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For Big A!


Jun 6, 2002
Yo, Big a

I'm confused about my diet.
Now i'm in bulking fase, with steriods.
I eet 6 times a day. I take 2 weightgainers a day.
But i have a problem, when i drink more than 2 weightgainers a day, i will sit the next day, all the time, on the toilet.
So, i can't eat like an animal. Do you think that 2 weightgainers a day is enough?

Could you please wright down your bulking diet for a day?
So i have an example. I know that you are MUCH bigger than me, i'm just wondering how you eat.

Ps: You're a great athlete.
I would have responded, but I have no idea who you are. I don't know any of your stats, what other foods you're eating while bulking, or what you're talking about by weightgainer (is it Myoplex, Met-Rx, Weight Gain 5000 [BEEFCAKE!!], what?). Are you a newbie to everything, and just juicing to get hyoooooge, or have you done any of your homework? Not flaming, just asking.
My weight is 170 pounds.

My bulkingdiet:

8u. am: 3 slices of (brune) bread with cheese.
1 banana

10u. 1 weightgainershake (30g) + 1 peace of fruit

12u. 5 patotoes, vegitable and a peace of meat, chicken,fich

14u. 1 weightgainershake


16u. 3 slices of bread with cheese

19u. a cup of rice with 4 egs

21u. 1 peace of fruit, and some yoghurt

What changes would you guys made?
I suggest 5k/calories day, you will gain. Count your calories. Also would be helpfull if you could try to eat every 2hrs. Your body will get used to eating every 2hrs, trust me, you will notice that if you don't eat every 2hrs then you will get stomach acid buildup and you will be very hungry. I even wake up in the middle of the night, get 100g's of protein, go back to sleep, wake up again and repeat. Happens involuntarily to me.

Also looks like your weightgainer shake SUCKS! Try mixing the powder with milk.
try getting a regular shake and getting rid of the cheese in those two meals with 40-60 grams of whey. for starters.
Your diet looks like you could use a little more of protein,carbs and cals. Here is my diet right now. Im not on any gear currently. The only thing that changes when im on gear is the shakes. I bump them up to 1875 cals (2 more scoops per shake).

Meal 1: 16 egg whites + 2 whole
1 bagel with jam + 500ml 1% milk

Meal 2: Protein shake. consists of 1250 cals. 70g protein. 35g of carbs

Meal 3. 1/2 pound of pasta 1/2 lbs of meat + protein bar and 500ml of milk

Meal 4: same as 2

Meal 5: 2 chicken breasts. Shit loads of potatoes (6 I think to be exact) 500ml milk

Meal 6: same as meal 2.
Diet Changes

Brother you need to make some diet changes if you're trying to grow. Forget about cheese and bread for breakfast. Its gonna be your first meal of the day(unless you slam something in the middle of the night) and your gonna need to fill your body up. Take in 4-6 eggs with some turkey, cheese and salsa, a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit. Next meal is ok some type of shake and fruit is fine. Next meal the potatoes and meat and veggies is fine too. Pre workout definelty some protien and I like some easy carbs ie. fruit. Now here is where you need some help post work out. When you get done training slam some type of high protien high carb shake and then don't waite 3 hours to eat again. I'd say about an hour after that eat a good meal, potatoes, meats, veggies,....rice and eggs is not enough last meal of the night has to carry you till the morning a heavy shake does it for me, strawberry protein, a bananna, some peanutbutter and some milk in a blender and I'm good. Count your proteins at 170lbs you should be slamming down 250-300gms a day. Also what gear are you on?
Good luck
HZ 324
Need more meat, instead of bread and cheese.
Make sure the gainers shake is good quality (Twinlabs
gainers fuel) and take alot of it! 1500-2000kcal of weight gainers.

To repeat what others have said, you're going to have to really jack up that diet to gain weight. I seriously recommend you keep a food log of everything that you eat for a couple weeks. Add up the protein, carbs, fat, and calories. At 170#, you're probably looking at needing about 3500 calories to grow a little, depending on your metabolism. You NEED to eat no less than 350 grams of protein a day, and carbs should be at least 400 grams a day, fat intake is inconsequential for bulking. If you want to help minimize fat gain a bit, avoid eating fat with high glycemic index carbs (mainly sugars), and make sure there's at least 40 grams of protein in every meal you eat.

Make sure you're eating post workout. A drink with 50 grams glucose and 25 grams protein would be ideal, within 15 minutes after completing your workout. Forget cheese and bread period. You want meat, meat, protein shakes, and more meat. Also, oatmeal, whole grains, and high fiber veggies including broccoli, cauliflower, and such. If you can digest dairy products, drink milk, eat cottage cheese and eggs.

Eat immediately in the morning, and before bed. Your "weightgainer" shake should have at least 40 grams of protein, and 25 grams of carbs. I actually don't recommend the weight gainer shakes that are pure sugar, as that's a quick path to fatness.
Waw, thanks for your help guys.

I'm gonna eat a lot more protien!
Just listen to what everyone in this thread said. They are all right :)
a great weight gainer is N-Large by prolab, get the chocolate flavor, also like i told vitor, ull eed to start using oils for calories, sure u need carbs and protein by no means am i neglecting those, but u are likely to have a tought time bulking on mega carbs, when one tbsp. olive or canola oil gives u 126 calories in one little tbsp.

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