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Raver Article #3


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Jun 5, 2002
Next Level: Cutting

OK, now you’ve done your 2-3 bulking cycles in the off-season, and it’s time to get ready for the swimming pool, the cruise ship, the beach, whatever. If you’ve had a good bulking season, you are probably carrying between 12-18% bodyfat (and this varies by individual, that asshole Bytor can stay lean even WHILE bulking). Cutting cycles are probably the most difficult of all in terms of the discipline required…if you think it’s hard to eat, sleep, jack enormous amounts of juice, and train, you are in for a BIG, BIG surprise.

The first thing you want to decide on is just how lean you want to get. Remember, the leaner your goals, the harder the effort is going to be, so don’t set yourself up for failure…there’s always next year. A good goal for an average (part-time, although I hate that term) BB is between 8 and 10%, and for a competitive BB, or someone who relies on their physique to make money over the summer months, between 4 and 6%. Let me make this utterly and completely clear….I have NEVER been below 10% BF, and, quite frankly, I’m not willing to make the effort to get there. I have, however, coached BBs at my gym on how to get that low, and even though they hate me during the process, the results speak for themselves.

You’re going to need to stock up on several items…none of which are particularly cheap. DNP at 300/600mg a day (depending on how much suffering you’re willing to put up with), at least 5 bottles of T-3 (pretty cheap). Enough GH to use 8-12 IU a day for 10-12 weeks (ouch, that hurts my wallet just thinking about it), E/C/A (cheap), Winstrol Tabs (preferably Zambon 2mg), Primobolan Depot, Testosterone Suspension or Prop, Finaplix, and plenty of Equipoise. In addition to the above, you’ll probably need enough Winny tabs (NOT Depot) to use 20-25mg a day during the cutting cycle. You’ll also need some Keto-sticks (available at CVS OTC) to check your level of ketosis.

You’re also going to have to learn the gospel of either BodyOpus or Animalobolics (personally, I prefer Animal’s plan, since I can carb up more often and see that I’m not totally flat).

The idea behind a cutting cycle is to lose adipose body tissue (fat), while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Note please that I say AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE…you WILL lose some muscle.

Use HGH!!! While GH has not really proven itself to enhance the effects of the bean, it has most definitely proved itself, at doses of 6-8 IU a day to burn fat at an incredible rate. Use T-3!!! At a dosage of 1mcg per day of bodyweight, the T-3 will reduce bloat, increase the efficiency of the bean, and, burn off a good amount of fat (yes, you still have to eat on this cycle). Don’t use Dbol, ‘Drol, or Sustanon…limit your Test intake to Suspension or Propionate. Use Fina. Fina has a hardening effect that will make your muscles appear more solid, thus, less bloated. For your Anabolics, drop the Deca and increase the Primo to 600mg once a week, and the Winny, EQ, or Laurabolin ED FOOD: This one is not so easy….you can’t eat damn thing in sight A CKD diet is a real bitch to maintain, and it tends to to keep your energy levles low. When you make your protein shakes, use water (less calories than fruit juice or skim milk), add sherbet or yogurt, flax seed oil, and a dab or 2 of peanut butter. Don’t be ashamed to whip up coffee cups with 20g of protein and 6g of Creatine at work. All in all you want at LEAST 2000 (preferably 2500) calories a day, with 1g of protein for each pound of your CURRENT DESIRED bodyweight. Some other favorites are Beef Jerky (Oberto), Oysters (try eating 2 dozen oysters at an oyster bar and watch the waitress drool…), and Pork Rinds. Lots and lots and lots of green vegetables, such as spinach, green beans, salad, or, if you’re a sick bastard like me, go to the Korean restaurant and get loads of Kimchi, Seasoned Garlic Shoots, Seasoned (hot) radishes. Visit the Sushi bar whenever you can afford it, and order loads of Tuna, Giant Clam, Eel, Yellowtail, Omelet Nigiri, and anything without rice or Tempura in it.

CARDIO – I know, it’s not a four letter word, but it should be. The only acceptable cardio I’ve found is kayaking in the North Georgia Mountains, hiking the Appalachian Trail, and doing the Aerobics classes at Golds just to watch all the female ass moving around. The one and only undisputable fact is, if you don’t do cardio, you won’t get to the level of BF you want.

What can I expect from my Cutting Cycle?

Let’s assume you do EVERYTHING right. You administer the bean correctly, you train like a demon from Hell, you take your Milk Thistle, and Saw Palmetto, and, hopefully, a multivitamin and Zinc supplement. You sleep 9-10 hours a night, or, 8 hours a night with a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, you hit each muscle group every 3 to 5 days. What’s left? First off, on this cycle as well, Alcohol is a BIG, BIG, no no. No one is saying you can’t hook up with your buddies once or twice a week and have 2-3 (Light) beers, but slamming down a liter of Cuervo Gold once a week is definitely going to hurt you. Sleeping aids? I know that when I’m on Dbol or ‘Drol, I can’t sleep worth a shit, so my accepted solution is a 10mg Valium with a single glass of wine. BOOM, bedtime. As for other psychotropics, fellas, it just doesn’t make sense to add that kind of sense to your system when you are trying to get big and strong. X, Acid, Meth, Coke…forget it, you might as well save your money for a cutting cycle.

So – given the above, here’s a rough cut by level of what can be expected:

Beginner – Loss of 2% BF – you guys don’t have the discipline yet.. – the first cycle is always the best, so don’t waste it. Intermediate – Loss of 4-5% BF – you guys have done this before. Advanced – Loss of 5-7% BF - At our level, every damn pound or kilo of fat is a real bitch to get off, and even harder to keep off. ACCESSORY DRUGS –

After reading this board for awhile, you should be aware of the fact that you need to have Clomid, Nolvadex, Arimidex, Cytadren, and, possibly, HCG on hand. This will be covered in a future article.

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