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Timing Slin Around GH Shot


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Apr 8, 2003
Hey guys,

How do all of you time your slin shots around your GH? Information is very conflicting so i would like to know what the oppinions are over here.

Im getting ready to use for the first time. Will do just 2 iu at night to start. I am eventually going to do a Blast or Bath with it at 10iu a day. If you do multiple inj. what times do u do gh and slin.

So basically do u do them at the same time or seperate times.

Also, is GH effective as soon as administered or dose it have a delayed peak onset? If so, what is it?
My slin GH protocol

If you saearch the site I am sure you'll find lots of info.
But I'll add to that. :)

My slin GH protocol
Here is what I would do.
There are a few factors when it comes to using slin. For some people I wouldn't recommend it. If you prediposed to being genetically heavy (fat) and your carb sensative and your trying to cut then I see no reason what so ever a person such as this would ever need to use slin. In fact it's the complete opposite of what they want. When slin is present fat burning is NOT.

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have a skinny ecomorphic fellow Who's metobolism is screaming in high gear and he is 6'0 14olbs with 7% bodyfat. This person I think needs slin and needs gear and may even need GH to push him to a point where he is even non longer fragile. If this skinny guy is in fact wanting to bulk and has his calories peaked, his training on target and his rest is addequate, and even a responsible gear regimen then he should be using Slin if in fact he wants to totally maximize his gains. (Please note that this last guy is/was me.) SO I speak from experience.

And then you have everyone in between with varying body types and varying goals and it would be literally impossible to give a single regimen that is universal. So it's time to be your own judge.

I'll give my example of my gear/GH/slin protocal and my gear/slin protocol.

**non GH cycle**
I would use 10IU of slin post workout and slam 100grams of high glycemic carbs immediately there after. Consume no fats at this time. There is really no need what so ever. I would also have about 75-100grams of a predigested protein such as whey, preferably a hydrolyzed or Ion exchanged. I don't like why concentrate.. Anyway. Thats somewhat irrelevent right now. I would also use slin in the AM but I never had a routine way of using it this way. I just used it when I felt I needed it. And that was mostly when I felt I needed to eat like a horse. I would use 5-10IUs.
Now note on a non slin/GH cycle gear only cycle It would take me 5-6 weeks of eating 500grams of carbs a day to even get over 10% body fat and this was on top of 500 grams of pro and 150 grams of fat. This is like 6500 calories. everyday non stop, no breaks. I don't get fat easily and that was in my late 20's early 30's. So I was the extreme case of ectomorph and I feel i used slin at a time when it was less rpone to cause body fat increaaes and MOST likely to cause muscle mass gains. Post work out. I used it after every workout for no more than the first 6 weeks of my bulking cycle. I ceases use for nothing other than mental reasons about thinking I might cause myself to become a self inflicted diabetic. Plus is was personal preference.
No within this cycle I stated I would use GH in the AM. Again I feel like I could have used it every AM and many time I did when I felt flat or lacked that extra kick in my appetite. I felt I could of used it every AM for my whole 6 week stint and not realy gotten fat. But I chose to use it randomly here because I just did. I would still girge on protein and fat in the AM so my body probably had a decent enough doe of it's own to serve the purpose in that non taxed state.

I'm not going to go into detail because I have tried using GH and slin in multiple ways. I tried the split injections and I tried the single dose technique. SOme people say not at night because you body makes it's own some people say at night when you body makes it owns and when it's more natural to release GH some say in the AM when you body is not making it some some not in the AM when you body is not naturally making it. So whats a guy to do? Honestly I tried both and I don't think it really matters. But if I had to lean one way it would be the early AM single dose injection. However if your using more than 6IU daily you will want to split it up IMO. I was using at one time GH 2'x a day and Slin 2x's a day. And since it's best not to use them in close proximity of one another I had quite an orchestrated and strategic injection routine going on. This was even tougher when I had to avoid fat intake after Slin injections, and was having to eat a lot more fat in order to get my calories at times when the slin had cleared. Luckily not every one needs this.
If you are one that is genetically slim like myself you would want to use higher dose of GH and slin more freq, and that is because I found myself to be one to need higher doses of anything when it came to my body type and metobolism and this is in reference to calories, gear, GH slin and training intensity. I needed supraphysiological doses of all stimuli.
You may be different. And it sounds like you are.
You mention how NOT to get fat using slin. The one definitive answer to that one is to not use it!! But to do so would mean to hinder potential gains. So make you choice. In order to use slin in the most effective anabolic way you want to use it POST training ONLY when in fact your muscles are taxed and able to handle the impact of nutrients. So stick to this rule. You can opt for lunch time injections but I say no. Unless you body says yes. If your feeling flat and your body fat is still low then by God do it.
While On GH 9IU in fact of the export kits which I found to not be quit as good as even 4IU of the lilly humatrope kits I could run up to 20IU of slin post workout and this is after using 4.5 IU in the AM and 4.5 IU GH at night. I would use slin at the very most 2 times during the day. My 10:00 am meal and post training around 7:00pm.
**Please note** If you are using slin 2'xs a day and GH 2x's a day You want to opt for humalog injected IM. Get it in and out especially post training. You nearly have to go this route in order for the clearance times to play out. If you are using slin post training in the PM and using GH in the AM then you can use humalin-R. I suggest this way for you now.

To answer your question about avoiding getting fat. Use your 4IU GH in the AM. You might could even use 2IU in the AM and 2IU at lunch for grins. Or even 2IU in the AM and 2IU at night before bed. Your choice. But you want to use slin at no other time than post training starting at 10IU per 100 grams of high glycemic carbs. up to 12IU with 120 grams of carbs to 15IU with 150 grams of carbs. Or for me even up to 20IU with nearly 200 grams of carbs. At one point you will start to get fat and this is for only you to know through trial and error. Start with 10IU unless of course you are bulking all out and eating a lot more than that post workout. The good thing about post workout is your chances of storing ANY carbs as fat is very slim. So you want to take in the most at this time. And honestly you even want to have the mentality that you can NOT overdo anything at this time. Your muscle want it and need it. ANything you can give it now will speed recovery time and will fight the effect of the cortisol that you have dumped off in your system do to the intense training. It's a battle of the hormones at this time so be sure you stick your self with something highly anabolic (slin) and something highly anti-catabolic (carbs), and shortly there after Plenty of protein. You should be eating again within an hour, NO fats again. And then 2 1/'2 hours later you need to eat again and this time get you some good fats in. And do so through out the rest of the day. It's at this time you want to keep the carbs to the low end of the glycemic index and even moderately low in grams, But this depends on your goals. Your muscles just don't need the carbs now like they did post workout. With the slin out of your system you body can then again enter back into something that even resebles fat burning mode so why fuck that up with high gylc carbs. It's time to up your calories with Flax oil, borage oil, pumpkinseed oil ( that is very good oil for reducing prostate during testosterone cycles)

You going to avoid getting fat by properly manipulating your carb intake, And avoding the fats at the times when your body needs focus on processing the carbs and the proteins. So this is where you need to look into for that. As far as slin and GH. To make it simple for you. 4IU GH in the AM 15IU with 150grams of high glyc carbs post work out (afternoon) no fats for 3-4 hours, but plenty of carbs and protein. after that lots of good fats and low doses of low glyc carbs. enough to keep your muscle hydrated and saturated with gylcogen. But not overly. What constitutes 'overly' is an individualistic approach.

Not sure if I answered your question but I do know I rambled. If you more confused let mek now. I think I am at this point.

Damn Sup, where's the copyright for that book?

OK, i am very experienced w/ slin use. I just needed to clarify to take shots of slin/gh away from each other. Got that. I was wanting to do a burst cycle after a while, so those of u that have done it, do u have a shot timeline to follow? i will do 2iu 4-5 times per day.
Good advice Sup1...Sup1 was the one who helped advise me the first time i used GH/slin. I followed his advice and had the best cycle of my life. I deffinately prefer using my 6ius of GH first thing in the morning and 15ius of slin post workout. Bump for some very good information. Thanks again Sup.

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