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  1. R

    Which Peptides can I add to my TRT Regimen for Bulking and Cutting?

    Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker. My TRT Regimen is to rotate between Test E and Test C every 3-4 months. I'm on SubQ daily dosing totaling around 150-180 per week depending on the compound. I also run HCG for fertility of 400-500 IU per week divided into 2 shots. I am looking into...
  2. T

    Dude in 40s doing TRT

    I’ve made the decision to do trt for the rest of my life. I’ve been doing some reading on it and just want to get your opinion on my protocol. (Found this somewhere online) 250mg sustanon every 10days 250 IUs of HCG every 3 days 12.5 mcg of T3 every day 1.25mg finsteride everyday (occasionally)...
  3. M

    Fertility on TRT

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding TRT and having kids. I'm on TRT currently and I still do cycles here and there, but my concern is, will I still be able to have children even though I'm on TRT? Would I be able to Just hop off TRT and take some things like HCG, HMG, and other stuff to become...
  4. V

    Super High B12 levels for many years- HELP!

    For the past few years, on my blood tests, B12 came back over 1500 pg/ml. 900 is high on the scale. I don't take any B12 supplements and the Dr can't pinpoint why it's so high. Overall I feel great and everything else is in range. Based on my research online I could not find much info on...
  5. L

    Tren with TRT

    I'm only on 100mg/wk test c. Wondering if anyone tried tren ace/E with this kinda dosage (100-150mg)? Never tried tren, hear its fun and could be great..wanna experience it. Other than keeping AI in hand what other measures would you suggest to take and what would be the right dosage with that...
  6. MrLucky

    Insulin Sensitive Carb Cycling TRT Log

    As this is my first log, please hang with me as I deal with the struggles of penmanship. With that being said, this is my documented log for the next 30 days. During this time I will begin a insulin sensitive carb cycling diet along with TRT. Any questions and comments are welcomed. My...
  7. L

    TRT friendly doctor in Boston

    Hi guys, My test result just came in ridiculously low Total T 225 ng/dl, free T 54pg/ml, still my midget pussy beta male fucking doc wont prescribe me TRT while I've all the major symptoms of hypogonadism and saying I'm just fine. He wants to put me on anti-depression and saying while my move...
  8. T

    Total testosterone of 290 at 21 years old. Options?

    Story: Back in 2013 I had a blood test done which showed total testosterone at a level of 410 and because I was 19 at the time I trusted the doctor when he said it was normal. In January 2015 I had another blood test which showed a level of 422. I was looking up testosterone levels on the...
  9. S

    Thinking of getting on TRT but wondering about the long term effects

    I'm a 33 year old considering getting on TRT. The last time I got my test levels checked they were little low (enough to be flagged...not sure if this is enough to be "abnormal). I'm casting for a pro wrestling gig and I'm going to need to beef up some. I also want the extra test to help...
  10. herman01

    Switching from clinic to family Dr.

    If I go to my family Dr. To discuss Trt and that I'm already on it with a clinic and want to switch.. Do you think he will take bloods then or tell me to come off for while then test? I'm prescribed 200 Mg's a week and my levels will be elevated. Need to do it financially but if he request I get...
  11. D

    MGF w....Cjc or grhp2

    Okay say one is going to research w MGF. Would it be better suited w/ cjc w out the dac, or just GHRP 2? Goals: Muscle recovery Aid in size Aid in bulk( not looking lose fat ) Based on goals....what do you think would be best. Also, I could just do MGF seperate for 4 weeks and then do one of...
  12. J

    Testosterone Research Studies Currently Looking for Patients

    Testosterone: A Man's Guide: Testosterone Research Studies Currently Looking for Patients Those of you who want to help advance the understanding of testosterone use for different conditions can join research studies that are currently enrolling. I was amazed to see how many studies are out...
  13. B

    Anyone use triptorelin?

    Copy and paste from different forum here... Anyone use Triptorelin for HRT/TRT? Hey guys- Just wondering if there are are any other testimonials of taking a 100 mcg Trip shot to restore HPTA and Endocrince function in general? ive seen some good testimonials but they all seem to stop after a...
  14. D

    Best peptide for goals, and cjc 1295 alone?

    hey guys, I am 26 and on trt...yes it happens to ppl in their twenties, odd. However, i see okay results in the gym, but was wondering if cjc 1295 w/ out dac would be good alone, or if this should be ran with another pep( prefer a non prolactin prone ). I have seen some of dats posts and others...
  15. S

    29 year old male finally pulling the trigger on HRT

    I've seen threads on here about HRT and thought I'd chime in with my own experience. I've benefited from the discussions on here so I hope I can help out someone else too. About a year ago, I had my testosterone levels checked by a urologist as I was having performance issues. I didn't get to...
  16. Cgeorge

    How to run cycles for some one on HRT

    Basically im on HRT or TRT and i would like to know the best way to run a cycle for gains. For Example increase test and run something with it? then for pct use some tam and clomid and go back to original HRT dose?

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