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New (old UG) bro-plz read


New member
Sep 25, 2003
Hey bro's...My name's EL DIABLO and I'd like to introduce myself here. I've been a long time vet at the UG board (since 1996). It was announced today by CE that the Underground is offically shutting down for good. I've been checking out this board for a little while now and belive it's the best out there. The knowledge is second to none, I see alot of old school UG bro's, and I've always been a fan of Phil H.! Alot of the UG member's are looking for a new "home" and I reccomended here. I look forward to learning more from all the educated guys here, sharing what little I may know LOL, and meeting new bro's. Thanks!!
Hey Eldiablo good to see ya find your way over here and yes the baord is definately awesome and the mods are great to and contribute and post not just trying to put a name on every board that pops us overnight. The UG closing is kinda depressing will miss it alot. MM
Another soon to be former ug bro here. I've been over here a couple of times before lerking in the dark. Looks like it's a top notch board with knowledgable mods and vets. Hope to meet some new bros and contribute to the board as well.
All I ever did was lurk and read at UG but that's been some time ago. ELDIABLO and Kane: Glad you decided to join us - Welcome!

Im here

Been here for quite sometime,the UG is dead.It was my only board for years,I loved it and contributed as much as anyone.Off topic posts were fun,and kept the board alive.Some prick threatened alot of bros with fed shit,and it pretty much was not dealt with appropiately.No monitors involved at all.In fact that was its main downfall,lack of contributing monitors.There was a thread on this months back,and we came up with a list of great bro's to be monitors and CE just shrugged it off.I mean even MikeS was skipped over,WTF??? Bottomline,nothing was done and although I have great memories and met great people,I say good riddance.The UG is dead,and has been for quite sometime........:mad:
ug bro

Hey im an ol UG bro too. Good to see you guys here I used to love to read bald nazi's posts. I was on the board for at least 5-6 years but was more of a reader of posts than writer. I learned alot though and hate to see it go but this seems like a really great site,

After all these years, the end of the UG..... can't help but be a little sad, even though I've rarely dropped by there for the past 2 years...

Good to have the UG crowd here! More things change, the more they stay the same!!! IronMike
good to you

look's like we all well become "old UG vet's" in coming wks. i like it here & i think you will too.

Not to board bash, but sinse its going down...CE has done a miserable job over there and is completely responsible for UGs downfall. I was there way back when Taz and CE first brought it up. Its not even a shell of that now. BN-yes the members asked for me, and you if I remember correctly (among a few others) to help and mod as the board went downhill. I reluctantly agreed, with the stipulation that Professionalmuscle still be my priority. CE never did shit (he hasnt done shit in 2yrs there)-and I felt slapped in the face when I had extended myself.

Lets save some memories of the good 'ol UG-the on ethats up now is a joke. Most of the good guys there have migrated over here already!
We welcome all members of the UG who have been left orphans (!). Please realize that this board is about cutting edge BBing theories, no shit talking and flames please like the UG. There is a place for that and I realize some guys enjoy those back-and-forths, but we operated differently here. If you have any questions ask me. If Baldnazi-quite the controversial guy on the boards, can come over here and contribute and act in a mature and 'professional' manner-so can anyone. We apprecite his restriant, I really mean that-it shows respect and he get respect in return. Follow his lead old UG bros! :D
here now too...l

Was a ug...renegade guy for long time...this board is strong and no stupid crap...very enjoyable.
Thanks for the welcome fellas...I look forward to building new memories here. Good to see ya BN, always kinda looked up to ya MikeS, and I saw your pics BIGKIWI...you look great bro! I like reading your knowledge ExcelBeyond. I'm just excited to be here and meet all the great bros!
Welcome all UG bro's. I dabbled on UG and 'Gade before following Big A to ProfessionalBB and onto ProfessionalMuscle. Good to have you all here.

too sad

A sad day to find out the UG is going to be gone. It was such a good board awhile back.

Bump it up for the new members from the UG, going to miss that place....RIP


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