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New member
Jun 6, 2002
im looking good, striations everywhere and i started aldactone on monday 50mg a day. well its wednesday and although i have lost some water im wondering if its ok to bump the dose to 75mg a day? i also have lasix tabs and im wondering if i should wait till the night before the show to use one or two tabs of lasix or should 75mg a day of aldactone get it done?
I haven't used aldactone yet but have some and have done plenty of research on it's use. 50mg is fine and bumping up to 75mg should be OK. I've heard of some that'll increase up to 100mg, but that sounds a bit high for me. I would stay away from Lasix "tabs" as they're too unpredictable.

thanks for the info xcel as well as everything else, ur a good bro!! and wolverine thanks for the support......i just cant seem to stop thinking about pizza and kfc, and dunkin donuts for some odd reason though........hmmmmmmmmm
I dont' know what your original plan was, BUT STICK TO IT!!!!! everyone freaks out the last week and changes things. Chances are you had a good plan to start with so don't change it bro.

thanks jungle girl....

Good luck! Let us know how you do!

Best luck bro, I would say if you looking that good without the lasix don't use them.

thanks BIGKIWI...
i just want all u guys to know that the show im doing is a "natural" pro qualifier. i have an NPC show planned for oct 26. but i have been doing "natural" shows for two years getting myself ready for the next level(NPC) and i would see at that point if im good enough to be an IFBB pro. my draw back is that i've been natural all my life, built quite a bit of muscle that way and only been on AAS for about a year while the other guys at these so called natural shows and at the next level(NPC) have been on for a bit longer than that. i just wanted everyone to know what kind of show this is so no one was misled....and yes ....all the guys who are trying to turn pro and the ones that are already pros use AAS so its not like im the only one using, show up jacked and take the show...not the case.
not a flame but i know a genetic freak who is a natural pro. and he has never taken shit. not even diuretics. god if he juiced he would be well over 300 in the offeseason.
sounds good man. i hope you do well. good luck

well let me start by saying i was the biggest guy on stage tonite at my show!!! i was big, hard and cut and the judges ignored me from jump street. putting me right to the outside of the group and leaving me there instead of keeping me in the center. the whoooooole fukin place was screaming my number......everyone knew i had the best OVERALL package. yes there were guys there that were harder but not nearly with as much muscle and apparently these WNBF fuckers reward the imatiated im too fukin hungry to stand look. cause i was packing the beef and i was cut up!!! i walk off the stage after not placeing in the top 5 and all i hear in the hallways as i leave is "u were robbed", "i thought u won the show when i first saw u step on stage, what happened". ......these fukin so called natural organizations can EAT A DICK....im doing all NPC shows from now on where i know they do reward u for having thick, full cut muscles and not this ghandi look these assholes want!!!!
Sorry to hear that. Just put it down to another lesson learned on how to prepare your body.

Also, what did u expect from a natural comp? These comps are trageted towards the no hopers that couldn't make it in the NPC/NBBA/etc. If they start letting bigger guys win, the no hopers might get discouraged to compete, and those no hopers are what keeps the natural federations going.
Sorry to hear that bro :mad:

In my state, the LARGEST competition (participants AND spectators) is one of those "Ironman" contests, which is NPC sanctioned AND drug-free!?!?

Guys at my gym who really know nothing about 'roids say that the "big" guys that win this comp are on 'roids (and they probably are!). But, I know judging at this contest is VERY INCONSISTENT. My neighbor won the Open Heavy class the previous year. This year he said he came in much better and got fourth!

Big A....that was the best fukin thing i've heard all year...these fukin no hopere are what keeps these losers going.... and let me tell u when u are 210lbs at 5'7" with striations in your tri's, back, quads and seperation in ur hams maybe in another arena i wouldn't have been a freak but i was the biggest guy in the show and the judges sure thought i was a freak!!! and they placed me accordingly.....right out the fukin building.....so i know there is nothing to change with my physique because im not losing an ounce of muscle just to win one of their titles......my goal is to blow up in the offseason since gh and AAS seem to love my body soooo much.....hehehehe...and compete NPC next year at around 230lbs!!!!!

xcel----hahahahaha.....now that shit sounds funny.......
The pro qualifer (sat. night)

Hey Getbig,

I feel your pain buddy!!! I was at the show...hell I was in the show and I saw you in the heavyweight division...and felt during the morning that you certainly had the class and most likely a good shot at the overall later in the day.. I could not figure out why the hell they moved you to the outside and when you were not in the top 5..... that was it... no more INBF/WNBF or whatever for me.. I have not seen such poor overall judging in a very, very long time.. and you were not the only one who got robbed..the middleweight second place finisher should have easily taken his class.
As for me I won an overall title in the organization earlier in the year.. and had come in to this contest tighter than the last. I beat 4 out 5 of those guys who took the placing in my class earlier in the summer... at two different shows..yet I did not make a top 5 at this event either... send me a private message and I will tell you more.
From what I can see... I think that you have a very bright future in the sport..you can do very well at the national level in the NPC if you stay focused and take things progressively.

all the best and forget about Saturday... I am.

Big Al is very correct in his assertions... I don't think the organization wants extermely large bodybuilders to win...or for that matter those that they perceive as perhaps hardly natural.

hardcore2---that was the 2nd best thing i've heard all fukin year...thanks for letting me know i wasnt crazy bro ...carollo and downs can kiss my fukin ass and the next time i catch one of them at a show im gonna make it my point to walk right by them and just give em a big ass bump right in the shoulder then stop and turn around and say "what nigga, if u feelin froggie then jump bitch so i can break ur skinny ass up"

ohh im a black guy so i can use the n- word.

Not trying to be a Dick but, this was a "Natural" show, correct? What exactly did you expect? You admittedly have used anabolics (as I am sure others in the show had as well), yet you expect to be rewarded for what was probably obviously an enhanced physique? Would you really have felt a great sense of accomplishment upon beating other competitors who quite possibly may have been (semi) clean? Dont expect to escape politics and such in the NPC as it is equally rampant. It is quite common for people to feel "robbed" or cheated post show for whatever reason. We sometimes are not the best judges of our own physiques. Put the pictures away for a few weeks, (maybe months) then pull them out again and you will be more subjective about your physique. It is too fresh presently and you sound a bit bitter so put it aside for a while. Have your pizza, KFC and Donuts take a break from the gym then re-focus, re-prioritize, set some goals and then hit the gym with a new intensity. Sounds like you have some great potential, dont let the anger blur your vision of your ultimate goal. Later!

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