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diet guru books


New member
Nov 14, 2002
Are there any nutrition books written by the diet guru's anyone can suggest? I am looking for books geared more toward contest prep. Thanks.

Any dan duchane book is a good read. He has some interesting stuff on dieting and drugs
Mine should be out by the end of the month. It's titled: Looking Good In Fat! This happens several months out the year so I could be a guru LOL
Vitor I have read some of body opus a long time ago and found it confusing, but maybe I'll give it another look. What other books does he have?
Armageddon I can't wait for your book I hope it has lots of pictures!!!:D
Has anyone read Chris Acetos books? thanks
I ran BodyOpus "by the book" years ago and did enjoy that "glycogen supercompensation" I think he called it. Looking back, I wasted alot of effort and time. Im not a IFBB pro nor am I anywhere near the size any of the pro's. Fuck Im 5'9 220 10ish% BF. But since I found Instynct, Animal, and Doggcrapp, Im constantly gaining and I do not use any AS. I dont know how in favor OTC supplements are over here as Im pro-muscle newbie but I'll tell you two things.

1) There's a special synergy going on with ALA/ALCAR/CLA washed down with some green tea.

2) Nootropics are not being taking advantage of! They do have their place in Bodybuilding, sadly the masses probably dismiss this idea until a known or truly huge ripped guy backs the idea.

Good reads I buy a nutrition or Workout book once or twice a week as Im trying to get myself up there but here are some books I have now.

Some are weird some are interesting, some are for bodybuilding some are just for everyday people, alot of nutrition and food related diesese prevention.

Remember I enjoy reading and new ideas so some of these books might scare you,

1. Beef Busters, Less Beef Better Health By Marissa Cloutier, Here is some of the stuff this book covers, I bought it because I usally eat 1lb of red meat a day.

Distinguish Good Beef from Bad beef
Select leaner Cuts
Replace beef with healthier alternatives
Protect yourself aginst food borne illness
Understand the risk of mad cow disease

Risk associated with the typical American Meat and Potatoes Diet

It goes aginst my beliefs but if you are eating a lb of red meat a day might be a good read.

2. Good Carbs, Bad Carbs By Burani, and Rao

A good through guide of how carbs work, and why your body prefers them
Clear advice for the best carbs to help you lose weight
Good Carbs for Kids and adults
Plus Delicious recipes

This book really explains in normal terms how carbs work in your body, how your body uses them, and helps you learn complex carbs, simple carbs, fructuse, glucose and such.

its 10.00 and was a good read, like if you spend 20mins on the shitter every mourning why not read a good book,

3. Take Control Diet, By Ian K. Smith
I bought this book because it seemed intereting and is an easy to follow diet for older more sedintary people. Basiclly it is a diet your mom, dad, brother or friend who doesnt lift weights can follow.

SOme topics :

Get Off Yo-Yo dieting forever
Use "Feel Full" food to diet without deprivation
Optimize your metabolism
Exercise effectivel to get results

4. Muscle Mag Bodybuilding Encyclopedia , thorne and embleton

This is a good book to have when some rookie ask you 1 billion questions, and a good reference, has info on supplements, steroids, shows how to perform various lifts, and has some motovational pics. Get a new version of this.

5. Buying Real Estate Foreclosures by Kollen

This book talks about buying real estate. I just bought my fixer upper house. Im trying to get into real estate investment part time with my brother and father. I live in Washinton D.C , and they are trying to clean the area up and get rid of the poorer people, so im leverging my familys money to buy homes downtown and get them on section 8 housing. THis is where the govt helps poor people pay their rent. The govt pays 70% of the rent and the teanant pays the rest.

6. Im also reading the new harry potter book, and Catch me if you can, the last book is amazing. So much better then the movie.

I have over 1000 books I will look up some more but that is the books I had laying on my desk.

Hope that helps.

I read a ton of magazines

Mens Health
Mens Fitness
Muscular Devolpment
Iron Man
Us weekly

I like the mens magazines throws some style, health, nutrition, supplemen tips, and new ideas, also naked girls, and sex tips.
My favorite book

Its called the World Wide Web

If you cant find info on something on the web than that something doesnt exsist!
Im always backed up in my reading also-dont know how you do it all.
lol vitor screw damn harry potter guy he cost me 500 for a first edition signed book for my gf.
On a serious note I actuely like alot of the older books I find them very interesting I like the old Rheo Blair book alot.

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