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Sep 25, 2002
CANT LOOSE BDF IS MY DIET MESSED UP this diet worked last year but isnt doing anything for me now. is there something wrong with it.


MEAL 1 8:00AM - omlett and protien shake
MEAL 2 10:00AM- protien shake
MEAL 3 12:00NO- chicken breast or Tuna over some lettuce
MEAL 4 2:00PM -protien shake
MEAL 5 4:00PM -protin shake


MEAL 7 6:30PM -post workout shake dextrose 75gm/protein 50gm whey,glutamine,creatine,ALA
Meal 8 7:30pm- fish,beef or chicken a salad and some brown rice
Meal 9 10:00pm- protien shake


MEAL 1 8:00AM - omlett or some sort of eggs and protien shake
MEAL 2 10:00AM- protien shake,creatine ,glutamine
MEAL 3 12:00NO- chicken breast or Tuna over some lettuce
MEAL 4 2:00PM -protien shake
MEAL 5 4:00PM -snack beef jerky/sugar free jello/celery cream cheese
MEAL 6 6:OOPM -beef with some low glycimic vegetables or salad
MEAL 7 8:00PM - protien shake
MEAL 8 10:00PM- prtien shake

-so on training days around 150-200gm of carbs mostly all post workout meals
-and on none training days only around 50-75 grm of carbs
- and about 450 grm of protien ed
- and i give myself a cheat day every 7 to 10 days
DIet Blues

Hey it's the new guy again, Foodtown here. I'm a Sports nutritionalist in New Zealand- I am always learning and studying, but I get results for my clients, I really learnt alot from owning a supplement store for two years (until I went broke- ha ha ). Anyway, my opinion on your diet is WHERE ARE THE CARBS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We dont go that low till 4 weeks out you've Quenched that raging furnace that was your metabolism, by staving it. Like a Steam train without a fire. I must say good on you for sticking to such a hard diet,,, YOu have dicipline.Maybe drop your protien to 400g and include 1/2 cup(precooked weight) rolled oats to breakfast, and 20g complex carbs to morning tea and lunch. THis is the bare minimum. Kumara cannot be beat for low insulin resopnse, 100g would rock 4 you. Or even lower on the G.I table is an Indian type of bean called Chana Dahl it rates 'bout 10 on the scale. Please try this for one week. other wise all you will get is flat muscle bellies devoid of glycogen because your brain needed it to read this post.
If I'm wrong someone please set me straight.
right and wrong IMHO

one can do well on low/no carbs but yes the thyroid will shut down (if taking T3 does not matter) so something must be done to coubnter this

you saeem to be doing a pure keto so i recommend altering it to a cyclical keto diet with 1-2 day carb loads also so your workouts are improved and some anabolism is promoted or animalbolics diet where thyroid is supported by fructise and post-workout carbs

Height Weight, bodyfat, and how many calories are you eating per day, and how many calories is each of those meals containing. THen I think we all can help you
5 9' 235 at 10-12%bdf fat right now. this program got me down to about 7%bdf last year in a month starting at 10-12%bdf. so i figured i try it again and then change it to get to about 5% but dont think that will happen. carbs are my enemy i get so fat from them easily thats why they are so low. maybe i need to add a cheat day every 4-5 days instead every 7-10 to make sure thyroid doesnt shut down.

i dont count calories to an exact all i know is i get about 1000 from protien shakes alone ed andabout 1800calories from total protien intake. then fats and carbs i say im around 2700-3000.maintence is around 3500. but if i get 450mg protien ed i dont loose any muscle.

INSTYNCT i have 2 meals post workout on training days about 200gm carbs total split between both thats not enough maybe i should up that.
that should be fine

but perhaps less protein and more fats is better IMO and shoot for about 2500-2700 cals/day
One thing that has always worked for me is I really up my cardio. I increase my cals and then I really start to burn

Try adding 3x 20 minutes and up your cals by 700. You will have to work out the numbers but it does work
oops I fumbled

DAmn I missed the Body opus diet thing, You just didnt seem to be adding enough good fats to make up your carb deficit. I love low carb high fat for a depletion the 10 or so days b4 a contest, but in general as instynct may tell you, the brain is the only organ which cannot convert lipids, or triglycirides(fats really ) into a useable fuel source, as far as old brainy sees it, glycogen is it full stop.
QUESTIon: How many pros do zero carbs? They cycle high and low carb days through out the week, with no cheat days. QUESTIon 2:are you competing or just leaning out?, whats your traing regime? time spent exercising etc-= sorry to have jumped to assumptions bro gtood luck. 5% is right there just make sure those omega 3's are there. eat salmon 3 times a week, and 2 tsp a day of flaxseed oil at breakfast wqould help wether you go ketogenic or not.
Feel the iron FOODTOWN!
I agree diet looks good, but its not how it looks its how its applied, ask yourself honestly about cheat meals in the recent past, ask yourself about the quanity of even the healthy meals you have, was thier a few days you just ate so much u couldnt get hungry again for 6 hours, ask yourself about cardio, paitents how long have u been dieting and how often do you check yourself out, some peoples personalitys are really bad for dieting, they either rationalize and lie to themselfs about visual results, or they are so observent they dont notice a change because they check so often. A soultion to this is have #'s on your side, frequently get bodyfat measured, if testing is readly avail do it every other day. also measurements, keep a daily log on your waist measurement (overbelly button of course) as far as the scale... I dont like scales, they mean nothing I mean you can take a test enanthate cycle for 2 weeks and gain a good 15lbs but you will only hold 20% of that as quality weight. SO as it was told to me when i first got into the game go by the mirror not the scale, when i am doing my daily check while on diet in the mirror i look at how deep all my cuts are, what and where striations are, veins where do i see veins and how visable they are, I gave basically a lot of simple but often overlooked advice I hope this helps...
i dont really go by the scale i take measurements on waste 1 time a week and just go by the mirror or my training partners opinion. im always hungry and eat every 2 hrs most meals are protien shakes. 3 of them contain 1 tbs flaxseed and i always take about 10gm a day of omega 3's even when not dieting. i can honstly say i dont cheat on cheat day sometimes its not a cheat day only a cheat meal 1 time every 7-10 days. workouts wieghts 3xweek HIT style

im thinking i need more cardio as its only 2xweek as it is winter and for some reason i hold onto more fat in the winter naturally. its cold were i live so maybe my body conserves the fat because it thinkds it needs it..

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