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Some Bad Times


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Oct 6, 2007
Hey everybody, I haven't been on the boards lately....Once in the last month which was about a week ago and I was going to post this then but I got a phone call and had to go asap. So, the least of everything was that I had an uncle with alzheimers which we had to ship off to a facility in Arizona where his daughter (my cousin) is (he's in California and I am as well)....Nice place, he's happy, she can visit him, whole thing worked out great! The following week, I finally realize that his son (my cousin) who lives with my girlfriend and I, is suffering from mental illness. He and I are the same age (41) and we were raised like brothers. I had to talk to my aunt and let her know and she had to see some bad things but has handled most of it well. He was gone for a few days, so while he was gone we went into his room and uncovered quite a bit of garbage and about 200 bottles of urine....That's no misprint! We did an intervention and he is currently getting help....He is a really good guy which made this very hard. Outside of his living conditions you would never suspect that there was anything wrong with him. So, that is slowly working out as well or at least headed in the right direction so far. A week after that....This was the big one.....I got a call from my ex girlfriends sister letting me know that my ex was in the hospital with congestive heart failure. My ex and I are still friends and I helped raise her two sons for 10 years and consider them my step sons. My current girlfriend is wonderful and we have had my ex and the boys over to our house for dinner. Anyway, she was in bad, bad shape and had to be flown to Stanford. She was beginning to have systemic failure....Kidneys stopped functioning, liver stopped and the heart transplant team was on stand by. They thought they were going to have to use some type of mechanical device instead of her actual heart to keep her alive, while they found a donor. They were able to stabilize her to where she didn't need that procedure but she wasn't expected to live. Well, four weeks later and she had her pacemaker upgraded and can now get into a wheel chair and be pushed around. By the end of the third week at Stanford, she had made such an incredible recovery that she was stable enough to be transported to the cardiac unit at Kaiser (We would all rather have her at Stanford). They are still contemplating a transplant but aside from all of that she is smiling and talking and doing great!!! I am leaving out a lot of detail, both good and bad but this post could go on for ever. So, that's what I've been doing!!
Holy Crap !!! :eek: thats alot to handle in a months time..I hope everything turns out ok, for ya...Best of luck !! I will keep you in my prayers...

I hope all your loved ones get better, Bio. That's tough stuff. I prayed for you.
It can't rain all the time dude. Life sure will throw a shit-storm at you and it might be 10 horrible things that happen one right after the other. But after the rain and clouds are gone, you are going to be back in the sunlight bro. It will all turn out okay. Trust me. Thats life. But it aint always pretty.
That is alot!!!!

I lost my Cousin, best friend, got a Divorce and grandmother was dianosed with Dementia....In the same time frame.

It will make you that much stronger....Believe me!!!!

Hang in there Bro, it does get better.
God Bless!

Sending out prayers for you and your loved ones.
i havent worked since sept, i have $600 in the bank, im losing my house,living at my girls, and i have to hear how i dont support her enuff every day..........life is a roller coaster, just gota hang on
Now I mean this in the nicest possible way.......Lucky you lift bro because that is a huge load to carry on your shoulders. I certainly hope that everyone gets better and that you get some of that load removed from overburden shoulders. I work in the disability sector now and deal with all types of disabilities and the families of those suffering from them. Not an easy thing bro. My thoughts are with you. Keep strong and do not be afraid to put your hand up for help also. Sometimes it is just needing to talk to someone about it all. :)
Damn sorry to hear about your situation. Keep your head up man it will work out for the best!
Thanks for the kind words! I'm keeping my head up and lucky for me, shoulders are my best body part LOL. Since my ex seems to be out of the woods, a lot of the stress has lifted. Also in that same time frame, my fridge died...That was tough because I LOVE MY FOOD!!:D It's kind of weird how tragedy can put things into perspective. Just as all of this was getting ready to hit, I was getting depressed about the lack of work out there....I'm a remodeling contractor and it's the shits right now...But when I got the news about my ex, that really made me realize the importance of so many other things.

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