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Raver's T-3 article


New member
Oct 5, 2002
This is one of my favorite articles. Here is what I have of it. I thought it would be a nice addition

Cytomel (Mexican Cynomel) Synthetic T-3 amd Clenbuterol Stacking - A Quick Weight Loss Solution
This is to be a far from scientific article, one based, rather, in practical experience in losing weight and helping others to lose weight. We are not, on the average, concerned with obese individuals, but those who have packed on an additional 12-25 pounds beyond what was expected in a traditional steroid cycle, and the weeks beyond.

Not all of us will gain this type of weight during a cycle, but those of us who use a high protein / high calorie diet in conjunction with heavy weight lifting, accompanied by a medium to high dosed androgenic (i.e., Dianabol, Testosterone, Trenbolone (Finaplix or Component T-H)) steroid cycle, will almost always pack on an additional 6-20 pounds of pure lard. Granted that Burger King, Hooters, and Papadeux are not on the traditional bodybuilders menu, many of us are either forced, or by personal inclination, choose to indulge in calorie/fat bombs in order to provide the necessary building blocks for muscle.
Who, after all, can subsist on 3-5 protein shakes a day? I certainly can't, and from what I've seen of the advice on the boards, a Whopper or 2 every other day seems to be the prescribed regimen for gaining LBM - the prized Lean Body Mass.
Let's look at that paradigm for a moment - LBM. Sure and granted, we all seek this Holy Grail of Bodybuilding, but too many novices and mid-level bodybuilders alike sacrifice gaining pure muscle mass, in favor of gaining 2-6 pounds of LBM with a $400 - $1100 steriod cycle - all because they want to stay lean.
I might be wrong (it's been known to happen, albeit once a year or so), but if I'm going to invest that kind of dough, I want to see some by God muscle appear. In order to build the kind of muscle I expect from a cycle, I need to consume 4000 - 6000 calories a day, depending upon what I'm doing (Touch Football, Softball, or Indoor Soccer season). Those calories don't ALL go towards LBM, many (sometimes too many) go towards pure lard.
Don't get me wrong, the intensity you apply in the gym does, in fact, burn some serious fat, while at the same time channeling blood, nutrients, and the cherished PUMP to your muscles. However, if you intend to gain serious mass, and here I give kudos to the WarPig, you'll bulk and bloat.
Damnit, the bloat. We don't want to look like Beachballs, we want to look like Footballs - tight, tapered, lean in all the right places. How to eat the necessary calories, the necessary protein, the absolutely essential, energy giving Carbohydrates, without the dreaded bloat?

Here's where the first application of T-3 comes in. I won't quote any studies (there are few), but from personal experience, and the experience of those amatuer and mid-level bodybuilders I've helped, a 25-50mcg dosage of T-3, per day, will help to reduce bloating and water retention, while at the same time enhancing the effect of whatever steriod (androgenic or anabolic) the user chooses. It won't, by any means, keep the mass from piling on, but it will eliminate the dreaded moon face and the hideous stomach bloat.

The second application of T-3 is intended to quickly reduce the blubber produced by a serious mass cycle, and ALWAYS, always includes Clenbuterol. Say, for example, you've done a Raver Cycle - 2g Test, 600mg Deca, and 50-75mg Dbol a day, for 12 weeks. You've devoured 3 Cornish Game Hens at a meal, wolfed down a double Whopper with cheese, but no Mayo every other day, and forced yourself to eat spaghetti with meatballs, cottage cheese, herb-seasoned chicken breasts, pork tenderloins, meatloaf, oatmeal, grits, and eggs, eggs, eggs, tuna tuna tuna, along with 2-3 daily protein shakes.
Trust me - you're fat. You look big as shit in the mirror, but you have no abs, no separation, and no definition. The remedy?
Weigh yourself. For every pound, use 1mcg of T-3. If you weigh 180, and you look fat, use 175mcg of T-3. If you weigh 250, and you look fat, use 250mcg of T-3. Round the dosage down to the nearest 25mcg, and stack Clenbuterol at 5-12 tabs a day for 6 weeks. Follow a CKD diet, such as Body Opus or Animalobolics, do 15-20 minutes of Cardio for the first 3 weeks, and watch the fat shed.

T-3 by itself produces sweat like there's no tomorrow - you'll have wet spots under your arms, under your pecs, in the crack of your ass, and, on your forehead. You might get the shakes.
T-3, stacked with Clenbuterol, will give you all of the above mentioned sweats, along with the shakes...your hands, your legs (stairs are really a bitch), and your neck, on occasion. If you have a job like mine, where the shakes are undesirable, use a potassium supplement or eat 2-3 bananas a day, it will alleviate them.

In summary, T-3 has two uses - eliminating bloat and water retention during a cycle, and rapid weight loss after a cycle. One of the things to remember while using this drug is that it DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE between LBM and pure fat - it eats tissue, period. I used T-3 exactly twice before figuring out that it should never be used without at least 400mg of Testosterone, preferably, in dieting mode, Propionate. A post cycle regimen of 1mcg T-3 per pound of bodyweight, along with Clenbuterol and a 50-100mg / day dosage of Test Prop, will work absolute wonders.
And now, for the Raver challenge (the third in 14 months) - If anyone - ANYONE can produce scientific, verifiable evidence that synthetic T-3 (Cytomel, Cynomel) causes thyroid shutdown in humans after prolonged, high dose use - I'll send them $100. A major medical journal, a study by a top 10 ranked pharmaceutical firm, or verifiable results of a personal medical evaluation (verifiable via documentation and confirmation by the physician) are acceptable. Barring that, let's not hear any further argument about the horrible side effects of T-3
Wow, great read... So is that all correct then?? If so, it's pretty awesome what he's said about shedding the lbs..!!
I think that those doses are abit high , I have run T-3 up to 125mcg a day with clen at 80mcg a day and felt like I was gonna die and I weighed 290lbs !!
I cut the clen out because everybody told me thats what was doing it and the trouble never subsided , once I backed the T-3 dose down to 75mcg i was fine and ran the clen back up to 80mcg with zero problems.

all I'm saying is do some research before anybodu jumps on those doses
I personaly like T3 at high doses like 200mcg +
and I use only human grade...

with AAS offcourse :)
i remember way back when raver posted that...was it at the UG or Renegade? can't remember but i know he was always kind of known as the t3 guy. I think the doses are probably a little excessive as well, but regardless its interesting to see this brought up.
T3 and clen are both powerful and work really well if used properly. I have been around people that just can handle clen at all make them very (agitated and mean). Thanks very good read, I have never done that high of dosage but have came close.
What about off cycle use

He suggests never use t-3 without test, do most peoples experiences confirm this?
Yes, always T3 with Test... and keep protein high!
While I haven't seen any research that shows the normal thyroid behavior doesn't return, I also haven't seen any research showing normal thyroid function returning quickly vs. slowly.

If T3 kicks the thyroid into overdrive to increase metabolism, and if you discontinue and your thyroid does not jump right back into normal operation, won't you have a time period when you feel like crap and you gain all the weight back?

If there is no negative feedback loop whatsoever, then thyroid continues operating the entire time, and no need to taper down in use. Most people taper down 25mcg every 3 days, and then down to 12.5 mcg for several days.

While I won't argue that T3 and clen are not effective, I wonder sometimes if they are sufficiently effective to do it INSTEAD of a clean diet and rigorous cardio regimen.
Good article i agree with allot of what you have said/sujested i run 25mg e/d for very long peroids and find that it keeps bloat, and fat away whilst on a high cal diet.
great post but question when should that be added to a precontest cycle, as of now i am 6 weeks out, so now or wait till i get to the 4 week mark
I think the article overall is a great read and real food for thought, which I think is what this board is all about. Having said that, i disagre on those dosages, to be sure and even to a certain degree on the length. I'm not saying prolonged use will or will not shut down your thyroid. Heaven knows there's more myth than facts out there. What I am saying is know yourself as well as your supplier. I run my clen nearly continuous at 160 mcgs/day. My T3 I taper up and down over the course of 2 weeks then off 2 weeks. This works great for me. I'm like a furnace, eating a high protein, low carb low fat diet. If by chance i eat something high in carbs, shit, my furnace kicks in, I get warm as hell and feel the true effects of these two synergistic drugs. I dont hold much water and dont worry about gyno issues.
If T3 kicks the thyroid into overdrive to increase metabolism, and if you discontinue and your thyroid does not jump right back into normal operation, won't you have a time period when you feel like crap and you gain all the weight back?

I felt like my metabolism was cranked up for about 2 weeks after I stopped.

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