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Am I Crazy


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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 9, 2002
Well I may be hanging up the cleats. I am toying with the idea of entering the Tough Enough 4 contest for the WWE. Actually I pretty much made up my mind I think. I have one more combine this spring, in May. Depending on how that goes, is how I will base my decision. Either way I get to play in the sports entertainment biz.
well if you do decide to go for it, good luck.

I'm interested to try to enter in the WWE one day if I'm big enough...show us a pic of you bro

Arm I will tryout for the WWE if you do. I know Im pretty enough for the WWE.
The only crazy thing would be to not try.... Good luck!
Do It

You'll always regret it if you do not and who knows you may be the next Brock. I know your a pretty good athlete but remember it's not always the biggest , fastest, or strongest that wins that show. I would say if your lacking carisma then start working on it, shit if I were 25 again I'd do it.

I vote for doing it also!

Here is a great idea for a name in the WWE

GATOR...and the crowd can do the gator chomp when you come out...DRINK TONS OF GATORADE to get the GATORADE SPONSOR.

That would be my idea if I was to join the WWE
I tried out for toughenough2, but I didn't get picked. The wwe people seemed to like me, as my in ring time went much longer than those ahead of me, but the mtv people seemed to have no interest in me. I'm thinking about going back for toughenough4
Try it out again.

If you worked on what you thought were your "weak" points, then maybe this time around you'll go thru.
Don't be surprised at how hard mentally as well as obviously physically it can be.
My older brother was training in a wrestling camp in Fla for a time a while back. the injuries he came home with every night after training hard in the ring finally did him in.
He tore the tri right off his elbow when jumping from the top rope and taking a bad bump.
Surgery fixed it back up so now he is about 100%, but he felt he just wasn't young enough to keep pursuing it in hopes of becoming something.
Do it while you're young enough guys.

A close friend of mine used to wrestle for ecw and is now in the wwe Devolpmental leauge. He is around 6'1 220lbs has ok abs, no legs, but his wrestling is good. I go watch his local shows, it is funny to see him wrestle and his persona. He is about 27 so it looks like maybe it is his time.
IT great to have support especially in something such as this. It's alittle unorthadox to ask most people. Trying to tell my mom I was going to be a professional wrestler, she wouldn't care as long as I was making money. But she'd think it was silly. The one good thing about the time of the contest I should be pretty lean as it's suppossed to follow shortly after my last combine. So I can get all the extra Tv ratings points in my favor. We would deffinately have a professionalmuscle section in every areana so everyone can come and check it out.
All this came about kind of sudden too. I was watching tough enough and remembering what i was like to wrestle in high school. Then started thinking about my fb career and the school that I was at for ball for alittle while is the same place Matt was at playing ball. Matt being the winner of this yours tough enough. It made me think if he can I can, and this is an oppurtunity that I can't let slip up. It's crazy to image how you would handle yourself going from an above average Joe to the next day being a top/mid range sports entertainmet athlete. All too crazy, but a phat pay check.
Hey if it helps I talked to a guy who tried out for the second tough enough. He was an amatuer wrestler doing local shows at the time. He said none of the guys with experience had a chance. The producers wanted guys with no experience but potential. This was to make the show entertaining, all starting as wrestling virgins making the rookie mistakes, progressing, etc. So don't worry about learning how to wrestle before try outs. Work on your trash talking and showmanship. Be confident, cocky, and sell yourself. Good luck and maybe we can add a pro wrestler to our list of pros on this board!

I wonder if they drug test you, and watch what supplements you take. Im sure they have too or it wouldnt work.

In My mind be ripped as shit, has a good gimic, be tan and good looking, and I agree talk a little smack, come up with something new or funny.

My idea for a wrestler would be someone like that guy tony little you can walk around all buff and tell people how disgusted you are with there obesity, give the fans diet lectures, and how they will never have abs like you.

I have that idea copyrighted.
In Vegas at the toughenough2, the trainers where grilling the hell out of people about whether they were juiced or not. During my tryout Al snow asked me twice if my physique was "all-natural". Of course I lied and said "yup, all-natural". He even said they could test me, but I said go ahead because I figured even if they did pick me and test me they wouldn't really spend the $$ to do a real test for AS

Interesting story: a producer from mtv told a group of us that a certain guy from the first season who "quit" was really kicked off for getting caught with AS in the mtv house. The "quitting" thing was just the way they spun it for the show so that everyone could save face. Don't know if this is true, just repeating what I was told

By the way, what's the dates/deadlines for applying fot TE4? I haven't seen anything about it yet
If that was the case they lost that big mofo, if it's the one I'm thinking of. I still haven't touched a thing in almost 2 years. I'm figuring from march to june and I'll be good. But it's going to be fina, prop, suspension, and orals. So worst case scenario I should be alright. Chances are I'll be harrassed when they do back ground checks, but I'm not worried as I can talk shit. I can talk a woman in white into buying a ketchup popcicle. I could sell sand to an Iraqy. I was last told that the deadline will be somewhere between june 18 and july 18. I wouldn't think that they would harrass someone about gear so much. Guess that means no taking any with if I made. Maybe I'll have to get someone to send a care package! lol

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