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This is not another....


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Jan 9, 2007
thread about who is/was/will be the best body builder ever. It is just a thread for anyone to put in their thoughts about some of the legends of our game. I was just cruising youtube and watched some vids of the Big Man Ronnie Coleman. Damn, just Damn! He was one of my all time favorites. Watcing him morph over the years is what this sport is all about. I do not care about the drugs, genetics, syntherol, blah, blah fucking blah. Just look at it for what it is. A lifetime achievement, a dedication to what you believe in! The work ethic, solitude, dedication, conviction to your beliefs and the sheer determination to be the absolute best! King of the Mountain! The man's physique speaks more than any speech, word, phrase or metaphor you can think up. He will be remembered for a long long time to come. Thanks Ronnie for the memories and the revelations. In fact, thanks to all of the greats who made body building (to us) what it is now and what it will be in the future.

This is one of my favorite pics of the man. I got him to look into the lens for me. He was doing a guest appearance at a bb show. It was right after his loss to Jay. Had he have won he would have beat Lee Haney's all time record of Olympia wins. Cheers!
ronnie looking copy.jpg
will there ever be some one better than arnold? he had everything and not just physique wise, and put bbing where it is today. but yea ronnie is unbelievable.
if were talking whos physique i most admire, i hate to say it. in the most non-homo way of speaking i admire john cena and bautista. day in and out both maintain damn good conditioning, have a horrible travel schedule, and their bodies take a beating. i dont want a debate here if WWE is real or not, if u fly off the top rope and land on ur back its going to hurt.
as i said neither are BBRs but
I really like Flex Wheeler's physique

Good thread Oldfella

for me it's always been serge nubret


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Arnold in 74.

Guy was huge that year.

Ive always liked Arnold physique - kind of like a super muscular athlete, not just a typical blocky musclehead.

And i too agree about Cena - that guy has a great physique, which with all the traveling, crummy meals, and wrestling 3-4 times a week, must be hard to maintain.
Ronnie the Unbelieveable

he took size and conditioning to a new level. i remember my jaw dropping when i saw this picture for the first time
its just amazing. from brahma bull back to shredded glutes just insane. AND, i have met him on several occasions and he is just a super nice guy.


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"Ain't nothin' but a peanut" :D

I think Arnold though was able to use bodybuilding to do what you stated above into other aspects of life, movie star career , politics etc. , which would make him King of the Mountain as most successful bodybuilder in that aspect.

Not to take anything away from Ronnie...
Keep them coming guys. Like I said, it is not about who is/was/will be the best. It is simply about who you have looked up to, admired, or just simply been gob smacked by. There will always be debate over who is or was better than the next guy. Each new era of body building brings in a new era of size, shape, muscularity, symmetry and conditioning. I think it is important that we all see the changes and just admire the work all of them has put in to getting to where they are/were!
When I was a kid it was definately Arnold. I liked a lot of the old guys though like Zane and Columbo.
When I was a teen I really like Andreas Munzer. One of the most ripped BBers EVER. Was really kinda bummed when he died.
YouTube - Andreas Munzer - Mr. RIPPED
For me it was always Arnold. Another guy I liked a lot was Berry Demay. I always thought he had a great physique, and nobody ever mentions him.
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RONNIE, RONNIE RONNIE.. will never be another.... awesome..:headbang:
The person that had the most impact on me was Rich Gaspari. In my opinion, he changed the game forever with his condition on what was arguably not a terribly gifted frame/structure.

Arnold of course

i have always looked up to Scharzennegger for all he achieved in not only bb'ing but life itself. From promotion of our sport, to real estate mogul, to movie star to governor his achievements are amazing.
his genetics are also ridiculous in the fact that he was a big mofo and yet every woman i know would still say he looks GOOD.

but in terms of freaky nasty physique there can be only one: King Ronnie!:headbang:
Ronnie is still a top 10 body builder right now...anyone see the guest posing pics of him from this week or last week? he looks lean and huge
dorian for the mass or Casey Viator for a classic looking powerfull physique

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