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I wanted to personally thank everyone that commented in the thread Iabadman started. He sent me an e-mail and asked me to come on here and read it and I was flattered to say the least. I have met alot of great people on this board and have had longstanding personal relationships with ALOT of you and some of my clients turned out to not only become clients but friends as well as that has always been very important to me. I was bashed over and over again and I hold no annamosity towards anyone for accepting FH's statements as truth's as I personally would have had a hard time believing otherwise if i was in any of your shoes! I have no hidden agenda never have and neer will. BIG A did infact state facts as did Mike_S and A50(by the way good to see you buddy welcome back its great to see you here) I have never bullshitted about my credentials as any of my clients can tell you nor do I tute my own horn. I realized in the internet bodybuilding world that alot of people make snap judgements bsed on hearsay. Its rediculous the things I have heard mentioned about myself,Chad and alot of pro's that are indeed very personal friends of mine! It is very easy for alot of people to hide behind computers and spout off but is that really contributing in a possitive manner to the boards? I realized that infact I started to get into these same pissing matches and didn't want to involve the board,its owner,mod's or members because therefore that makes me no better than these select individuals. Anyone that has met me will tell you I am very passionate about the sport and helping people and have all the respect in the world for the other nutritonalists like Skip and Swolecat to name a few. none of us prep our athletes the same but we all have learned from eachother as have I learned from some of the promuscle board members as I have found over the years not to be so close-minded as to not listen to other theories and suggestions. I can honestly say my schedule is VERY hectic to say the least but if the general board wants would like my imput I would be more than happy to give it where I feel I can help the members out. I must be honest and say that my clients much like Skip and his clietns come first as this is how we make our livings but I will contribute as much as possible on specific topics and will also have a few online interviews in the very near future as well. As always I welcome any/all members to stop by and say hi at any of the national or pro shows if you see me. Thank you again and to my old friends,clients,mod's and of coarse BIG A! THANK YOU for the kind words. best of luck and please stay safe and grow in peace. your friend wyldeone.
Nice post my friend ......I wish you contined health.success, and happiness.Thanks again for everything.
Up - for the wyldeone!

Ive never seen (or read) anything but class from wylde. Would love to read more of your input on future topics if you have the time. Take care...

LAst year while prepping for my show I would copy alot of Wylde's posts onto my pc and kept them as a document to refer back to!
The man know's his contest prep!

(and yes, Skip knows his "shit" too) ;)
Very nice to see your name back on the boards. When you are gone, you are truly missed.

Hey dumb fuck! Jeff Bell

Dan aka Piggy has been calling you out tough guy since you accused him of being me so whats up.

He has sent you all kinds of good stuff but you have no response so I guess we see who the pussy is.

You acted stupid called out a guy who I spoke to maybe 4 times and trash him when you and he had a truce and you talk about dignity. You only did that because the rest of the thieves and cons did the same to him including the fat fuck Mike S.

Before you say I am Piggy I am not he already told you my real name which is Scott.


To the rest of you dumb fucks watch Bill O' riley tonight and watch it start and then sratch your heads and wonder where Bob Costas got his info about AAS in sports.

Later Internet Toughies.
NOW BAN ME AGAIN DAMN IT but I'll be back with updates since it seems to piss this board off the most

Fathead aka Scott the 26 year old looser that is going to fuck you all.
Last edited:
Its simple really simple!

You continually want to call me and all of these others mod's out but the fact of the matter is none of us are hiding behind screen names throwing around false accusations. You are a KID plain and simple. You have nothing better to do than make shameless posts. Why don't you post your credentials and accomplishments on here(oh yeah you already tried that LOL) for all of us to read. why hide behind a computer? As BIG A and everyone else stated I am here and everyone knows who I am and all we have ever heard from you is blaitant lie's and deciet to its members. I'm not so sophmoric that I will get into a pissing match with you because i have no clue who the hell you are nor do I care. If you were anyone of any significance I would already know and you wouldn't be affraid to post your info. like we have all done. unlike you we have nothing to hide and for you to slam guys like Mike_S and Xcel that have contributed to the bodybuilding boards more than you could ever hope to is very sad. You are a very disturbed kid and I hope you get some help. No need in replying but I'm sure alot of the members would like to know who you are. regardless you don't matter to any of us on the boards and never will maybe that is your problem instead of trying to break others down try to better yourself and do something with your life! maybe you wouldn't hate the world so much

What is the purpose of what you are doing? I really dont understrand it, eventhough you tried explaining it earlier, I guess.
my god will this guy just fuckin die already.. listen dumbshit, NO ONE, AND I REPEAT NO ONE.. will stop the black market.. people know its out there no ones stupid.. big fuckin deal.. dont you think there are more important things in life than trying mess with people on the internet who use steroids for themselves and it dosent affect anyone else.

ANYHOW BACK TO THE TOPIC. wylde, everytime yuou start hanging around some schmoe has something ignorant to say, who cares im sure you have a lot of enemies just because of the job you do, peole are jealous etc. looks at the replies, if thats not enough to tell you we want you hear, then somethings wrong. everyone who replied to that thread, is really the only people that frequent the boards and whos opinion actually is worth a shit. you get these people with 5-10 post talking trash on you..

Take care,

Re: Hey dumb fuck! Jeff Bell

thugz said:

You acted stupid called out a guy who I spoke to maybe 4 times and trash him when you and he had a truce and you talk about dignity.

Hmm...interesting. That's not what you said in an email to me:

----- Forwarded message from fatbrain fatbrain <[email protected]> -----

A little background on me and Piggy's relationship for you since you and your crew seem to think Piggy had no friends outside of you and that we are the same person.

I met the bro on the UG a long time ago as Spaceghost and we met up in person at his dojo he trained at called Megaton Gym. I realized he was a good-hearted guy and not so full of shit as most people are that are on the boards. He is a hot head, he makes mistakes, he talks before he thinks and stuff usually just falls out of his mouth but 100% of the time he believes what he says and when he is wrong he says so I have seen it.

Why do I say all this well I got Dan his job at State Farm , I worked there almost 11 years as an Investigator until they downsized, --
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Ahhhh.....always telling lies. I can go on and on. I have every email ever sent to me and all info if you care to dance?
What a Jack ass......this guy just won't go away! Some one needs to find him and off em! This is really starting to get personal.

Angry Pat:mad:
Anyone remember H2T/H2L?? This whole situation reminds me of him every single time I read his posts. Always looking to start shit for no reason.

I second that! Pumped is on to something.......
.....and you will always here good things about him from anyone that matters.

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