need like 3 good meals at least before I train. If it works for you fine, just be sure you aren't over training and remember to take advantage of that window period (I say no more than 1 hr) for your body to uptake nutrients. Simply switch things around and consume postworkout meal 2 times.

Oh and "the dining hall isn't open" is a lame excuse. Do like you said and prepare some food in advance. Invest in some tupperware and carry it with you. Simple solution! I bet if you figured it out, you were not consuming all that many calories in the diet you listed. If you are 15% or greater BF, your metabolism isn't all that fast so what I listed is a good starting point and you can make changes from there.
is it ok to putt some raisins in the oat meal, a banna in the protien shake and should i just be drinking water w/ my meals and my i glass milk (no juice ??????)

thanks again

Raisins are fine and so is the bannana. Juice post workout would be alright but otherwise....too much sugar. Lots of water. Crystal lite for flavor is what I use.
A guy your size should be drinking at least 5 quarts of WATER every day - and this doesn't include protein drinks or crystal lite :)

I still don't understand why you feel that you need milk?!? EVERYONE will tell you to drop dairy when you get into pre-contest. Since you're WAY out-of contest shape, you need to be thinking much farther ahead than someone that stays under 10-12% BF off season. Just my $0.02 worth.

thaks guys this is realy helping me i never knew about all this, xcel should i use H2O to make the protien shakes or is milk ok there ???????

thanks again guys realy!!!!!!!!!!
I would use water to mix protein drinks - again, so you avoid the lactose. While skim milk is an xcelent source of protein without any saturated fat, it contains LOTS OF lactose/milk sugar. You may as well weene yourself off it now :D

He is 8 months out....hardly pre-contest. The milk is fine, your not consuming that much and it isn't gonna hurt you. Crystal Light is fine. I consume it in almost all my water up until the last week before a show. Hasn't hurt me any unless of course Xcel can explain the error of my ways :D
Wow, this thread really took off after I asked ryan to post his diet.

There are a lot of great suggestions in this thread. Getting on the "clean eating" bandwagon is the way to go for you right now. You are just too darn fat for an off-season bodybuilder. You're going to have to learn how to eat clean, and then learn how to do a competition diet.

I'm a real diet Nazi. I competed as a natural for years and that's all I had to work with. But, that did help me when I became "enhanced" down the road.

When I hear people looking to cut corners..."Can't I just have a few gummy bears?", can't I just have some milk and cookies?" Can't I just eat whatever I want on the weekend?", then I have an inkling that this bro just doesn't get it.

Gradually figure out a way to make it all work so that you are cutting as few corners as possible.

If you start eating clean now, you will be surprised how quickly you transform.

I usually go with a 16 week diet to go down from roughly 8.5-10% to 4-5% BF at showtime. You have twice as much time, but you also probably have twice as much flab.

Incidently, it also may be of benefit to find someone who will do a body comp test for you every couple of weeks to make sure you're on track.

Good luck!

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