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Jun 6, 2002
i know i do not post too often, i mostly sit back and read so i can gain all the knowledge that that my old mind can take in. i have been lifting for at leat 20 years and one day soon i hope to compete . i have tried a lot of products , supplements and other.but after trying ucp-1 i have found that this product does what it says. yes this is my endorcement for a otc supplement.would be good to use in the off season for fat loss. since the taking of ephedrine off the market i new there had to be something else to aid in fat loss. after 3 week of using this i lost over 13lbs without to strict of a diet and no- cardio. the next time i will do cardio and a stricter diet. you do need to cycle this. i did 3 weeks but it is recomended to do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
now for the ingredients:
usnic acid-150mgs
l-cartnitine - 525mgs
calcium pyruvate - 1050mgs
i also took ala , an liver pills with this.
it can be found 2 places
prices very upon sales but can run between $25-$35 a bottle there are 43 serevings per bottle 3 pills per serving.
remember ucp-1 and tell them i sent you. both companies charge $10 flat fee for airborne express and my orders came in 2 days!
Were their any nasty sides (intense perspiration/rembling)?
Strength loss? Did you use with a cycle or off-cycle?

good ? mike. i did swet a lot . even though i up my water intake from 1 gal to 1 and 1/2 gal a day my hands peeled alot starting at the finger tips. i also felt humid and tired like working outside in the yard all day. it did not hender my workouts at all. i also woke in a swet during the nite i took it with food. also do not go on a ketogenic diet . 40-30-30 diet would be great. i did drink gatorade and other sports drinks which seem to help some. and the other question about being on a cycle -no i was not. it could be used with a cutting cycle. this is not as dangerous or strong as dnp but does have some of the same ingredients and sides.

i would make sure u have a good fan to blow on u at nite. i had 2 to keep me cool.
MikeS if this interests you I would look into the anarchy stack by animal. I know what alot of "sheeple" lol have said here lately but this stack works like no other. I'll try and get over and repost it here.
sounds good between cycles with some kyno or synthselen 2 help stay ripped all year
Im doubtful I'll try it, but it is of interest for sure! If you can get that stack please do!
Id figure because of the skin problems, that it is causing a vitiman/mineral deficiency, probably something being eliminated in perspiration.

now granted out of the guys who have tried this i am the only one who has had the peeling of the fingers. i naturually have dry skin any way so this might have just triggerd my shin to peel.
i might need to up my vit -e . i did up my vit-c during this time.
i will post my next cycle results and see if that side happens again.
Isn't the animal stack really simialr to gnc's Release??? Just in higher doses of each
i would venture to guess that the usnic acid is what is causing your fat loss as it is a decoupler similar to dnp. I know mike at 1fast400.com sells usnic acid by itself and that syntrax used to have it mixed in with their NYC formulation but had to pull it because of the usnic acid causing some serious sides. I have never used usnic acid myself but have used dnp and found i went very catabolic on it... are you losing any muscle on this product?

no muscle loss ! i did keep my srtegnth and even up my weights during my workouts. now i did not take it before a workout. i took it after then 2 more times after that. my protein was about 250 my carbs went from 600 on my high days to 100 on my lowest. like i said before i did no cardio at all but plan to on my next cycle. i also am planning ontrying usnic acid by itself later on this year maybe inbetween cycles to see the difference. also as of today i have been off for 2 weeks and my wt is still the same. it has not gone back up.
in the formula ucp-1 has you are not using as much usnic as if you used it by itself. ucp-1 daily total is only 450mgs when by itself some take up to 1 full gram a day.
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I just received my bottle today of ucp-1. I am always looking for something new to try. I will keep you guys informed.


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