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Soreness from Syntheselen


New member
Apr 7, 2003
I have noticed soreness at the point of injection from Syntheselen each and every time I inject. It lasts a few days and goes away, but of course if you inject ED or even EOD, there will always be sore spots. I generally inject thighs, that's where I've always injected A/S. I know you can use a fine eg 25g needle, it doesn't hurt going in, it just gets sore over a 12 hour period. I do not believe there is infection, as it slowly goes away. The site is a bit warm and swollen. I take all the usual precautions from injecting (I'm pretty anal about it actually), and have never gotten an infection.

I also use Synthetine, but I haven't noticed the same soreness from it. Anyone else notice this?

Vein, actually I'm kind of puzzled (not because of your post) but because of the symptoms. Since you said the pain (soreness) eases after time and there's no indication of infection perhaps you could try alternative sites. Shit, I know it sounds simplistic (what the hell, I'm old and going brain dead) but as long as there's no serious complications I try for the simple answers first.

You know, I'm old too (compared to a lot of the guys here, anyhow) and probably brain dead too, so I don't hold that against you! I don't even know what the symptoms of an infection would be, since I've never had one from injecting, but somehow I feel it would be worse than this, and would take longer to heal, but that is only a guess. I'm sure some of the guys here have had real infections, given the amount of home made tren and other such items that are used, and could give me a better feel for it. Plus, I'm willing to bet not everyone is as anal as I am about injection procedure. I am told the Synthetek products are all 100% sterile, and since I've done nothing to alter that, I assume infection is out, unless they had a real bad batch or something. Plus, the L-carnetine doesn't have the same effect.

I like simple solutions, but in this case, I move the sites around the thigh to the maximum extent possible, but do not think another area would solve the problem. I don't do glute injects, and all the other areas I use would be worse if they got sore. Don't ask why I don't do glute injects, I just don't. Like I said before, this is the first problem I've ever had with anything, including home made tren.
Welcome to water based injections! Most water based stuff has a different ph than that of the body's so it causes irritation at the inj site, that's why the delayed soreness. Some are so bad they kill when it goes in. If you try Aminovite then you'll know injection pain! I did only once. It absolutely killed when it went in and then for a whole week I couldn't walk.
Big A, thanks, that clears it up. What's Aminovite? I had always heard Winstrol would hurt as its water based, and I've never had any pain at all from it, I even put it in my biceps, so I wasn't really thinking about the water based angle. In other words, live with it but don't worry about it. I'm trying to do the Syntheselen every other day to help with this problem, so my thighs aren't quite so sore, so I've been doing 3ml EOD, sometimes with extras thrown in, I know this is less than they say, but it still should have some positive effect, and a bit less constant pain.
Aminovite is a vitamin and amino's inj garbage.

Like Tae said, move sites around. Quads are the most painful site there is.
you're kidding about quads being the most painful site there is! I did my first injection there and have done most there since, other than biceps for the Winstrol, and I've been doing some deca in my calves. Interestingly, biceps are the least painful, but there is way less room to move around there than quads. I use quads because of the size you can move around a lot, and still remain within the acceptable zone. I won't do glutes for some odd reason. I've also never done delts, but really don't want them to be as sore as Syntheselen makes things.

I don't mean to give you a hard time, I believe thighs are a sensitive area, since even my physician cannot believe I inject there. I've discovered sometimes its easy, sometimes more sensitive. The muscle there is way tougher than elsewhere, if that makes sense, you really feel how hard it is to get the needle in, compared to say the bicep where it glides right in (does that say something about my biceps, lol?). For some reason I'm afraid of delts, which I know is a very popular area to inject. Calves work pretty well, but they are very vascular and I have to watch for surface vessels, and I tend to hit them on the inside as well.
What do you have against glutes. I find them very difficult to get at but it's the most pain-free injection site for me.

the first time i did a sytheselen inj it was 2cc in my tricep lateral head. that shit was sore for a week. after experimenting i found a place on my body which i had very little pain inj and sore for 1 day which was my rear delt for some reason.
XCEL I think its just as you said, because its hard to get at, you can't see what you are doing, you can't use two hands at all, and I keep thinking I'm going to hit something back there, which of course is absurd. Perhaps I should reconsider.
I just started syntheselen. I like it, but I get sore as hell like cramped sore for around 30min but then it completely goes away. Done delts, tris, and glutes.
Regardless of what I have ever put in my quads they hurt. I always seem to get sore from this shit one way or another with this site. Why is there so much discomfort with this. Is it all the nerves running through them or what. A friend of mine likes putting everything there cause its easy access and he has no problems with it ever.
Only pain I get form the syntheselen is when I quad inject it and it's not the Synth, I never like quad shots, seems to be the painful site for me.
To me, since I began with quad shots, I've never known of anything else, so I've assumed that's just how it is. There's lots of analogies there, I just can't think of one at the moment. However, as I've been injecting more stuff, I've had to branch out, and I'm overcoming my reluctance to try new spots. I had to admit, I've yet to find one that hurts MORE than quads. Based upon feedback from you guys here, I tried synth in the delts, and it worked great, and today I finally broke down and did one Synth shot in each glute--of course its no big deal now that I've done it, I won't say how long I've avoided that area, lol. However, while there was no pain going in, I will say I can feel the general synth soreness creaping up in my glute, so that may just be the nature of the synth. Interestingly, the delt never did get sore, so maybe that's the winner here. What is clear, though, that as far as needle entry goes, the quads actually are a pretty shitty place to inject, and I should have realised this a long time ago, but am too stubborn to change. Even calves are better from an entry view point, the big problem there being vascularity, I keep hitting veins in there, but normally can just move the needle in or out a bit and fix that.

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