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peepee problem


New member
Jan 25, 2003
Guys i have been on the tren for about just starting my 17th week. Now in the begining i wanted to do an experiment of 25 weeks of 150mg a day. I am also taking androstenedione like mark mgwire. Thats how i know its the real deal just look at the muscle mass he gained on it and its legal. So i thought now that im married im sticking to the legal supps that i know work. Well i have put on 16 pds since i started and dont really look the same anymore just never put on much weight. I just think my body is totally different its hard as a rock. The problem is with my pody. Im speaking like a gentleman for the ladies and pody is the proper term. Well anyway my pody is broke i think. It has never shrunk on the other 8 cycles of done over the years. It looks like i have an infants pody. And nuts are like little oh lets see like the size of a small blueberry. When i get the new sears catalog in the mail yesterday i thought i was going to have a date with my hand, which hasnt shrunk by the way. I could not get the little pody to harden no matter how long i gave him cpr. Also no baby making stuff comes out anymore. Im scared even when i urinate it dribbles so slow cause my pody i swear to god is the size of a portobellow mushroom. Well im going to the doc unless you guys have ideas. I may just finish this cycle and see if tribex brings pody to life. Im just really depressed and wanted to see it this has happend to anyone else.
judging from your sig, location, post, and sn I would say you are obsessed.
You're taking two famous dick killers at the same time and nothing to revive it. That is your problem. I know you said you want to go legal, but damn man, is it really worth being completely and possibly permanantly impotent? Here's what I would do.

First, dump the tren (and take it with test next time) and NEVER take that stupid ass androstenedione again.

Second, get on some test for a few weeks until you start getting REALLY horny again. Yes, test will also shut down your hpta, but it will get your body efficient at recognizing the test molecule again and will get your body prepared for coming off.

Third, two weeks BEFORE you stop taking the test, start taking clomid. If your dick is that dead, then I would take 100 mg a day for the entire two weeks prior to stopping the test. Once you've stopped the test, continue at 100 mg/day of clomid for one week. After that, drop the clomid dose to 50 mg/day and continue for two more weeks. Next, stop the clomid for a week and see how it goes. If you start having trouble getting a boner again, get back on it for two more weeks at 50 mg/day.

This is a sure fire boner builder.
LOL dude sorry about your Pody but the way you worded that its possibly the funniest thing I have ever read!:D If I couldn't shoot baby making stuff on womans faces I dunno were I would be? Hope all goes well ! I say Hcg or clomid ASAP

I cant stop laughing, I dont think the tren or the mcguire stuff is the problem. It is all in the publication you are using to excite yourself. Try something a little more racey like maybe womens day. LOL Just funning you, Bigboy got your ticket to bonerville. Mr.clean101
Andro stopped me too....

...when I took it, like an idiot.

It was right around the time when MuscleTech came out with the stuff.

I remember getting outrageous wood at all times of the day...for a while - and I thought, gee, this shit must really be elevating my test levels like crazy!!!

I would wake up at 3 in the freakng morning and have to...uhh...get out the vaseline -
Then after about two weeks of this sexual bliss little john took a vacation. I could hardly get a half-wood, or whatever you would call it...LOL

After I was off that andro crap little john came home.

...hope I am not telling you guys more than you care to know.:p
Sorry Queefer.....(LOL)

...but it really happened - and actually, I think it's important that we keep this forum as a "no holds barred" situation.
I hope I didn't get too graphic.

Actually, I had my concerns when suddenly an erection wasn't forthcoming after a couple of weeks on Andro...

Boners are fun!!!:p

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